Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn is in the air

We closed up camp today :(
Turned off the water, drained the pipes, put away the outside things and got the outhouse ready for our winter stays. Oh fun.
I went for a walk today. It was a beautiful.
Stay to the left and you will come to our cottage. Its not the one it this picture. teehee.
Not this one either, LOL. This is an old storage shack of our neighbours. It has been here way before we bought the property.
I wish I was a better photographer, because these pictures don't do these scenes justice.
This tree is such a bright yellow when the sun shines on it. Its so pretty.
I hope you get out of the house to enjoy the day.


  1. Tracy, this looks like a beautiful place to spend your time away from home. Enjoy the fall.

  2. Oh, those pictures are lovely! Makes me want to move to a place where there really is a "fall"! Thank you for showing these.

  3. Lovely pictures! I wish I was taking a walk in the woods right now!


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