Monday, May 31, 2010


Tonight my show starts a new season. "Obsessed". My daughter Heather and I love this show.
We are teased by the family that we have OCD. I know we don't, we have quirks. I could understand how someone can have this disorder though.
I go through obsessions myself. I remember we had a large area rug in the dining room. I wouldn't stop vacuuming it until all the fringes were perfectly straight. One night I worked on it with my fingers until it was perfect. That's when I thought "Oh my what is wrong with this picture". The whole family was asleep and here I was fixing the fringe on the carpet.
I have a few other quirks I will share later.

Here is my list from last year. I love to make lists. This is of my walking record. I had a pedometer and kept track of my daily steps. I did this for about a year or so and then lost my pedometer. I had one of those free ones in the Special K cereals. I loved that one as the reset button was recessed, so not easily reset.

So like I said yesterday, Today is my day to start off my healthy lifestyle.
I went for a short walk this morning. I was going to go after Kristy caught the bus, so at 9:00 I was going to go. She asked for a ride to school, any other day I would have thought well I missed my 9:00 walk guess I will go tomorrow. But nope I went when I got back. Yeah.
I took my vitamins this morning, Yeah.
I had cherries instead of chips for my snack, another Yeah for me. (Picture courtesy of Ashley:)

I didn't think I walked that much today. I took a short walk and then went out with the girls and then did some paper work. Tomorrow is month end, time to bill our customers.
So I didn't think I walked that much but my pedometer says that I walked over 8400 steps.
Mind you all pedometers are not equal. Some show you walked less steps then you did and some show you walked more. I miss my Special K pedometer.

So this month has been busy, so I won't be knocking out the month end this month. It is going to take me a while so no crafty fun for me.
1 more follower and I have and even 100 yeah me.
I think I will have a give away. Yeah you.
I love having followers but I love comments too :)
I don't want to have a give away just to get more followers. I want to do a giveaway to show my appreciation to those of you that really enjoy my posts.
I never thought that you could be friends with someone you have never met before, but you have shown me how wrong I am. I love when you comment on my post and I enjoy reading and commenting on your.

Hope your Monday was a creative and healthy one.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Lady Slippers

I slept in this morning. So nice. There is something about sleeping in that I just love. I am not a morning person. Life makes me a morning person. If I could have it my way I would stay up until 3:00 in the morning and sleep until noon.

Ashley and Wayne were out taking pictures today at camp. Here is Ashley :)

Here is Wayne :) You may be wondering what they are taking a picture of.....

These are Pink Lady Slippers. These are the Ontario wildflower. I think they are an endangered flower. They are almost impossible to transplant as they need the perfect soil and surroundings. They are part of the orchid family.
It took me minutes to take this with my tiny Sony Cybershot. Point, click and there you have it. They have change their lens's, turn the dials, and then make sure whatever they do is correct and then take some more pictures at different settings.
Let them work hard for their pictures. I will just use my point and shoot camera. And if I don't like my picture..well then I will take one of theirs LOL. This one is mine.
We came home, took our showers. I didn't want to take a sauna (steam bath) at camp this weekend. Then got pizza for supper for the girls. Hubby and I went to A&W. Teen burger YUMM.

Tomorrow is my new day to eat healthy, again. I was telling hubby and Ashley that I kind of feel like I lost my zest for life right now. I need to get back to my walking and eating better. I keep saying this, but haven't done anything about it, seriously anyway.
I think Ashley took this to mean that I am depressed. So when we got home and I went on the computer she kind of gave me a talking to. She was like...."Get off the computer, go in your craft room and do something that YOU want to do. Scrapbook, organize or make something that you have wanted to do for awhile, now!" Wow I raised her right, LOL. Instead hubby and I went out and got us some A&W. LOL.

So anyway, hubby and I are watching "Outbreak" and eating chips and dip.....I said "tomorrow" I am going to eat healthy. I am doing some paperwork and then going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be my new beginning to a new, healthier me. Care to join me? I would love for us to encourage each other.

