Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh my another project. I made these for the little girls across the street. Ok I have to admit I made these last year, but I didn't have a blog to share them on and I really loved how they turned out and wanted to share them.
This wasn't my idea, I got it from Stampn with Heather. She has some real cute ideas.
I made a slider door on the back so they could be opened and reused,

Tonight Heather and I ran to get some munchies. I had a craving for some salt, LOL. On our way home just across our street there was a mama deer and 2 of her fawns.It looks like that bush is burning doesn't it. Heather snapped the pics while I was driving.I got another call from Lakehead Motors again(the place I am planning on buying my jeep from)today. I wasn't home but left me a message, she just wanted to make sure that I got the info yesterday (about the free car starter) and reminded me that they really would like my business. Humm wonder if they would go down in price. I am going for another test drive tomorrow so we will see. My FIL had told me that family (including the business) has purchased 41 vehicles from there. WOW that's a lot.

Had a major headache again today. I even took medicine for it. I never take anything, not even an aspirin. But today it got the best of me, I even went for an hour nap. Feeling a bit better now though.

Tomorrow Kristy has a PA day. So I promised her I would take her out for lunch. She wants to go to Cousins for Finn pancakes. My dad nicknamed her Pancake as she loves them so much.
It is the start of Friday Night scrap booking tomorrow. It is a drop over at my house for whoever wants to come by and scrapbook. I have missed it over the summer.

Oh I have a question. Do most of you decorate for Autumn or just for Halloween?
I do both. I so want to decorate for Halloween, but our Thanks giving is Oct, 11th, so I am thinking maybe I should do Autumn and when Thanksgiving is over then do Halloween.

Thankful Thursday.
1. That I am lucky enough to get a new vehicle
2. Healthy children
3. A warm home
4. Free car starters.....well actually car starters in general. It gets very cold up here.

What are you thankful for today?


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday/Halloween card

I got nothing for you today.
Sooooo I will show you a card that I made last year. We have a close friend who's birthday is on Halloween. So I made him this card.
I used one of the $1.50 wooden stamps for the mummy. The punched out spiders were from a single punch, that I just used like a border punch. I then heat embossed the purple border.
Simple but cute (well in my opinion).

Today I had to take my jeep in to get it appraised for the damages that happened when we hit the deer, oops hubby said the deer hit us. Ya he doesn't take the blame for anything LOL.
So I had to drop the jeep off at 8:30am after I brought Ashley to work. Then had to wait for the courtesy ride. When I got home I cleaned the house and checked out my favourite blogs. Phoned to see if my jeep was done. Then waited for the courtesy ride to pick up my jeep. Then picked up Ashley from work, then Kristy from school and came home to make supper.
Watched Bones, then Survivor and then some more bones. Then going nighty night.

Oh ya the jeep dealer phoned me to see if I liked the jeep. I told them I would like it better if it came with a free car starter like the Ford did. Well I get a fax offering me a free car starter installed. Humm, guess they want me to buy their jeep :) This after hubby told me no way would they do that. That is why hubby does not do the deals on vehicles.

I need to spend less time on the computer and more on my home and craft. But there are so many cool blogs out there.

Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jeep hunting

Isn't this so cute.
This is at the hotel near our cottage.
I plan to make one for our cottage. But instead of putting Welcome in his hands I think I want to put a fishing rod.
Boy I have a lot of creative plans.
On Sunday when Heather was greasing the trucks, I called to her because I didn't see her under the truck. Can you find her? LOL
Here she is greasing the back of the dump box. Guess you need to be skinny to be a greaser, LOL. Those coveralls are huge on her.
We are on Season 4 of Bones. Heather, Wayne and I watch a few episodes everyday after supper.Today was spent test driving a few vehicles. They had a red Jeep Liberty:) It was a 2010, brand new though, so full warranty. I didn't get to try that one as it was in the show room.
I did try the black 2011 though. One problem with it though (well 2) is that because I am vertically challenged (hubby's way of calling me short) I have to pull the seat waaay up. The steering wheel column's plastic is almost touching my knee. Oh and there is a molded cup holder in the back on the floor in the center. Having 3 children, 1 is not going to be happy during our family outings
There weren't very good incentives to buy. They were only offering $2500.00 off the 2010 Jeep. Ford was offering better incentives. But the prices were pretty close.
Decisions, decisions.
Its Tuesday
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Made banana bread
2. Took a nap when I was exhausted.
3. I put on pretty clothes.
4. Took my girls out to lunch.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Quilts, but not mine.

