Saturday, December 3, 2011

1st Christmas Card of the year

Like I had mentioned in some of my previous posts, I try to keep things Christmas-free until December ;)
Well here you go, my 1st Christmas card :)
Funny thing is, I made this card back in August when my girlfriend, Debbie and I went for our girls getaway. Man that was a fun few days :)

You know I didn't really like this paper until Debbie made a card with it. Funny how that happens eh?
The image was coloured in my Sharpie markers. I had coloured this image before I had Copics or my Stammpin" Up markers. And I have to say I do like it :)
I added the "Do not Open" as a tag.

Onto My Day:
I worked most of the day.
Wayne and I did have a short visit with his brother as he is putting a sauna in his basement. Wayne would love one as well I am sure....but he will just have to wait until summer to have one at camp :)

We saw a bit of the Parade of Lights. It is when local business' deck out their big trucks and trailers with lights and cruise the strip....what we call the strip here anyway.
Their trucks are just covered in them. There was also fire trucks and buses. They blew their horns and some sounded like they had musical horns as well.
There was a city bus that was so covered you couldn't even see the outside of it, and it had a huge red lit up crown on the top of it. Now that was cool.

So we have been watching Body of Proof and I have been doing my book work.
When did my kids become my parents?
Kristy was going to her boyfriends house. So I whispered to Wayne, "Kristy won't be here, so lets get some munchies and watch TV".
Kristy comes rushing into the living room. "What was that, what did you say!"
She is making hubby and I eat better if we like it or not.
I seriously felt like I was a kid getting in trouble, lol.
Got to love her though ;)

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)
Come back tomorrow as I have a little surprise to share :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your card is very sweet. I love the paisley paper behind the coloured image.
    We have a Parade of Light here too--it was last weekend when they lit the big tree downtown.
    I will be back tomorrow to check out your surprise.

  2. Such a sweet card, take care, Doreen x

  3. Oh I like the colors in the paper! Very cute!

  4. Your cards are always so awesome! Love this one :0) Hugs!

  5. The image is soooo cute, and your colouring is fabolous,love your card.:)
    Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog,:):)

  6. Great card, Tracy! I love that patterned paper!

  7. I love that paper, so pretty! Your coloring looks awesome too, even it was "just with Sharpies" Lol! The story about Kristy made me laugh. I'm sure that will be Abie and Landry soon :)

  8. Yes - those were a fun few days - need a couple of those right now to get my cards done! LOL - Hmmm.... maybe need to sneek away one night.. haha... I love that card! But then again I love everything you do - you inspire me:)

  9. What an adorable card. Sometimes our children think they are the parents, don't they? tfs

  10. Sweet girl! I did not know that there were precious moment stamps!

  11. Beautiful card Tracy, she's so sweet

  12. Cute card :) and image, love the little one poking out

  13. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog post! This is a cute, cute card! Good luck on finishing up yours!


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