Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A beautiful Surprise and some Christmas cards

Well my day didn't go as planned....but then again it never does.
If you remember my plan, it was to have a Christmas Card making Marathon all day.
Sadly that didn't happen :(

But I did get a few cards completed :)
It takes me forever to make a card.
I had these images coloured already and used some pre-made card bases from Michael's from the cheapy bins.

I usually don't make cute cards for Christmas....but this one turned out cute (well at least I think so ).
I thought this paper was a fun one to use, especially since little reindeer here was stringing some lights :) This paper is probably at least 10 years old :0

Here is the inside of the card.
I got this idea to stamp the inside from Kim of Prairiepaperandink...another crafty Canadian girl :)
I embossed the sentiment.

Here is the inside of the second card.
I added sparkle to the lights and again embossed the sentiment.

Now this card was easy as I had this front done from last year, lol.
It may have been easy, but still not fast....what is wrong with me?
I embossed the angel in gold embossing powder.
Masked the moon off and inked the paper in blue.
I just had to add something, so I added the sparkle twine. I am loving this twine.

Look what I got in the mail today. It came in a huge box.
It didn't have a return address on the box, or a card inside it.
So after I admired this beautiful wreath, I checked the postage label.
It came from Whitehorse, Yukon.
I have a high school friend that lives there. I remember on Face book, we were going to do the hand made Pay It Forward that was going around on there. So I am thinking that is who made it.
I tried to contact her but haven't been able to yet.
Isn't it so pretty :)  So sparkly.

Onto My Day:
I received a few business calls this morning, so I worked all morning.
At lunch I picked up Kristy and her boyfriend Blake. I needed Kristy to help me with a gift for her daddy :)   Then I treated them for lunch.
Ashley came home for lunch. So as we chatted as I wrapped gifts.
I was in the swing of it, so I didn't stop until I was finished.
I didn't get to making cards until after supper.

Proud Tuesday:
Made a young girl happy with some goodies I sent her :)
Spending time with my daughters.
Completed wrapping the gifts that I have so far.
Made 3 cards, I guess I am proud of that ;)

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Tracy :)


  1. Your cards are so adorable! I've been wrapping presents all day! Still have a few more to go lol! I hope to finish my sister's altered box tomorrow.. maybe with a cup of Joe I will!

  2. Both your reindeer card and your angel card are wonderful. I like that sparkly twine too--where did you find it? Sorry you didn't get to create all day.
    I did the grandma thing and made sugar cookies with Harlee and Nic after preschool.Thank goodness for freezer paper to protect my table.

  3. Aww so pretty Tracy- love those reindeer cards especially the one with his red shinny nose, and the angel card is very pretty too...

  4. That reindeer card is A-DORABLE. I love it and I want it. So there. So much cuter than the girl and the asparagus card. The angel card is gorgeous. I would be the wrong person to ask about why things take so long. The wreath is definitely a stunner. I am proud because I made chocolate chip cookies, baked all the dough, then cleaned everything up, all by myself without getting distracted!

  5. That little reindeer is really cute :)
    Love the Angel card...especially the background you created!
    And the wreath...love the feathers :)
    Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  6. These are so awesome. I love Christmas light and that image with the reindeer is super cute.
    Your golden angel is simple and awesome. Oh and that wreath is so pretty. Hmmm, what did I do today that made me proud???? Guess I fixed my son's new pants. I had to shorten it. LOL, nothing exciting.

  7. Today I spent time scrapping while Skpying w/my daughter and grandbaby. I just love technology! I get to see her oooh and aaah, sang to her when she cried, and see her little expressions (2 mos old). She was figuring out how to do a slider card, while I cranked out Christmas cards. I can get these in the mail tomorrow, and get some more Christmas shopping done! I love the Reindeer card the most :o)

  8. Liking the glitter on the lights- any excuse to add a bit of sparkle!
    Love the feather wreath! What a nice surprise!

  9. love your cards!! you are right that twine is awesome!!!

  10. Fabulous cards and a great gift, too!

  11. Great cards, Tracy -- the angel card is just beautiful, very elegant!

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  13. I love that reindeer and how you stamped him on the inside too!!! Your angel card is SO pretty! That gold embossing is gorgeous! What a nice surprise, and so pretty too! How excited are you that you are done wrapping the gifts you have???? Now you can shop more! Haha!

  14. LOVE, love love that Reindeer! SO cute!

  15. Love how you reused the stamp on the inside of the card. Great idea!

  16. I love the card. That reindeer is just too cute! And the sparkle twine on the angel card is great too!

  17. Your cards turned out beautifully. Your coloring is really taking off! How sweet to receive a gift in the mail, too. :)

    No worries, even though I've stopped blogging, I still intend to visit from time to time and keep you entertained...lol.

  18. Love your Christmas cards. The reindeer is adorable. hehe..

  19. Your cards are super cute! I love the reindeer with the glitter lights. I'm your newest follower:)


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