Before you look at these pictures just know I DIDN'T make these.
Ohhh but I wish I did.
When I go on the Internet at our cottage, I have to go the the hotel to use it. Well Louis told me to go into the breakfast room as the weather was getting cold. The breakfast room is so cute. It has treats for the hotel guests. There are cute tables to sit at.
Well these were Louis' quilts that she had put up.

She is an avid quilter. I love to oogle her quilts.
Today, besides the everyday boring stuff, I went to check out a new jeep for me. I am debating between a 2011 Jeep Liberty or a 2011 Ford Escape. I didn't really like the 2010 liberty's but the 2011 in black, looks B1tch'n. LOL.
The only thing with black is that it is boring. I am a creative person I need some colour in my vehicle. Ashley said I should put some sparkle on my licence plate cover and I should have vanity plates that spell out B1TCH1N. Ya right. LOL

Hope you all had a good Monday.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Banner Swap Video

I hope you all had a good weekend.
I posted my Letter Tag for the Halloween Banner Swap on Youtube. I should appologise as I was up late completing these and didn't have enough Coke Cola to keep my brain active. LOL.

To all the women who receive then hope you enjoy.

Before we left for camp, Ashley was going to eat her left overs from lunch. She was really looking forward to eating them. Poor girl. she dropped them on the floor. Yes, that is my daughter eating off the floor. LOL. I think she surpassed the 3 second rule, don't you. What a nut.

Late night for me as we watched some more of "Bones" tonight. Then realized that Desperate Housewives is on as well as Amazing Race. They are on at the same time, so I will be switching between commercials. Mind you, don't you realize that they put commercials on at the same time when you switch between commercials.....that burns my butt.

Here is to me creating tomorrow, well hopefully :)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn is in the air

We closed up camp today :(
Turned off the water, drained the pipes, put away the outside things and got the outhouse ready for our winter stays. Oh fun.
I went for a walk today. It was a beautiful.
Stay to the left and you will come to our cottage. Its not the one it this picture. teehee.
Not this one either, LOL. This is an old storage shack of our neighbours. It has been here way before we bought the property.
I wish I was a better photographer, because these pictures don't do these scenes justice.
This tree is such a bright yellow when the sun shines on it. Its so pretty.
I hope you get out of the house to enjoy the day.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Is Here

In our house you know that the season's change when I take down my beloved wall hangings/quilts and change them for the next season.
I just love this one. It is actually a large throw. Isn't it beautiful.
Another sure sign that the seasons are changing is when we go up to our cottage and close it up for the winter. This pulls at my heart a bit. I love this place.
This weekend we are going up there and shutting it up. Turning off the water, draining the water pipes and bringing home food and supplies that won't keep through out too long of a winter.
Yes it is a sad weekend.
But looking on the bright side of things (yes I am a glass is half full type of girl, hubby on the other hand...not so much teehee). I will have my weekends to spend in my craft/scrap room, so many projects I want to try. I get to have my friends over for Friday night scrap booking, I miss that all summer.
Yes I do enjoy the crisp, clean fall air, I do enjoy coming in from outside with the tip of my nose a bit chilled. I enjoy using my oven (got you didn't I, LOL. I hate cooking!). Sleeping in during the weekend, just snuggling in the warm covers.
Yes there is a reason I love the change in seasons. It is brand new, sure we get them every year, but its like a clean slate from the last one. Looking forward to the Fall. Now Winter not to much LOL.

