Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cutie Kid Christmas Card and teasing the girls....but whats new ;)

Here is card #4.
This image is Marlene's from Disguised as a Grownup.
I coloured the image with my Copics on Cryogen paper. It has a slight sparkle in the paper, so I thought it was fitting for a Christmas card :)

I know Marlene drew the image, but I kind of think of this one as mine ;)

The reason why is because Marlene was taking requests and I asked her to make one of her cutesy kids (she calls them her nerdy kids) into a Christmas theme.
So in all honesty she really did make it for me, teehee.

I used some puffy paint on the white parts of her hat. You can't really tell on these photos, but it really puffed up nicely :)

Onto My Day:
We put up our Christmas Tree today :)
I put it up and Kristy decorated it :)
Kristy was the only one who helped so when I hung up the stockings these are the ones I put out.
The huge one, that I could fit in, is Kristy's.
The next 2 are Wayne's and mine.
The last two, just big enough to fit a gift card, are Heather's and Ashley's. LOL
Oh ya and Rose's is on the corner ;)

Missing Walking Dead, but we are watching "Bag of Bones" tonight.
I read this book years ago, as I love Stephen King's writing. He has a way of sucking you into his stories and not putting them down until you are done :)

Hope you all had a great weekend, and were all able to create.



  1. Love the puffy paint snow, your bright colors, the nerdy kid... Ok everything! So festive.

  2. Another adorable card. I can see where you used the puffy paint and it looks great. I need to get my hands on some of that cryogen paper. I just spend a wad of money of copic xpress it card to share with my niece, yes I bought an entire ream! I bought her some copics for Christmas so maybe I'll pick up some of the cryogen to share also. Okay so really it's just an excuse to buy the cryogen but I still look thoughtful, LOL!

  3. What a cute image - love your card! The puffy paint really looks great on her hat :) Love the stockings - great tease for the girls. My kids are teens and they want to help decorate the tree, but they don't want to help get anything ready to put it up, so we still do not have a tree up :(

  4. talk about cute!!! this is adorable and i love the puffy paint! do you know i have never tried puffy paint! love your ideas

  5. Very cute card -- the puffy paint looks great!

  6. I love the card! The sparkle on the paper looks so Christmas-y, and you can totally see the puffy paint! I need to get some of that...

  7. Nice card! Neat idea to use the puffy paint. It looks great.

  8. Cute image alright :) nice card. Love your stockings hung all in a row :)

  9. Beautiful card and I love the image so sweet.And the puffy paint is great.:)

  10. I totally love that card Tracy!! I would have never thought to use black in such a way on a Christmas card, but it really sets it off very well!

    I am laughing at how you empha-"sized" the significance of the girls' help with the size of their stockings! I love your sense of humor! Did the other 2 get the hint?

  11. Love the puffy paint on the card! Too cute!

  12. That image is so cute and I love the puffy white on the hat! That paper looks really cool. I'm cracking up about the stockings :) Kristy's knows what's up, that's for sure :)

  13. Love your stockings. I've had my tree up since right after Thanksgiving, but we don't have it decorated yet.

  14. super cute card! Especially love the sweet girl and that lamp post...too fun!

  15. It may be your third card only but it's looking great!!! I love the stamp of the little girl :)

  16. Oh so cute! Love the puffy paint - it adds so much dimension to the card. Too funny on your family stockings! Remind me never to get on your bad side! LOL :)

  17. IS all yours, honey. I never sent it off to any of the shops. I "retired it" immediately after offering it up as a freebie. Love your card - and love how it looks on the cryogen.


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