Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quick Card Assembly

Here are some of my assembly line Christmas Cards.
These stamped images are a set of 4 from Tim Holtz.
What I did was put them all on one large stamp block (I think it is a Fiskars placement block).
Inked and stamped them at the same time, then cut out the images and backed them with the burgundy card stock.

I made the card bases out of white card stock...all of them.
Then adhered the burgundy card stock down then the pattern paper.
Lastly adhered the image.
It still took a few hours, but I did make 16 of them :)

When I bought these stamps, I wanted to use a chocolate brown ink on Kraft card stock.
But I had to let my perfectionist in me go and worked with what I had.

I did use the Tim Holtz aged Mahogany distress ink to stamp these images.

Used a bit of sparkle on the card to break it up.
I am going to give these cards to our friends and family that throw the Christmas cards away after the holidays. I know of some friends and family members that save my they get the good ones, teehee.

Onto My Day:
I spent most of the day uploading video's to my YouTube channel.
I have a few more to do yet.
Either You Tube is uploading real slow, or our Internet is slow, because it seems to be taking a longer time then usual.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, and got to create :)

Tracy :)


  1. Wow that's a lot! One night I managed six...but I had to bec. they were going to a benefit auction the next day.

    Very pretty!

  2. Very nice job on the cards!! I do the same thing and send out my less blinged out cards to those who will just chuck them in the trash after Christmas, and send the nicer ones to those who keep them.

  3. I love your Christmas cards. I hate to think people throw our homemade cards out.
    I actually get to work tomorrow and I am thrilled to have Cait home. She is exhausted. Happy creating. Some day soom I hope to get back in my creative space!

  4. OMGEEEEE...Love these!!!! I have the first Santa stamp. Awesome cards;)

  5. I think I'm caught up on your blog posts now. Sorry I didn't mean to be MIA but we had my daughters birthday and we decided to sell our house so we could move to civilization and closer to hubby's office. I am not a huge fan of the chaos of the holidays. I never seem to get enough done.

    Oh yeah, this post is about YOUR cards not my life LOL. I love these cards. Sometimes all you need is a really great stamp. One of my favorite cards is one Kristina Werner did with red cardstock a large sentiments stamp with a few swirlies and some silver embossing poweder. Loved it and all she did was stamp and emboss.

    I love that aged mahogany color, it's one of my favorites and it makes the stamps look awesome. Great job my friend!

  6. Ha! I send bought to the ones that would not "save" my handmade' ones. You are so nice! ;0)
    I really like those images!

  7. Super job on all of them. I like using the assembly like too.

  8. Nice cards! Good idea to give the ones you took longer to make to the people who keep them :0)It's hard to think that someone wouldn't appreciate a handmade card over a store bought :0) Hugs!

  9. I have those same Christmas stamps and I just LOVE them! It's a shame someone would throw them away, but I know people do :( I know assembly line isn't your preferred way to do your cards, but I think they turned out beautifully.

  10. You tube is being very slow. I have few new ones up as well. I have to go peek at yours.
    These cards are worth keeping as well. Thank you for the inspiration. I bought cards except to very few people but am making all my tags. Some elaborate and some super/quick simple.
    TTS, sweetie

  11. These are the throw-away cards? I need to go check out the keepers then! My throw away cards are the cheap/clearance store bought ones. I have a few friends that keep the handmade ones and frame them & yes, they get the pretty ones. I love these Tim Holtz stamps - a lot!

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