I brought my banners to the post office today. I was suppose to send Gale a self addressed, stamped envelope. Ok, no problem right? Wrong.
It would have cost me $4.00 for purchasing each American stamp! Crazy!!! It cost me about $14.00 to sent hers. So if it cost that much to send me the other banners, I would have to pay $56.00 plus the price of the stamps. I think next time I go to the States I will smuggle in stamps, I could make millions.
So what I did was, I put in the self addressed envelope and some American money. Hopefully Gale doesn't mind putting the postage on. I am sure there is going to be money left over, so hope she has a coffee or 3 on me :)

Enjoy your weekend


Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm stoked about these Halloween Banners I am doing.
I worked on them all day. They will be ready to be mailed tomorrow. I plan on staying up till they are all finished and packaged. As fun as they are to make, they are a lot of work. Its like making a mini album, except every page is the same. I don't think that I explained the tag swap that I am in. Everyone gets a letter of the word "Halloween". We each make 9 tags of the same letter. Then mail out 8 of them, and get the rest of the letters mailed back to me. So I will have a banner made by myself and 8 other crafters. How cool is this.
For those who are wondering, Ashley found her socks. LOL. The 1st pair, which were in her sleeves. She found when she was going out with her boyfriend. I just happen to be there to explain to them why they were in there.The second pair, which were in her pocket. She found when she was at work. She texts me and asked about them. I replied "Well I didn't what you to lose them." Teehee.

We are going to camp this weekend. We ARE going to close up camp. I am always a bit sad when it is time to do this.
I just wish that we could wait till next weekend. My friend Lynn invited me to a all day/evening crop. I asked her if they could have it next weekend for me instead.
She didn't think that they would do that, LOL.

Thankful Thursday.

1. Creating all day. Loved it.
2. Laughing with my daughters.
3. Watching Bones with hubby and Heather.
4. Staying home all day.

What are you thankful for today.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I finished my Banner Tag

It feels so good to be creating again.
Can you believe that I cleaned off my work table before I started this project.
This is just the table. I won't show you the side tables I use, the chairs that I am using for tables and (shudder) the floor. I still have bags on the floor full of crafting treats I haven't put away.
I finished my "E" for the "Halloween" banner swap. Well, actually I just finished one. I only have 8 more to go, teehee. I figure the first one is the hardest, the next ones will be like an assembly line.
Now if you know me, you know that I can't take the easy way. The background paper was a black grey colour. I stamped the spider webs on it, then embossed it with iridescent embossing powder.
After punching out the fence, I covered it with Diamond Glaze so it would look like shiny steel.
I then added beads to the skull charm.
Here is the back of it. I inked almost everything on the whole tag.
I am planning on finishing all the tags tomorrow and making a video of them tomorrow.
When I went to buy the charms, I went to one of our local bead stores. The lady showed me some kits she put together of bracelets. They were so pretty. I'm thinking of trying one. I am kind of leery of picking one up, because I love all types of crafts, I know I will get hooked on this. That's all I need, LOL.
Hope you had a nice crafty Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanks Beau

Today I received some beautiful blog candy from Beau. His blog is
His cards are sooo cute. He is a master with the Cricut and Yudo. I was kind of hoping he would have shipped me a Yudo machine, teehee. Check out his blog. I was one of his first followers :)
Thank you so much Beau, I will be playing with these stamps soon, I hope.

When my oldest daughter Ashley comes home from work, she puts her jacket on the dining room chair and takes her socks off and throws them on the floor. She thinks she is cute.
Well she had 2 pairs of socks on the floor and 4 jackets on the chairs. So being the sweet mom that I am, I didn't want her to lose her socks. So I put a pair in her jacket sleeves, and the second pair in another jacket pocket.
Hummm wonder where she will be when she finds them, teehee.

I did actually get to stay at home all day today. But I didn't get that much creating done.
I was on the phone with our insurance company. I am going to get my bumper fixed on my jeep from that deer.
I was also on the phone with my dad's visa company. They charged an automatic payment on his visa. Even though I cancelled it last month, I also cancelled the Shaw Cable that they charged. Plus they were charging a fee to his visa. Ummm hello its cancelled!!!! I had to talk to different departments and about 6 different people.
When I got off the phone I just broke down. I wanted to scream. But no worries I collected my thoughts, took a deep breathe and am fine....for now.

