Monday, September 20, 2010

"House" is in the house tonight

I am so excited the new season of House is on tonight. I love House. My dad got me hooked onto this show. I am sad that my dad doesn't get to share this with me. I am going to miss not being able to discuss tonight's episode with him.

I never, ever said that I was an artist. I will leave that to my daughter Heather.
Here is my sketch for my Letter Banner swap. Ok stop your chuckling now.
I have so many pieces of paper, napkins, or receipts with my sketches, or I should say my chicken scratch, on them. Just waiting for some time to be created.
These are Not the colours that I am planning on using.
I used the Micheal's $1.50 chipboard albums for this. It was a square shape and I cut it in a tomb stone shape.
The colours on the letter and the funky shape are Not the colours I am using. I just used scraps to get the right sizes.
The back ground paper was plain grey/black and I stamped webs then embossed them with iridescent embossing powder. I may change that to black embossing powder.
I have to make 9 of them and get them in the mail by Friday.
So what do you think so far?I didn't get to play on my banner letter as much as I wanted to today. I had to bring Heather to work. Again Sharon didn't want me to leave, teehee.
Then I had to go grocery shopping. So I did get a couple hours play time :)

Ok I have to go now. House is on in 30 minutes and I am preparing some snacks for the big night.



  1. Love all the TV shows starting up this week! Our favorite is NCIS. I think your letter banner looks elegant.

  2. Your letter is COOL!!!! I'm baaaaaaack!!!!

  3. Your letter banner looks great! Love the border! I love House, too!

  4. I haven't ever seen house, but I hear it is good. Maybe I will have to rent it from Netflix. I am most excited for Glee to start tonight! There are tons of great shows starting up again this week. Fun stuff!

    I love your banner letter. The fence and glitter are great touches! It is a great idea. I haven't ever thought of creating a monogrammed banner. But it would be a great addition to any page.

    PS - Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It made my day!

  5. Tracy, that is looking really cool! I love how original it is! Great idea!! i can't wit to see the whole thing!

  6. Super cute! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  7. I watched House last night, it was a good one! So glad to have him back as I was getting tire of the same old repeats!
    Looking good with the letter banner, anxious to see the finished product!

  8. I used to watch House when I got to choose what's on tv. Now my 3 & 5 yr old pick what they watch and then we are all off to bed. Even if I dvr it I never have time to sit down and watch it.

    Love your banner piece! It looks great even in pink LOL.

  9. I just love that border, I have been missing for a while not a holiday just too much work and stuff going on, hope to be back tomorrow to see some more

  10. Your Letter Banner is gorgeous! Great work.
    I love House! That's a great show. I don't have time to watch it as often as I'd like, though.

  11. Tracy,
    I also love House. A lot of my favs are back this week.
    (Law & Order SVU, NCIS, Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, 90210, Survivor, Project Runway)
    I think I watch to much TV, LOL

  12. Oh wow it is so fantastic, i love it, enjoy your programme.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. The way you miss sharing the show "House" with your dad is how I miss sharing the Tiger baseball games with mine.:-( At least we are blessed to have fond memories with our dads.
    I LOVE your banner idea! I can't wait to see the finished result. You inspire me!:-) I'm off to check out the blog you recommended.:-)

  14. Its weird to see the project design after I have seen it finished, I am reverse blogging been away for work and no access,,,, what do we do without the internet eh!


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