Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Look what Hubby and I bought ourselves :)
We were planning on waiting until closer to the summer, but the price was real good.
This was cheaper then what our BIL paid for his, 12 yrs ago.
Nothing is ever gets cheaper in price!?!
Doesn't it look like a transformer :)
Wayne wanted the yellow one, as it looked like bumble bee. Plus his motorcross bike was yellow and black.
But they only had the red one in favourite colour :)
We have one up at camp already (its about 12 yrs old). And it is also red. I love to drive it :)
When Wayne and I go out, he drives and I am on the back (our other one has a back seat). So if there is ever a problem we have a long hike back for help.
Actually I was the one who suggested we get another one. Surprised eh...since I am the thirfty one in the family ;)

Onto My Day:
I stayed in all day :)
I worked on my Project 365. I am embarrased to say how far back I am. Put it this way, I will not be caught up before the New Year :(
Kristy said I should just scrap it and start from where I ended for the New Year.
I told her I should write Epic Fail on the last page.
She said I could put each letter in a pocket, lol.
But I need to finish it...It is just something I have to do.

Hubby and I watched Trapped, while the girls played their new video games that they got for Christmas.
Ashley is out with Tyler tonight and probably watching the hockey game...if she likes it or not, lol.

Hope you had a creative Wednesday.

Tracy :)


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to drive one of these! How in the world was it cheaper than 12 years ago? it was meant to be!

  2. very fun--but the nervous nelly in me says BE CAREFUL! My friends were on their's and it tipped and both landed in the emergency room!!!!

  3. Tracy,
    That looks like so much fun. My brothers had ATV's when we were little and they were a blast. Be careful on your new toys!
    Hugs, Stacy

  4. What a great idea to get a second one, especially for such a good price! You know that's how the universe works sometimes, being out of stock on the yellow and having the red available ;)

  5. Have fun with your new toy! That looks so fun to drive.

  6. Can't turn down a good sale :)
    No crafting going on here this week...I have so many things calling me from my craft room, but just too many family around yet to get to anything :) After this week end....

  7. Very cool! Have fun with it!! :)

  8. Woot! Red is my face too! Have fun on it!

  9. Wow so cool. Hope you have lots of fun with it hehe...

  10. OMGosh, it's beautiful!! Have a great time with it. Wonderful that you got a great deal - that's all that counts, right? LOL!!

  11. Fun idea to get another one. Which one will you drive? Don't give up on the Project 365!!

  12. That sounds like a fun day! I'm with you, don't give up on your 365. I'm still working on my "Week in the Life"...from August!

    Have fun with your new present! It looks like it is a blast to drive around!

  13. Nice toy, the boys would love to ride one of those any time ;0) Perfect color! Hugs!


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