Wednesday, June 27, 2018

We all need Space to journal page and process

I have a few groups of friends who are into art journaling and we like to challenge each other to encourage us all to art journal more.
This group of friends is new to art journaling and this was only our 3rd challenge!

The theme of this challenge was to have a black background and "Space"
Here is my take on this challenge that Denise came up with.

For my black background I used Dylusions black paint and applied it with a make up wedge.
I then wanted to add a cool background, so I splattered white paint, dry brushed and I also stippled the white paint.

I used a poppy stamp from Penny Black and coloured it up with my Copic markers.
I also cut the top off of some of them so they could face the opposite way that they stamped.

I used the word "Space" as the other ladies used space like outer space.

Here are all of our pages together.
I just love everyones take on these challenges!

I was making this page while my friends were here...I'm thinking I created it during National Scrapbooking Day...yup, always behind I am, lol
Because my friends were over, I would sneak in my scrapbook room and do a bit of recording.
So here is my process video on this page.

If you would rather watch it on my YouTube channel click the link "Tracy's Treasures 24"

Thank you for visiting me today :)
I hope you all have a very creative day.

Tracy 💗💗💗

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to all of you Father's out there and to those men who have been a big part of a child's life.
Today we celebrate you!

My grandson Sawyer and I made his daddy a card for Father's day.
It is similar to his mommy's card for Mother's day...but hey, he is only 1 1/2 yrs old so had to come up with a card that will keep his attention and that was in his artistic range ;)
I cut the letters with my Cricut and tacked them on the card while Sawyer used my Tim Holtz paint daubers to colour the card front, then I removed the letters and outlined them as they didn't pop as much as I wanted.

Now to honour all of the Father's in my life.
The first one being my husband.
Thank you for being such an awesome dad!
Each of our daughter's have a place in your heart and each have a bit of your personality and quirks 💗

Thank you to my dad for raising me to be who I am today.
I miss you and wish you were still with us 💗

Thank you to my dad (yes I have 2 dads). Even though we don't see each other as much as we would like to, that we sure have a lot in common and share the same passion for creating and our love of honey 💗

Thank you to my father in law who treated me like his own daughter and I miss you every day. 💗

Thank you to my son in law for being such a caring daddy to my grandson. 💗

And is Sawyer creating his daddy's Father's Day card.
He looks like he is having so much fun.
I think he is just happy that grandma actually let him play with her crafty goodies instead of just letting him re-arrange them in my craft room, lol.

Here is the inside of the card.
I used the masked letters for the inside of the card.
I also put this photo of Sawyer creating his card, inside of Tyler's card.

Thank you for visiting me today and I hope you all have a Happy Father's Day.

Tracy 💗💗💗

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Where have I been.

It has been 10 days since my last post...and here I used to post every day!!!
Yet again, I am playing catch up.
With Wayne retired now, we are able to spend more time at our camp/cottage.
Which is so nice as our summers are so short.

These Lady Slippers or Moccasin flowers are a bit rare in our area, so we get very excited (ok, I get very excited) when we see them in our yard.
Wayne makes sure that when he mows the lawn that he avoids them.

This is the view from our deck.
The dock extension hasn't been put in yet.
Wayne had to weld the wheel on it this past weekend.

We are so happy to see that the loons are back at our little lake this year.

Here is the view of our camp/cottage from the lake.

We needed a new sand point.
We actually needed it last year, but with Wayne's carpal tunnel, we waited until he had the operations.
It is so nice to have full water pressure again!!
The pipe was 18 ft in the ground, so it was so nice to have this machine to do the hard work.

Because we were on a downhill, and both men needed to be working on the sand point, I got in the loader to make sure it didn't go anywhere.

Last year my daughter's and I all painted rocks and then placed them around the trails we walk at camp.
I went looking for them.
I found Ashley's the first weekend we were up, and last weekend I found Kristy's.
I have yet to find Heather's or mine...I would love if I saw them in someone's flower bed.

We have been looking after this little cute boy a lot.
Yes, Sawyer was wearing a warm jacket with a toque as it was pretty cold out that day.

He loved this day as I took him for a wagon ride to see the loader and dump trucks at the bottom of our street as someone was getting a load of gravel.
Then we walked down the side street as they are paving it, so he got to see lots of machinery.
I said he has this in his blood as his grandpa, great grandpa, great great grandpa and uncles have all owned a gravel business and ran big equipment.

We had Sawyer for the weekend as his mommy and daddy went to Toronto for a wedding.
Looks like Sawyer thinks grandma Tracy's scrapbook room needs a re-vamp too, lol.
I love this little guy to bits....but there is a reason we have children when we are young....I needed a long nap once he went home, lol.