Hope your Sunday was a creative one.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Painting fun

We woke up early (in my opinion) to get going to our camp/cottage this morning.
Only hubby, Ashley and I went up. The other 2 stayed home. Kristy doesn't want to go up until school is over.
Hubby brought Ashley and I breakfast from McDonald's. He bribes us with this so we get up early teehee.
Ashley and I wanted to paint her and Kristy's room this weekend (they share a room at camp). All the rooms are panelled. I hate panelling, every place I lived has had panelling.

OK let the painting begin.
This is the paint colour that Ashley chose. Pretty. It reminds me of the beach.
Next to it the panelling and the bunk beds.
Then my edging. Luckily I didn't have to go down every indent. Ashley did the rollering (spellcheck says that rollering isn't a word, I invented a new word yeah me).

Here is the finished paint job. Oh you may ask "Is that paint on the trim"? The answer to that would be yes. We taped off the panelling and was very careful not to paint it. But then came to the conclusion that the trim would look better painted white. So I guess Ashley thought why be careful and hit the trim big time LOL. It took 4 coats to cover this nicely.
Oh you can't see the funky carpet in here. It is made up of 12x12 carpet samples. And I might add not pretty ones. They are orange, red, green shag LOL. It was in the living room but my FIL and MIL changed it to wood flooring years ago. When the kids were younger they would play the colour game and jump from colour to colour, ya not so cute anymore LOL.
So next time we go up I will bring up white paint and paint the trim, ceiling and door. I will also bring up some new flooring. Not sure what type though.

Wayne and Joy (FIL's wife) went swimming this weekend. I think that this is the earliest that they have gone swimming. The water temp. was 22C/70C. Summer temperatures. NICE. Ashley went in up to her knees.The pollen was awful this weekend. Hubby said it was worse last weekend. I know it looks nasty. The pollen was only at the edge of the beach. Hubby swished it away so Ashley would get in the water.There were a lot of dragonflies out this weekend. Ashley saved a few from the water. They would also land on her. I called her the dragonfly whisperer. LOL.
See this poor little guy lost part of his bottom wing. He did somehow fly away. Ya that is blue paint on Ashley's arm teehee.

Watched some shows and a movie then went to bed.

Hope your Saturday was a good one.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's Peeves.

Early post for me today, as I have to get to bed early as we are heading to camp Early in the morning.
Michelle came over today. She came and got her clipboard. Unless this is a fake smile I think she really liked it :)

As a thank you for her altered clipboard Michelle made me these flower pens.
Aren't they pretty? Can you believe that she made them out of coloured duct tape. Thank you Michelle I love them.
I took my dad to get his blood work done today. We were lucky I think we only had to wait 5 minutes. Then I got his groceries and his meds. He wanted to stop at McDonald's and pick up a couple of quarter pounders for lunch. My dad does not do fast food, so this surprised me.

I was having a conversation with my dad today about how men don't seem to open doors for women anymore. What happened to men being gentlemen.
Then when I brought my dad back to his apartment I was carrying his walker up the step before opening the door. To open his outside door you have to turn the key at the same time as you turn the handle. Well I had just opened the door with dad close behind (as he is hooked up to oxygen) and this young lady (if you want to call her that, she was about 20-25 yrs old) comes from the inside, sneaks between my dad and I as I am holding the door open for him.
I just loudly say "Thank you, thanks for your help".
There was another lady inside (I think the girls mom) that held the door open, while blocking the doorway. As least she seemed to want to help, or it could have been my comment.

I am like what is wrong with this world. No one wants to help one another?!?!
I also saw a young women who was pregnant smoking outside my dad's apartment building. Just thinking of all the women that so desperately want to have children who can't. And this girl is smoking. I know our mothers probably did, but that is before anyone knew the high risks.

That was my vents for today.
I think Friday's will be pet peeves day on my blog....oh I like it.

1. Inconsiderate people
2. High hydro bills
3. Not enough time in the day
4. Getting up early in the morning

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

An unproductive, productive day

Today seemed to be an unproductive day.
You know one of those days that you seem to be going this way and that but nothing to show for it. Well that was my day today.
Ashley and I picked up her friend Adam and went and got their collage grad gowns, no caps though, which we thought odd. Then we came back home and they did a photo shoot of Adam in his gown. Oh but before we did this I did go to Michael's and picked up this pretty paper pack. Oh the smell of new paper.
I tried to make a grad cap for the photo's. It could have worked but I didn't want to dig out the sewing machine, so I just used my glue gun. After burning 3 of my fingers I decided that it was a bust and ditched the project LOL.
I tried a new recipe for supper tonight. I made chicken pitas. I cut up chicken breasts and pan cooked them, blanched some broccoli, mixed them with diced tomatoes and finely grated cheese, Lastly mixed mayo and prepared mustard and mixed the whole lot up.
Out of the 5 of us only Heather and I liked it.
And you wonder why I don't enjoy cooking LOL.

