Saturday, September 11, 2010

It was a lock down...twice

Firstly I want to give my respects to those that lost their lives 9 years ago. We all remember what we were doing that day and couldn't keep our eyes off our TV screens. I remember like everyone else, that it must have been an accident, nothing like this could have happened any other way.
All the flags here in the States, as I am sure as well as back home, were all flying half mast.
Today Ashley and I ran into Ikea. Love that store by the way. Well when we were leaving to pay for our purchases there were 5 employees blocking the way out. There were a lot of angry customers. They said that there was a fork lift going by and we couldn't leave the store. WHAT. We had to wait for 15 minutes. You would think that they would restock during the night, not on a Saturday afternoon.

Next we went to Mall of America. Wayne and I went one way the girls went another. Hubby and I were going to (yup you guessed it) Archivers, when some security guards and police officers came and made everyone in the hall to back up. They were closing the end of the mall. A little bit later they moved us further down the hall.
I asked if anyone knew what was going on. One guy told us that they saw some guy in a hazard suit with breathing mask the next floor down. I took a look and saw many police officers and a big trunk.
I was thinking maybe there was a package that looked odd and because of the day, they weren't taking any chances.
I text the girls to come and meet us at a certain area. When they got there they were like no big deal we weren't finished shopping yet, LOL. I said well if we were going to die I wanted us all together, they just rolled their eyes, LOL.
We are big zombie fans, so later Ashley texts me with this.
"Mom....someone bit me...flesh...hungry" My girls are so funny they keep me laughing. LOL

If you have not been to Mall of America before it is a very busy place. This is our view at the food court. It looks like a mini amusement park. I even see Santa in disguise LOL.
We went to one of our favourite places to eat. Red Lobster!!! I hate sea food besides shrimp. So I always get the Shrimp Trio. Yummy. But this time it just seemed like to much butter, so I only ate a bit of it.
Well I think it is time to go home. I ran out of money LOL.
Here are my goodies I bought today. These paper packs were only $10.00 each at Joann's. Found some more Tim Holtz dies at Scrapbooks Too.
I also bought these Nestabilities dies and matching stamp set. I also bought the Tim Holtz ticket stamp that goes with the die.
I bought these gems at Archiver's. Yes I was there again. Well actually I was there 3 times today. What else am I going to do while the girls shop in their stores :)
I picked up a couple of novels and a few other odds and ends.
We are leaving at 6:00 in the morning again. I thought weekends were for sleeping in.
Heather has to work tomorrow, so we can't stop anywhere on the way home :(
I was hoping I would get to go into some quilt shops on the way home.

Hope your Saturday was exciting, I know mine was.



  1. Yes I think we all remember where and what we were doing and always will..... looks like you got loads of goodies to play with. Hope your trip back was a safe one with no more deer bashing ....

  2. Tracy, I sure do remember what I was doing. I was actually in the process of planning my son's 8th birthday, which was on the 11th. I will never forget.
    So glad you are enjoying your shopping and your goodies.

  3. Yep, I was at work at Weymouth Town Hall in Massachusetts. Hard to forget where you were that day!

    Another day of great shopping for you, Tracy! Looks like you spent a couple of dollars in the States!

  4. Oh wow you sure do get about, I love all your crafting goodies, can't wait to see what you create with them. The TH tickets will look fab on your tags.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. Wow - that place does look like an amusement park. No wonder older gal likes it so much. Me, I hear the word "mall" and run in the other direction...

  6. I know you can't wait to play with your toys. I can't wait to see what you create with your purchases. Looks like you had tons of fun!

  7. i was with my friends this weekend and we had a moment of silence and then talked about it..where we were and diff moments in history that defined us (we had a quite a few diff generations there)

    so you are going to scrapfest next week? i will be in the core booth!!! you should come :)

    i love all your goodies!

  8. I would be pretty ticked off about not being allowed to leave. Technically, it's against the law. LOL.

    Girl.. you have shopping issues.
    I like you more now.

  9. i watched a documentary last night of 9/11.. it was good.

    ooo you has goodies!!!

  10. You wasn't lying.. you just about did buy them out! LOL looks like you got some good stuff there! =)

  11. Can I come shopping with you, lol lol. I have Black Currant and Mariposa, they are two of my favs, especially BC!!! Have fun with all your goodies, envy envy envy!!! And super envy I don't have those stores nearby to go to!


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