Monday, September 13, 2010

Making room

I am trying to eat healthier. But I so want to eat this right now.
Doesn't this look good. We had this at Red Lobster when we were on our trip, yummy!
I spent most of my day tidying up my work area. I do my book work at the dining room table, but I store all my monthly tickets, paper work and photo copier in an area in the basement. Well, I was a bit slack with my organizing. I also don't have much room for storing my tickets. Because you have to keep all paper work for 7 yrs, I have to pack some up and bring them to storage.
Heather and I spent most of the day doing this.
I hope that they aren't to heavy for hubby, cause I sure am not able to carry them.

You may be thinking that I should have been working on Joy's purse for her birthday. Well lucky for me I found the Carol Burnett DVD's. I will still probably make her the purse for Christmas.

Tomorrow I think I will work on my craft/scrap room. I need to find room for all my new treasures.

Hope your day was full of creative happiness.



  1. I'm with you on cleaning up my scrap space....I need to tidy mine as well...I don't know what happens in seems like overnight my piles grow and grow lol!

  2. YUM RED LOBSTER! OK, all these yummy crafts you've been buying, now get crafting.

  3. Come on..... hurry up with the cleaning and start showing me the crafty stuff lol only joking.... I always feel better crafting after a good tidy out

  4. Never met a nacho I didn't like - looks delicious, even at 8 a.m.!

  5. Tracy,
    Yeah they look yummy! I just organized my craft room the other day, so I am good in that department. The challenge now, is if I can keep it clean. LOL

  6. I may have to head to Red Lobster for lunch soon! Love having new stuff to organize in my scrap room. I can spend so much time not scrapping, sigh.

  7. Sounds like you were busy. I am really bad at paperwork. I don't do very well at cleaning my scrap space. I started it this summer and got to playing with everything I found and just could not put them up again.

  8. That looks so good.. hope it taste as good as it looks. thanks for sharing...

  9. Mental note to self: Do not come here when I'm hungry! Ha ha.


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