Friday, September 17, 2010

We got snow....

I heard we were suppose to get snow today. Luckily we only got rain, then later in the afternoon it turned out nice and sunny.
This snow is really ice from the local skating rink, teehee.
But seriously I am not looking forward to the cold that will be coming soon enough.
I did some running around today, hey whats new? LOL.
I was looking for some Halloween charms for the banner swap that I am participating in on Gale's (the happy stamper) channel.
I couldn't find any charms :(
But I did find a costume for Rose our cat, LOL. As you can see she is not impressed.
Now I am not in the habit of dressing our pet up. But I saw this at the Dollar store and come on now, one dollar to make me giggle, it was worth it teehee. She did kind of enjoy playing with the little orange pumpkins.
Now she just looks embarrassed and humiliated. "Damn Humans" LOL.
We are off to camp. Depending on the weather we are going to close it up. When I say we I mean Wayne. Well I do help. We turn off the water and drain the pipes. We also put up the storm windows. Mind you for the last few years we drag this out for a couple of weekends as we don't want the season to end.

Hope your weekend is an enjoyable one.



  1. Poor, poor kitty ;) But it is definately giggle worthy. I occasionally put antlers and Santa hats on our puppies for grins.

  2. What a funny pic of your kitty. Ever wonder what they are thinking. lol
    Thanks for the laugh

  3. I totally plan on dressing up the dog this year and take him trick or treating. Your cat looks so funny. That dollar gave me a good giggle too!

  4. Hi Tracy! I saw your blog on Two Peas. Love your blog design and your work is very good. Nice to see what you are up to.

  5. I was going to say, NOT THE "S" WORD YET! Now I need to calm down. Love the cat toy. My cats love anything like that.

  6. Bless your heart! I like snow but geeze even I think it's too early. :) I hear you about dragging out closing. We'll be starting that soon too. :(

  7. Very cute on the kitty costume! That's how I help my guy too when he does the gardening. I offer moral support.

    I thought it was kind of early for snow! I mean, I know I lose perspective in Texas but September did seem just a bit early! :-)

  8. Love the cat's costume! TOOO funny! Our cat wouldn't let us alone when we were wrapping Christmas presents, so we tied ribbon around her neck to keep her occupied!
    I'm ready for snow and cold. Bring it on!

  9. Oh wow, is it common to expect snow in September? Cute cat! :)


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