Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh my another project. I made these for the little girls across the street. Ok I have to admit I made these last year, but I didn't have a blog to share them on and I really loved how they turned out and wanted to share them.
This wasn't my idea, I got it from Stampn with Heather. She has some real cute ideas.
I made a slider door on the back so they could be opened and reused,

Tonight Heather and I ran to get some munchies. I had a craving for some salt, LOL. On our way home just across our street there was a mama deer and 2 of her fawns.It looks like that bush is burning doesn't it. Heather snapped the pics while I was driving.I got another call from Lakehead Motors again(the place I am planning on buying my jeep from)today. I wasn't home but left me a message, she just wanted to make sure that I got the info yesterday (about the free car starter) and reminded me that they really would like my business. Humm wonder if they would go down in price. I am going for another test drive tomorrow so we will see. My FIL had told me that family (including the business) has purchased 41 vehicles from there. WOW that's a lot.

Had a major headache again today. I even took medicine for it. I never take anything, not even an aspirin. But today it got the best of me, I even went for an hour nap. Feeling a bit better now though.

Tomorrow Kristy has a PA day. So I promised her I would take her out for lunch. She wants to go to Cousins for Finn pancakes. My dad nicknamed her Pancake as she loves them so much.
It is the start of Friday Night scrap booking tomorrow. It is a drop over at my house for whoever wants to come by and scrapbook. I have missed it over the summer.

Oh I have a question. Do most of you decorate for Autumn or just for Halloween?
I do both. I so want to decorate for Halloween, but our Thanks giving is Oct, 11th, so I am thinking maybe I should do Autumn and when Thanksgiving is over then do Halloween.

Thankful Thursday.
1. That I am lucky enough to get a new vehicle
2. Healthy children
3. A warm home
4. Free car starters.....well actually car starters in general. It gets very cold up here.

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Your project is ADORABLE!

    Car sales are down everywhere, so keep on pushing!! You WILL get a lower price! They don't want to see you walk out and find a lower price elsewhere.

  2. cold did somebody say cold.... I love the cold... and your door hangers are super...

  3. Tracy,
    I love the door hangers, they are boo-tiful.
    I wish I lived near you, I would love to see deer across the street, and yes the bush looks like it is on fire. Good pic. I would give it a shot as far as going down the price, the worse they can say is no.
    I don't really decorate for Halloween as we have maybe two kids come by, a lot different from when I was a kid, the streets were packed then.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Love the Boo hanger! I guess a car starter up north would come in handy, wouldn't it? Keep pushing for a better deal - can't wait to see a pic of your new Jeep. Mine is approaching 100,000 miles!

  5. Oh, I LOVE your boo hanger!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I hope you are able to work out a great deal on your jeep!

  6. Love the door hangers. They are really cute!!

  7. Love the door hangers - great project!

  8. I love the door hangers, so cute! I'd love to drive the 8 or 10 hrs tonight to scrap, but I'm headed to the Ranger Warehouse sale tomorrow. Want me to pick anything up for you?

  9. Love those BOO hangers hope your scrapbooking night is a good one, enjoy x

  10. those door hangers are just too cute! and i love the pictures with the deers!

  11. I really like those door hangers. So creative and cute. The kids will love these. Great job!


    And the Boo Door Hangers are AWESOME! :-)


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