Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween.
But then again I love Christmas, Easter, Spring, Fall…okay lets face it I love all the celebrations that give me an excuse to decorate and spend time with my family :)
This is the "Trick or Treat" banner my daughter Ashley had made for her mantel.
I love that her cat Sebastien got in on the photo :)

Wayne was so happy to be able to carve pumpkins this year.
I found them last minute and picked up 3.
One for Heather, Kristy and Wayne.
The girls bailed on us last night, so Wayne and I ended up doing them ourselves…I guess something we may have to get used to.
Wayne carved the Grime Reaper and I did the spider and (you guessed it) the zombie hand coming out from the grave ;)

Heather and I decorated the front yard today.
Every year we add a little something to our display.
This year it was the ghosts that Ashley and I made and the "Warning-Keep Away- Just buried alive" tape around the front yard.
As we were decorating, a car pulled up and they were just watching us.
The lady finally explained that she takes some senior citizens around town looking at outdoor Halloween displays. The seniors don't get to see the little ones dressed up any more, so they like to see how everyone is decorating their yards.
She told me it made the (senior lady who was with her) so happy to see us decorating as no one else in my neighbourhood had, except for pumpkins.
I was happy that I could make someone smile today :)

These foam headstones have been with us for awhile.
I stick them in the ground with old pencil crayons…every year they break….I wonder how many are stuck in the lawn, lol.
I told Heather, next year I need to attach this onto some wood with a steak I can then hammer in the ground.
The hands are new as well. I picked them up for cheap after Halloween last year.

Here are my ghosts :)
I hung them on a shepherds hooks so that they could sway in the wind.

This is at Ashley's house.
She picked up some really freaky masks last year and a full sized skeleton.
So she dressed the skeleton in some of Tyler's old clothes and propped it outside on a kitchen chair.
I think I need one of these for my outdoor display for next year ;)

I am hosting a 6 hour scrapbooking crop in my home tomorrow.
As I was pulling out all of my Halloween decorations, I just put them on my table.
I have had this black plain wreath in my stash for a long, long time. So I grabbed some odds and ends that were on my table and wrapped them in the wreath.
This took my no more than 3 minutes to put together ;)

As I had mentioned above I love to decorate my whole house.
Yes this includes the bathroom, lol.
I found this stick-on decor at the dollar store and just had to get it.
Funny story:
The lid was up when Kristy went in the bathroom.
She put the lid down (as our kitty Luna likes to play in the water…gross).
We heard Kristy scream…I guess it surprised her.
I have to say, we were all busting a gut laughing.

I hope you all had a great Halloween and a Creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Zombie Love 3

Here are my last two Zombie layouts from the kit I had put together.
I bet all of you queazy, hide under the covers, haters of scary movies are happy about that ;)

So lets get to the layouts shall we….

I like these close ups of Heather in all of her zombified glory.

Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent?
Well, minus the zombie makeup she does ;)

I really like this gauze pattern paper, so fun.
Also the Zombie dimensional sticker is pretty cool as well.

Second page is where the victim gets her revenge on the zombie.
Doesn't Zombie Heather look like she is enjoying munching on my arm ;)
More fun pattern papers.

These are from the sticker sheet that matches these papers.
I backed the top banner sticker with some black card stock to make it stand out from the paper more.

Isn't this a fun cut apart card.

One last look at the 2 page layout….now take a good look as this is the last of them ;)

Ok, I tricked you, its not the last of this layout…I did a short video, teehee.
If you dare, you can watch this video on my YouTube channel…just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"
Onto My Day:
After I drove Kristy to work, I checked out the one place where I heard there were still pumpkins.
Guess what, they were all gone :(
Wayne even texted me looking forward to carving some pumpkins tonight.
I had to tell him that I couldn't find any.
That was until my friend Lynne phoned me to tell me that she found me some pumpkins.
So Heather and I rushed to the Warehouse to pick one up….actually I picked up 3 :)
Turnes out my girls didn't want to carve them this year.
Heather was too busy playing video games and Kristy picked her boyfriend in favour of carving pumpkins with her parents…..what is up with them, lol.
So Wayne and I had a great time carving all 3 pumpkins ourselves :)

Hope you all had a Creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Zombie Love 2

Here are the next two Zombie layouts that I made with the kit I put together.
I was able to embellish these pages a bit more as the photos were a bit more smaller.
The Cemetery Scene

These papers are just so much fun :)
I was also able to embellish a bit more, as the background papers were just that, background papers.
There wasn't an element on the paper that I had to work around.