Biggest Loser is on right now. I love this show. Its such an inspiration.
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

1. I didn't b1tch anyone out.
2. Stayed home all day.
3. Cleaned the bath tub.


Monday, September 20, 2010

"House" is in the house tonight

I am so excited the new season of House is on tonight. I love House. My dad got me hooked onto this show. I am sad that my dad doesn't get to share this with me. I am going to miss not being able to discuss tonight's episode with him.

I never, ever said that I was an artist. I will leave that to my daughter Heather.
Here is my sketch for my Letter Banner swap. Ok stop your chuckling now.
I have so many pieces of paper, napkins, or receipts with my sketches, or I should say my chicken scratch, on them. Just waiting for some time to be created.
These are Not the colours that I am planning on using.
I used the Micheal's $1.50 chipboard albums for this. It was a square shape and I cut it in a tomb stone shape.
The colours on the letter and the funky shape are Not the colours I am using. I just used scraps to get the right sizes.
The back ground paper was plain grey/black and I stamped webs then embossed them with iridescent embossing powder. I may change that to black embossing powder.
I have to make 9 of them and get them in the mail by Friday.
So what do you think so far?I didn't get to play on my banner letter as much as I wanted to today. I had to bring Heather to work. Again Sharon didn't want me to leave, teehee.
Then I had to go grocery shopping. So I did get a couple hours play time :)

Ok I have to go now. House is on in 30 minutes and I am preparing some snacks for the big night.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

We had PFK for supper

Can you guess what we had for supper?
I remember it tasting better when I was younger. Don't get me wrong I still like it. The side dishes are tastey and still love thier fries and gravy. But the chicken is really greasy.
I am not sure if this packaging is world wide, but I am doubting it.
Here in Canada we are bilingual. Well most, but not I. I find this kind of funny as I think there are more Native people living here, maybe we should be teaching Aboriginal as a second language .There should be Aboriginal writing on the packaging.
Here in my home town, we don't have bilingual signs as the rest have Canada does. Our signs are only in English. I am kind of proud of that, I like to be one of a kind :)

So we are watching "Bones" again. Told you I was addicted to this.
Tomorrow I am going to be working on my Banner letter all day. Yeah!!!

Hope your weekend was a good one.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did we close up camp....not yet :)

I finished my book today.
If you like Stephen King, you will really like this book. It reminds me of his earlier writings.
The end left you hanging, and I hate to be left hanging. But I will still recommend this one :)
Humm a 8 out of 10.
Today was a lazy day for me. I didn't have any energy to do to much. So I didn't, LOL.
I snuggled up in bed and read most of the day.
We packed away the kayaks, and put up the storm windows. We also covered up the patio furniture.
Guess we are going back up to turn the water off. Teehee we do this every year, prolong the closing of the camp :)
We had a camp fire and sauna in the evening. I even took steam which I usually don't do.

Hope your weekend was relaxing.


Friday, September 17, 2010

We got snow....

I heard we were suppose to get snow today. Luckily we only got rain, then later in the afternoon it turned out nice and sunny.
This snow is really ice from the local skating rink, teehee.
But seriously I am not looking forward to the cold that will be coming soon enough.
I did some running around today, hey whats new? LOL.
I was looking for some Halloween charms for the banner swap that I am participating in on Gale's (the happy stamper) channel.
I couldn't find any charms :(
But I did find a costume for Rose our cat, LOL. As you can see she is not impressed.
Now I am not in the habit of dressing our pet up. But I saw this at the Dollar store and come on now, one dollar to make me giggle, it was worth it teehee. She did kind of enjoy playing with the little orange pumpkins.
Now she just looks embarrassed and humiliated. "Damn Humans" LOL.
We are off to camp. Depending on the weather we are going to close it up. When I say we I mean Wayne. Well I do help. We turn off the water and drain the pipes. We also put up the storm windows. Mind you for the last few years we drag this out for a couple of weekends as we don't want the season to end.