Wayne and I went and picked up groceries for camp/cottage this weekend. We are going to go and turn on the water and open up our camp for the summer. Now I am not sure what we should call it. Here in Ontario we call it a camp. My relatives in Manitoba call it a cottage. And some American friends call it a lake house. Here is a picture of it. The lake is just a few yards to the right. I can watch the kids swim in the lake from the deck. And they can yell up and get me to fetch their towels for them LOL. It has 3 bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. And yes that is a satellite dish on the roof. Ya we aint roughing it here LOL. After hubby and I went and did our errands, Ashley, Kristy and I went to the show to watch this.......It was actually really good. Better then the first movie. I am NOT a follower, I have not seen every tv show. When the show came out I refused to watch it because of the name. Then at camp one year they were showing repeats and I watched it, and I actually liked it, Who knew.The theatre was packed. We had to sit near the front. I will tell you this, I think I only saw about 4 men there teehee. I was actually surprised to see that many.
On the way home we ran through Wendy's drive threw for a snack to eat on the way home. It is now 1:36am. I need to get to bed as tomorrow I have to take my dad for his blood work.
Oh ya Thankful Thursday
1. Going to the show with my girls
2. Watching "UP" and laughing with my girls.
3. Checking out new vehicles, planning to get one in the fall or the new year
4. Someone appreciating my crafts
5. Being Lucky enough to have a beautiful camp/cottage/lake house.
What are thankful or grateful for today?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Sock Hanger

You would think that this is just your normal grade "A" trampoline.
Well you would be wrong. It is a dual purpose trampoline.

It is also used for a sock dryer line. Every year once the snow melts and the weather turns warmer, my girls set up the trampoline. Now they use it more for soaking up the sun then jumping on it. But I think I get the most use out of it.
I hate when you hang your socks on the line and the part where the clothes pin clips never dries all the way. On my thrifty sock dryer they dry all the way through and I hang them, like socks beside each other for quick matchy matchy.
Now aren't I clever teehee. And I didn't even have to pay extra for this :)

Feeling better today. I had a headache and only needed one nap today.
I did 3 loads of laundry, yes you would be correct if you asked "Didn't you do 2 loads yesterday".
Lots of laundry in this house. I have to monitor the girls towel use again.
Why do they think they need a new towel everyday, or two because you know you can't use the same towel on your body as on your hair. Grrr.

Our hydro is higher then the average family, mind you it is almost 1/2 of last year. Our bills last year were over $400.00 every 3 months. Crazy.
Then I went all ape sh1t on everyone and we cut it down to a little over $200.00. I was insane. Turning lights off, drying clothes on the line, putting power bar switches on all the tv's and such so I could just flick a switch and everything was tuned off (TV, DVD, Computer,) when no one was around. Turning off the A/C and booting everyone downstairs. And monitoring the towel usage.

Tomorrow Ashley picks up her grad gown for her collage grad. Her and some of her friend are doing a photo shoot. Fun.

This morning when I went to put out the recycles I found some bedding flowers on my steps. Haven't figured out who put them there. I am guessing it was my neighbour next door.

Hope your Wednesday was creative, mine wasn't :(
I have to get address's for all the ladies that wanted to swap tags with me. So if you are one of them leave me an e-mail.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lazy Day sleeping my cold away.

I didn't do to much today. I am still feeling pretty sh1tty because of this cold. I even took cold medication (I never take pills). And they didn't even work. If I ever take even an aspirin it kicks my arse (don't you just love that word, Arse, for some reason it makes me giggle) and I go to sleep.
So I stayed at home all day. I was suppose to take my dad for his monthly blood work but I didn't trust my judgement to drive. I will either take him tomorrow or the next day, depending on how I am feeling.
I did 2 loads of laundry and hung them outside to dry. It was beautiful outside today. The temperature was about 27C which is about 80F.
Here are some pictures of some of my flowers which are in bloom right now.
I think these are called Flox

These are wild pansies. They just pop up where ever. These ones are at the corner of my patio. Looks like I put them there.