How cute it this!!
The other day when Wayne and I went to his favourite store (Canadian Tire) I saw this van and it put such a smile on my face!!
I love this!!

So there we are all caught least I think so, lol.
I will be sharing some fun creative projects that I did while I was up at camp.
I have a bit of a problem though, as my laptop needs an upgrade and won't upload my iphone photos to it, until I do this upgrade.
I don't like this upgrade as I don't like the video editing program it has.
I tried it on Wayne's laptop and it is kind of hard to operate and has less or different features than mine has.
But it needs to be done, so I can post photos to my blog.

I have used the app on my phone to post to my blog...but I don't like to do it from my phone as it is harder to type than on a least for me it is.

Okay, enough of my rambling and I hope to keep up to date on here.

Thank you all for visiting and I hope you all have a very Creative day.

Tracy 💗💗💗

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Listen to Your Heart art journal page

A few groups of my friends and I have some ongoing art challenges.
Some are new to it and some have been doing it longer than I have.
My friend Sharon came up with this challenge, the theme of this challenge was "Love" and to use "strips"

Can I say how much I love how this page turned out!!
When I look at this page, I see me!
I have always said I really don't have a specific style as I love all types of styles.
But this page has inking, and stamping, a heart, burgundy and much of what I love!!!
I do have to point out that this page was inspired by an art canvas I had seen on Pinterest "here"

Let us start with the process.
I inked the whole page with distress ink and then stamped it with a script text in the same colour ink.
I love the subtle look to this background.

Then I did what I love to do and that is to ink the edges.
I used 3 different colours of ink to give it a old aged look.
Inking does take a lot of time to do, but it is soooo worth it.
I then added some stamping here and there.

I love how this colour pops off of the page.
This heart started out as a white piece of cardstock and I coloured it with spritzes and inks.
I also did some stamping on it with the same script stamp as well as stamping with some flowers and other odd and end stamps, and of course I inked the edges.

Here is another look at the inked edges as well as the ripped part of the page.
I added some of the same spritzed paper behind the rip for some more pop to this page.

Wondering where the strips came into this page?
I used long stamps as my strips as well as a strip of key washi tape on the top left and bottom right of the page.

I also inked where I was going to place the heart for more depth.

Here is the completed page!

Here are all of the art journal pages with this theme "Love" & "Strips"
I love how they are all so different, but using the same themes! 

And look...I did a process video!!!
If you would rather watch the video on my YouTube channel...just click on the link "HERE".

Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog today :)
I hope you all have a very Creative Day.

Tracy 💗💗💗

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Opening up the Cottage

I love our weekends at the cottage.
And even though we don't usually go up there in the winter anymore, when we go back up in the spring, its like we have never left.

I know how truly lucky and blessed we are to live in such a beautiful country and to have a place like this to escape the every day.

Last year my daughter's and I painted some rocks and decided to place them along our walking trails.
Now our walking trails are not cleared or managed, they are just there from us and a few others either walking on them or driving quads on them.
I decided to go for a walk last weekend to see if I could find them after the cold snow covered winter.

The only one I had seen was this one my daughter Ashley had painted.
I did notice that someone had done a bit of chainsawing along the trail, as there were some fallen trees from over the winter.
So maybe they are under the underbrush or fallen leaves...or maybe someone saw them and liked them so much that they took them home for their own garden...I hope it's the later.

Isn't this the cutest pillow?!?
My daughter purchased it for her bed at the cottage....I may need to make one for myself, teehee.

Last year on my birthday week out at camp, my daughter and I decided to make a flower garden out of this eye sore, lol.
It looks a little worse for wear as nothing has really come up yet.
But look at all of the fallen leaves I raked out of here.
Pretty bad when you have more debris in your flower garden than plants, teehee.

It was actually really hot at the cottage last weekend.
Getting the cottage up and ready for the season and getting the water running is a lot of work, and we like to do it all in one weekend if not all in one day.
So it was nice to soak my feet in the cool water for a bit while Wayne dropped the legs of the smaller part of the dock into the lake.

I received this fairy door from my daughter's last year for my birthday and started to make a fairy garden.
I am excited to add to it this year!!

We get a family of loons in our little lake every year and every year we are waiting in anticipation on if they will have babies or if the eagle will get them :(
Last year was the first year in a long time that their babies survived and they had 2 of them!!
So I was very shocked to see a swan on our lake when we got up there!!!
It was just enjoying the lake and stayed out there all day and night.
I was also happy to see the loon out on the lake as well.

But with the joys of the lake also comes the mosquitoes, lol
Look this is my 1st one of the year...many more to come I'm sure.

What is your favourite activity to do in the summer?
I love to craft as always, but also love to trail ride on my quad at the cottage.

Tracy 💗💗💗