Hope your weekend is an enjoyable one.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love Bones

I am so addicted to this series!!!
Heather got Wayne and I hooked on this show.
I think I'm in love with Agent Booth. I envy Bones, she is a kick ass, smart, passionate woman.
Yup we are on Season 2.
This is how we watch TV series. Every time hubby and I get into a TV show, they cancel it. So we don't watch them anymore. We wait until we know that they aren't going to cancel it and then buy them when they come out on DVD.

Today I drove Ashley to work, then Kristy to school, then Heather to work. Can you say Taxi. LOL.
When I brought Heather to work, I ended up visiting for over 2 hours. My SIL and friend Sharon was working today and she didn't want me to leave :)

I was suppose to go into a Halloween Banner swap that Gale was putting on. Because my life was turned upside down, I totally forgot about it. Gale contacted me today about it (she was unaware of my dad's passing). She was going to do the banner piece that I was assigned to do. She was so sweet and wanted to make sure that I was up to it. I am so up to creating :) One other lady hasn't handed her piece in, so I figure I still have time.
Guess what I will be doing at camp this weeked :)

Thankful Thursday
1. chatting with a friend
2. caring people, even when they don't know you.
3. Lunch with my daughter.
4. Getting to be creative again.

Hope your day was a crafty one.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wow another card

I have to admit, I didn't make this card today. I made it yesterday. This is the card I made for Joy but thought it was to juvenile for her.
Here is the inner sentiment
I stamped the cupcake on 2 different pattern papers and fussy cut around the images. I really don't like to fussy cut. That is why I like punches :)
I raised the icing of the cupcake with a foam tape, and put a jewel on the tip. This is a quick post as Survivor is on tonight. We have watched this TV show ever since it first came on. We would make a fun evening of it. We would get munchies and pop and let the girls stay up late to watch it. Now it is only Hubby, Heather and I. And usually no munchies.

I ran around all day. I did slip into the Micheal's and the quilt store. Not sure how that happened LOL. When I came home I crashed. I think I feel a cold coming on. Ashley and Kristy had a bad cold before and during our trip. I am hoping that I can just sleep it off. Well here is to hoping.

Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I made a card, and received some

Today is my FIL's wife, Joy's birthday. She turned 70 today.
I see Joy every weekend. Our camp is next door to their camp. We enjoy sitting around the camp fire chatting about life. We also share books and our views on them.
Ray, my FIL, treated everyone for supper at Applebee's, there was 13 of us for supper. Then we went back to their house for cake and gifts.
I wanted to make a Birthday card for Joy. I was rushed, I didn't even get to clean off my work table. I worked on a 4"x4" space on my table. When I was finished it I thought the card was to juvenile. So I made this one instead.
I used my new Nestabilities flower die and matching stamp set. I stamped the pink background paper with brown staz on ink. Sparkles were put on the tips of the flower petals.
Today I received this beautiful card in the mail. Nicole from sent me a sympathy card. Isn't she so sweet. I was surprised and really touched. I really do love my blogging friends.
I received this card from Lynn. She is my friend and my Stampn Up demonstrator. Not only did she make me this card, she also made me some perogies. I really needed them at the time, living off of take out sucked, LOL.
My SIL and friend Sharon made this card. I have such caring and talented friends.
Now that I made a couple of cards I soooo want to get back into the scrap/craft room and create.
So it is Tuesday, what have you done today to make you feel proud.
1. I got into my scrap/craft room.
2. I decluttered part of the basement
3. Enjoyed an evening with family.
Your turn to share, what have you done.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Making room

I am trying to eat healthier. But I so want to eat this right now.
Doesn't this look good. We had this at Red Lobster when we were on our trip, yummy!
I spent most of my day tidying up my work area. I do my book work at the dining room table, but I store all my monthly tickets, paper work and photo copier in an area in the basement. Well, I was a bit slack with my organizing. I also don't have much room for storing my tickets. Because you have to keep all paper work for 7 yrs, I have to pack some up and bring them to storage.
Heather and I spent most of the day doing this.
I hope that they aren't to heavy for hubby, cause I sure am not able to carry them.

You may be thinking that I should have been working on Joy's purse for her birthday. Well lucky for me I found the Carol Burnett DVD's. I will still probably make her the purse for Christmas.