These are my bleeding hearts. When we moved into this house 16 yrs ago. These were growing in the bush behind our property. So my SIL and I went and transplanted them in my flower bed. Now I find baby plants popping up all over my yard.
The blue shed in the background is my work shop, where I do my wood working. But only in the warm months as there is no heat in there.
So I did laundry, caught up on book work and slept on and off all day. Hopefully I slept this cold away.
Did you guys see Biggest Loser tonight. Wow those guys looked so good. Yeah for Michael.
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Time for home.

Today was a beautiful day.
We came home from our Girls Weekend. I had such a blast. I think I ate more calories this weekend then I have for this whole month LOL.
I got a lot of my projects done, not all of them, mind you, but a lot.

Here is the view from Sharon's deck. Her camp is on Lake Superior. The fog rolled in this morning it was beautiful.

I had a really good time. I would have had a better time though if I didn't wake up Saturday morning with a cold. Everyday it got worse and worse. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
So I am off to bed now.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Craft'n going on

Sunday was my day to work on my tags. I had so much fun making these. These lighthouse tags were inspired by Michelle (Ashley's friend). She was the one that asked for the grocery list note board

These next set of tags are another set of Seasonal tags. Here is Spring
Summer TagAutumn TagWinter Tag. I think I will change the sentiment though.None of these tags have ribbon or fibers as I didn't have them with me this weekend. I will put them on later this week. I will make a video to show the details better.

My girls enjoyed the weekend as well. If they weren't outside taking photo's. Then they were inside playing video games.....

Or crafting for their photo shoots. This table looks real clean. I must have just cleaned it before this picture LOL.

Hope your Sunday was as creative as mine. :)


Saturday, May 22, 2010

A weekend of pure bliss

I am posting my blog as if I was here all weekend. The truth is that I had no Internet access.
Here are a few of the projects that I had made during my weekend. Here is a reading journal that I had made for my niece and her girlfriend. I had made these two on Friday night. I then did two more on Saturday. You can see the inside pages http://http// here.
For some unknown reason my bind it all wanted to be difficult. The spacing for the covers didn't match my inside pages. Luckily my pattern paper could be used either way. So I flipped the book and re bound it. I put ribbon through the wrong holes. Looks like I wanted it that way doesn't it. :)

Here is my second book I made on Friday.
This card I stamped the background paper, then used the Martha Stewart punches for the butterfly and the flowers.
Ok onto Saturday. I had to come back into town to pick up Kristy from a sleepover Birthday party she went to. Sharon's camp is only a 40 min. drive to town, so no big deal.
But before I picked Kristy up I stopped off at Michael's as my xyron ran out of adhesive. So I picked that up and a few sheets of paper (like I needed more teehee).
The girls also gave me a list of things that they wanted for their photo shoots.
Here is Sharon and I being silly. I bought us these shirts, and I think they had some magic to them, because once we put them on we got our creativity going on.
We were trying to look all gangsta...LOL. Failed.Here are 2 more Reading Journals I made with the new paper I picked up at Michael's. This paper has a bit of sparkle to it. so Pretty.
This one is also with some new pretty paper. I think that I will put Reading Journal on the label.
I made this tag with one of the stamps I won from some blog candy. Thank you Moriah.
It is a Christmas stamp, but what I did was I didn't put any ink on the sentiment or the bit of holy ivy. I love how it turned out.

I also made a mini scrapbook. It is a 6x6. I didn't put up the inside of the pages as I have pictures in them and I don't know if my friends want their pictures on the Internet. I only do 12x12 double page layouts. So working with 6x6 was a fun change. We stayed up late and had so many laughs that we had tears in our eyes. Ate lots of junk food and Yes I enjoyed pop this weekend as well. I did get caffeine free Coke.