I am not a sticker user.
I love stickers, believe me, as I have a ton of them ;) But I never seem to use them.
I am trying to use them a bit more, and this dimensional sticker is awesome!!!
So many layers on this sticker and there is even a real chain hanging from the gate holding up the "No Trespassing" sign.
This sticker had a pumpkin on the bottom left, but I took it off and added a "Do not feed the zombie's" dimensional sticker in its place.

I love this photo of Heather and Kristy :)
Kristy is being silly, but if you look at Heather's zombie face, she looks like she is ready for some Brains, lol.
Heather could so easily be in a zombie movie.

The cemetery scene at the bottom left was actually the backing to the sticker sheet from the previous page.
I wanted to use it on this page and had a dimensional zombie sticker to add to the scene :)
Here are the two pages side by side :)
I really had fun putting this one together.
I made a video on this layout. If you would rather watch it on my YouTube channel, just click the link "Tracy's Treasures24"

Onto My Day:
I am trying to make a sewing/wrapping/office area behind my water heater and furnace.
But I think I am trying to put too much in this tiny area.
I know I should be working on my scrapbooking/craft room…but I can't stay on task with that room, lol.

I hope you all had a very Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zombie Love Layouts…take 1

I bet you are thinking, "Well its about time" ;)
I am finally ready and able to share my layouts with you…and what better time to share the Zombie layouts then just before Halloween :)
I seem to always make 2 page layouts and the Zombie pages are no exception :)
I had a bit of a challenge (well for me it was a bit of a challenge) as I usually use the same papers on both pages.
But I didn't want to do that on these pages and honestly, I'm trying to break out of my obsessiveness of being symmetrical and matchy matchy…but it will be a long road for me.

Here is a closer look at the first page.
Because these photos are so Awesome, I wanted them to be the main focus on these pages.
Plus these papers are so fun, I couldn't cover them up.

I added these corrugated black letter stickers…aren't' they fun :)
I added these to my zombie kit and was happy that I used them on this layout.

The second page to this layout.
I wanted to tie the two layouts together, even though the papers were totally different.
So I added the the "Beware" sticker and the red enamel dots to tie in with the deep reds on the previous page.
I also added the light brown journal spot and cut apart girl zombie to the 1st page to tie them together.

I don't think I have used enamel dots on a page before, I really like them.
My SIL told me they reminded her of drops of blood…Perfect ;)
I know the value of 3's in scrapbooking, but the enamel dots looked like Mickey Mouse ears when I did that…that is not a look I was going for.

Here are the 2 pages side by side.
I think they tie together pretty good.
I know those one page scrapbookers don't worry about the side by side pages being cohesive as they view each page as an individual.
I love that they are so freeing to be able to look at their pages that way…actually I can look at their albums that way….I'm only anal about my albums, lol.

I also did a video for each of my layouts for my YouTube friends.
If you would rather watch my video on my YouTube channel, just click the link "Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you all had a very Creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ghosts Anyone……a tutorial

I know, I know, I said I would share some of my layouts with you today.
But seriously…my girls and I made some cool Halloween crafts tonight and I wanted to share them…you still have time to put one or two together for your Halloween decor :)

Imagine how cool these would look hanging out in the wind!!!
Ashley has a large beautiful tree in her front yard that she is going to hang them from, so she made 3.
Ashely saw these on Pinterest.

You will need some styrofoam heads.
She bought 2 females and 1 male head.
Cheese cloth.
White glue. Ashley said they suggested Mod Podge, but I don't like it. I remember using it many, many years ago and my finished projects stayed a bit tacky. It may be different now, but I'm not going to risk it.
Paint brushes or foam brushes to spread the cheese cloth.
And some type of way to hang your finished project.

Step 1:
Mix your white glue with a bit of water….just enough to make it easy to spread.
I used tacky glue as I know it dries perfectly.

Step 2:
Spread the glue onto the foam head.
We didn't go any further then the jaw line.
But after making a couple of our ghosts, we liked it better when we didn't add glue to the back of the head.

Step 3:
We cut the cheese cloth in 3 even lengths.
We used 2 packages per ghost, so that is 6 layers.
After each layer of cheesecloth, I would add more glue/water mixture and then the next layer of cheesecloth.

Step 4:
In between each layer of cheesecloth, I pushed the brush in the creases to make them stand out and see the features of the face.

Step 5:
Make a hook of some sort to hang your ghost.
I used paper clips.
I bent and then cut the paper clip to make a hook.
I made it into a hook, so it would (hopefully) stay attached even with some wind.
I then added some glue to the hook before pushing it into the top of the ghost's heads.