Tomorrow I think I will work on my craft/scrap room. I need to find room for all my new treasures.

Hope your day was full of creative happiness.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

There's no place like Home

Well we are back at home. The drive home was uneventful, thankfully. Unfortunately I didn't get to any of my quilt stores :(
Here is a cute wall hanging I picked up at Joann's. This is one of my favourite sayings.
I picked up these fat quarters from Walmart. I didn't find any fabric stacks at Joann's. I was pretty disappointed. I was thinking of getting some fabric cut but the line ups were crazy, so I skipped it, maybe next time.
Won't this fabric make a cute purse or bag? I think so.
I found these crows for my Halloween display. Hubby encouraged me to buy them.
I really don't like crows they get under my skin. My neighbours like to feed them, drives me crazy! They caw all day long, I swear this is one of the most irritating noises there is. Plus they scare all the tiny birds away.
It is so nice to be home. As much as I love to shop...I could have done more :) Its nice to be back in my own home.
Joys of staying in a hotel.
1. Checking the bed for bed bugs, not.
2. Walking on the carpets with bare feet...I never do this, gross
3. Hearing snoring all during the night from the guests....oh wait that was my hubby, sorry LOL.
Its my FIL's wife, Joy's, birthday is Tuesday. I wanted to get her the Carol Burnett show DVD's. I couldn't find them anywhere.
She loved my purse I made a while back. So I figured I would make her one. So I 2 days to do it in. I know what I will be doing tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It was a lock down...twice

Firstly I want to give my respects to those that lost their lives 9 years ago. We all remember what we were doing that day and couldn't keep our eyes off our TV screens. I remember like everyone else, that it must have been an accident, nothing like this could have happened any other way.
All the flags here in the States, as I am sure as well as back home, were all flying half mast.
Today Ashley and I ran into Ikea. Love that store by the way. Well when we were leaving to pay for our purchases there were 5 employees blocking the way out. There were a lot of angry customers. They said that there was a fork lift going by and we couldn't leave the store. WHAT. We had to wait for 15 minutes. You would think that they would restock during the night, not on a Saturday afternoon.

Next we went to Mall of America. Wayne and I went one way the girls went another. Hubby and I were going to (yup you guessed it) Archivers, when some security guards and police officers came and made everyone in the hall to back up. They were closing the end of the mall. A little bit later they moved us further down the hall.
I asked if anyone knew what was going on. One guy told us that they saw some guy in a hazard suit with breathing mask the next floor down. I took a look and saw many police officers and a big trunk.
I was thinking maybe there was a package that looked odd and because of the day, they weren't taking any chances.
I text the girls to come and meet us at a certain area. When they got there they were like no big deal we weren't finished shopping yet, LOL. I said well if we were going to die I wanted us all together, they just rolled their eyes, LOL.
We are big zombie fans, so later Ashley texts me with this.
"Mom....someone bit me...flesh...hungry" My girls are so funny they keep me laughing. LOL

If you have not been to Mall of America before it is a very busy place. This is our view at the food court. It looks like a mini amusement park. I even see Santa in disguise LOL.
We went to one of our favourite places to eat. Red Lobster!!! I hate sea food besides shrimp. So I always get the Shrimp Trio. Yummy. But this time it just seemed like to much butter, so I only ate a bit of it.
Well I think it is time to go home. I ran out of money LOL.
Here are my goodies I bought today. These paper packs were only $10.00 each at Joann's. Found some more Tim Holtz dies at Scrapbooks Too.
I also bought these Nestabilities dies and matching stamp set. I also bought the Tim Holtz ticket stamp that goes with the die.
I bought these gems at Archiver's. Yes I was there again. Well actually I was there 3 times today. What else am I going to do while the girls shop in their stores :)
I picked up a couple of novels and a few other odds and ends.
We are leaving at 6:00 in the morning again. I thought weekends were for sleeping in.
Heather has to work tomorrow, so we can't stop anywhere on the way home :(
I was hoping I would get to go into some quilt shops on the way home.

Hope your Saturday was exciting, I know mine was.