Hope your Saturday was as creative as mine


Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Scrapbooking :)

You may look at this picture and think "Is she going on a trip?"
The answer would be "No".
You may think "Is she leaving her husband?"
The answer would be "No".
You may think "Is she moving her scrap booking room?"
The answer would be "No".
The right answer is I am on my way to my SIL/friend Sharon's camp and we are going to scrapbook and create all weekend. Girls only. So it will be my 3 daughters Sharon and I.
Can you say Heaven :)

We took 2 vehicles as Kristy has a birthday party sleepover tonight, so I am going to come back into town tomorrow and pick her up (and the scrap booking stuff I forgot, lol).
We went to KFC and picked up some chicken. Because when I say we don't cook. I Mean I don't cook! LOL.

I did do a few projects tonight.
I finished my nieces book journals that she wanted. I had a bit of trouble with my spacing in my Bind It All. But between Sharon and I we figured out it out. I will show pictures later to show my booboo gone right teehee.
I also made a card at about 1:00 in the morning. I hope I still like it when I wake up.

I hope you are having a great weekend and get lots of creating in there.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love that blog candy

Today was a busy day. But before I get to that I will share with you some blog candy I won from Moriah's blog Thank you Moriah :)

I was up so late last night. Actually I was up until a little past 3:30am. I couldn't sleep (yes I nipped into the pop). So I caught up on my blogs I love to check out.
at a little before 3:30, I heard some kids outside. It was warm in the house (didn't want to turn on the air) so we had the windows open. After a bit I looked outside and saw 3 boys walking down the sidewalk by the neighbours house. At first I thought that the boy next door was coming home way to late. Thinking ohhh his parents are going to be p1ssed at him. Then thought No I don't think this boy would be out that late. My kitchen window faces his bedroom and he didn't put a light on. So I knew it wasn't him.
Then I got a bad feeling. Shut and locked the windows and went to bed.

Hubby calls me before he heads to work that our jeep was broken into.
I forgot to lock the jeep doors. So what the boys did was take my parking money (maybe at the most $5.00) and made a mess out of the jeep, just threw the contents of the glove compartment and the console around.
Thankfully they didn't take my (I mean Kristy's) case of Coke for the weekend.

I did phone the police and told them what had happened. He asked if I lived on a street a few blocks away. I guess these boys prowled a few blocks. The police told me if I see kids roaming the street at night to phone them as they take this seriously.

The rest of the day I spent with my SIL Sharon. We got camp food and went shopping for the day.
We are going to her camp for the weekend. We are leaving about noon tomorrow. I think I have most of my scrap booking stuff packed.
I am not worrying to much as Kristy is having a sleepover tomorrow and I am coming back into town to pick her up on Saturday, so I can get the things I forgot :). Sharon's camp is only a 40 min drive from town.

My vow for this blog was to write in it everyday. This is not going to happen this weekend as she doesn't have Internet or cell service out there. So I am tricky. I will write my day down and post it and change the date in the post options when I get back, Teehee.

Thankful Thursday
1. A day out with a friend
2. my daughters enjoying a beautiful day outside
3. Blog Candy :)
4. Easy meals
5. All my blogging friends
6. Long weekends, enjoy yours


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seasonal Themed Tags Video

Hello friendly bloggers.
I said that I was going to upload a video on the tags I finished yesterday. Well here it is.

I stayed up way to late last night. I started reading this book in the jeep. I was waiting for Ashley during an interview yesterday and asked for a book to read.
After reading a few chapters I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it as it was upsetting. Well Ashley encouraged me to keep reading. So I thought I would read a bit before I fell asleep and stayed up past 2?30 am.
This book was a quick read. It is about a very young girl who gets abducted and is forced to live a life that isn't meant to be lived by a child, or anyone else for that matter.
I just want to say that this book is not for every body. Graphic details and it is so sad. I asked Heather if she read it. She said she started but then put it down and has no desire to pick it up again.
I took my dad to his doctor appointment. Then brought him back home and went to get his groceries. It is easier for my to bring him home before I get his food as I would have to bring up his walker, oxygen and then bags of groceries. I have to make 2 trips but it is easier.

Kristy didn't have school today. Well actually she did. They were having a track meet or something like that. So there were only 2 classes she had to attend. The teacher even told them, that if they wouldn't have gone if they didn't have to. So I let her skip school....bad mom award LOL.
Tomorrow she gets a full day off school. So her and a friend are going to visit some teachers at their old public school that they liked.