I loved how these turned out, so I wanted to make some for myself.
Ashley and I ran to the dollar store to see if I could find some foam heads for my own ghosts.
Turns out, they had some, but more creepy….but thats okay, I like creepy ;)
Heather popped the eyes out of this one for me.

Kristy painted this one for me as it was black with red brains…How I wish I could have found black cheesecloth, how cool would that have looked!!!!
I know I could have dyed it, but I wanted it done and I wanted it done now ;)

Here is my ghost after following those same 5 steps.
I love how this one turned it…it looks like a zombie ghost, teehee.
If you have ever watched Return of the Living Dead, this reminds me of the zombie lady on the table that keeps yelling "brains, brains, brains"

Here she is all ready to spook the little children and adults (as all of my friends are big scardy cats) when they come Trick or Treating :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Creative finds at the Dollar Store

We are back home safe and sound :)
We also (thankfully) had an uneventful drive back home.
I thought I would share with you my fun finds, I picked up at a dollar store from our trip.
Do you see a theme here ;)
I have some crafty plans for those Halloween themed coasters.
As well as the skull cupcake toppers and the centipedes as well as the skeletons ;)

And I don't mean using the skeletons at "Can-Can" dancers…..sometimes I just crack myself up, lol.

I'm planning a little scrapbooking Halloween get together ;)
See those small chevron pattern cases…they are for my iPhone….so cool each one was $1.00….well except for the light blue one, I picked that one up for $3.00 at Best Buy.

I guess one of my girls had a bad case of stinky traveling feet. I won't tell you which daughter it was…don't want to embarrass anyone ;)
But one of my other daughters figured a way to refresh them, lol.

Do you all know what time it is????
Its Walking Dead time !!!!!
Hope you all had a Creative Sunday :)

I am posting some of my layouts on tomorrows blog post :)

Tracy :)

Adventure with my Girls

I am having such a great time with my daughters on our adventure :)
Ashley's wedding dress came on, so we decided to make it a overnight trip. 
And here everyone was telling us we needed to order the dress a year before the wedding.  It does still need some altering as Ashley is pretty tiny...and the dress is a petite!!

Early morning as we left home a little after 6:00am.
This photo was after our scare. 
It was a very windy drive. 
It was pitch black out and a large tree had fallen across my side of the highway. 
We were coming over a bit of a hill so wasn't able to see it until the last minute. Luckily for us there wasn't any oncoming traffic and I was able to swerve in the other lane to avoid crashing into the tree. 
I have to say, that was a close one, and I took the jeep out of cruise control after that.

Yes, we had a few bumps along the way.
Kristy wanted breakfast from mcdonalds so Ashley said she would treat us all.
We decided to eat on our way
I needed to take my antibiotics with food so asked Kristy to get them out of my purse. 
She couldn't find the one I turned around and went back home to get them.
As I pulled up to my driveway I checked my purse, they were in there. 

First stop when we arrived was Hobby Lobby. 
Ashley wanted to pick up these heads for a Halloween project we are going to work on.
Here are the goodies I picked up :) 
We also made a stop to Michaels. 
Not sure if the girls were enabling me, or just trying to hurry me up, as Kristy and Heather kept putting things in my basket. 
Here are my goodies. 
I love these decorative vintage cameras. 
The girls were enjoying themselves :)
They like to walk around this store and see what trouble they can stir up ;) 
This time wedding prep was on their minds. 
Love the bouquet. 
Another bump in the road was that I made a hotel reservation to a hotel in Minneapolis......we are in Duluth!!
When I went to check in at the hotel that I thought I made the reservation at, it was booked, as well as all the other hotels in the area. 
Luckily we didn't have to sleep in the jeep, we found a room at an Inn across the bridge.
I was getting a bit hungry when we finally arrived at the hotel/inn, so decided to get some chips out of the vending machine. 
Seriously something out of a comedy show, lol. 
Never mind me trying to get a can of coke, only to find out it doesn't take dollar bills but only change. 
So I start to feed the machine my guessed it, I didn't have enough.
Not only that, there wasn't a change return button. So I ran back to the room to get some change from my girls before someone put in the .20c I needed for my cola fix. 
When I returned there was a kid at the machine telling his mom there is a free soda (as that is what the Americans call a pop here).
I don't think so kid, nothing in life is free I thought to myself as I feed my .20c into the machine. 

My girls sure love their frozen yogurt. 

 Heading home in the morning.
Even with a few minor bumps the girls and I had a wonderful time. 

Hope you all had a Creative Saturday :)