Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be better Not bitter

I thought I would share something I found on Pinterest.
I love looking at this site.
I keep thinking I want to open a Pinterest account, but I spend enough time on the computer, I know I would be on here all day if I had one.
I know I would have so much fun organizing the categories and looking for ideas :)

Now onto my find.
I have a few people in my life that could benefit to this quote.
I don't believe anyone (well anyone I know of anyway ) has or had a perfect life....but I figure once you hit a certain age, its time to stop your whining and get on with making you life your own.

Onto My Day:
Hubby and I went and finished our Christmas shopping.
I have my baby nephew Matthew for the children's gift exchange. Ashley wanted to come with me to pick out an outfit for him.
We picked out 2 and couldn't decide which one we liked I bought both of them, teehee.
I love to shop for the little ones :)
He is going to be one smart looking toddler ;)

Working on my challenge pages for my He-Art Journal tonight.

Tracy :)


  1. That quote is so fitting for a few people I know as well and yes, there comes a time to move on to a new chapter and make it better. Pinterest is a very cool place! Lots of good ideas on there!

  2. Hehe love Pinterest! I agree totally! Better always feels better.

  3. I so miss shopping for my kids as littles. My girls are so uninterested in what they wear and very UNfun to shop for. Glad they are not obsessed, but a little help would be nice, lol!

  4. you shouldve posted a pic of the outfits! That is a good quote. I'll learn one day ;) i have a pic/poster to show you when i get home that is sinilar

  5. I love that quote and shopping for kids!

  6. great quote and i love how you summed it up perfectly:

    I don't believe anyone (well anyone I know of anyway ) has or had a perfect life....but I figure once you hit a certain age, its time to stop your whining and get on with making you life your own.

    That is the best quote ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have a great day

  7. What an awesome quote! I think it's cute that your nephew was included in the gift exchange! :) So happy all your shopping is done!!!!!!

  8. Great quote...I know a few people that should live by it. lol

  9. That's a great quote, thanks for sharing!

  10. What a great quote!

    I love that your family included your nephew in the gift exchange. When I was a kid, my dad's family would leave the kids out, but usually your godparents got you something to open during the big exchange among the adults (or my parents, who bought for all the kids, so no one felt left out). This all made for one traumatic Christmas when my brother's god mother wasn't there and he got 0 presents. And had to watch everyone else open for over an hour. And he was only 5 or 6!

  11. I like that quote. I agree with Mary Pat, you did sum it up well. I know I few people that need this. I think we all do.

    Shopping for little ones is so much fun. When my son was a baby it was so much fun. Baby stuff is just so cute!

  12. Great quote -- I am addicted to Pinterest, too!

  13. That's a wonderful quote to remember!

  14. great quote!!!Merry Xmas from Brazil

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