I went and picked up some groceries for Sharon, my girls and I for our girls weekend. I spent $121.00 on mostly junk food. Seriously. And I am not finished yet.
I just keep telling myself, this only happens once a year. And I will start eating right after girls weekend. This is my promise to you Jamie Oliver LOL.
Do you believe me?????? Nah me neither.

It was another beautiful day here today. The temperature was 29C which is about 78F.
I have yet to pack or make a list of scrapbooking supplies I need to take with me for girls weekend. I pack a lot.

Hope your Wednesday was a creative one.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some tags and Jamie Oliver

I will share some of the tags that I made during the crop. I had to finish them at home as I didn't have my supplies with me that I wanted.
I am a little upset as when I uploaded these to "Picnic" the pictures were enlarged. Not only that but my photo's are really bright, it takes away from the detail of them
I wanted to do a seasonal theme with these tags.
Here is "Spring"

Here is "Summer"
Here is "Autumn"
Here is "Winter"
I will make a video on these tomorrow. I will explain how I made these. I have never done a decorative tag before so be easy on me. :)
I have about 8 ladies that want to do a "tag swap" with me. This may change when they take a look at these LOL.
I had a weird dream last night. I always have lots of weird dreams.
Jamie Oliver was in my dream. He helped my hubby and I grocery shop. He said the reason we were fat was because we didn't eat properly. LOL
He went to get us some meat, and hubby told him that he only used a certain cut of meat. Jamie told him that is why you are fat and started pinching his rolls LOL.
I said is that why I am over weight (which I am not by the way) he said yup its all Wayne's fault.
Then I tried to put on some of my clothes and they were too tight. Like I couldn't even fit my arm in them.
So lets read this dream shall we.
1. Jamie is a little hottie
2. I need to eat healthier
3. I need to loose the 10 lbs that I have been beating myself up about.
4. Its all my hubby's fault :)
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog candy, Yummy

I received some blog candy from Diana. Thank you Diana.
Yeah for me....I am sure happy I started a blog ;)

I was so excited about getting this package in the mail. I have been so lucky lately. I should have bought a lottery ticket LOL.

Today I went and got the "correct" screws for my cabinet for my stamps. We didn't get to put it up tonight.
We went to visit Wayne's dad and his wife. Well our short visit turned out to be long. My show, House was on at 8:00 we left at 7:55. Lucky for us they only live a few blocks from us. So we didn't miss it.

I did get to craft for a bit today. First I got the girls to help me clean the house. When that was done I went in my scrap/craft room. I finished up some of the tags I had started at the crop. I will post them tomorrow. I have to save something for tomorrow.

I have a question. I know what's new right.
Someone has requested for me to make them two of my reading journals.

The question is what would you charge for something like this? The front and back covers are made of the heavy book board. The pages were created by Ashley to my specifications. Every page is inked around the edges and stamped on the back pages. It is bound with my Bind it all. She told me that she would pay me but I don't know how much to charge.

Ashley and I have been discussing pricing a fair bit the last couple of days. A few people have asked for prints of some her photography. She was at a blank on how to charge for her photos. Her prices were a quarter of what others were asking. I told her not to short change herself. She has the ideas, then has to figure out how to work them, she has to find the location, then take the pictures and edit them. It is hard to put a price on your art.

Hope your Monday was a productive one. And if it wasn't, even better LOL.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Altered Clipboard and our cat with Alopcecia

I will start with a project I did at the crop I went to yesterday.
This is a project I made for Ashley's friend Michelle. She is moving into her own apartment in July and asked if I could make her something to put a grocery list on for her fridge. At first she wanted a outdoors theme. Then changed her mind to an East coast theme.

I used fine sand paper for the sand. It took me forever to find a lighthouse. This one has so much dimension to it. I used alcohol ink for the clip. I wanted to change the colour and paper just wasn't going to cut it.For the note pads I just cut a regular one in half with the exacto knife.
Just a question here. Can a cat have alopecia? Our cat Rose has been showing some major signs of hair (or I should say fur) loss. She is 13 yrs old and eats, sleeps and uses her kitty box. She doesn't show any other signs of being sick.
Rose is an indoor cat. But lately the girls have been carrying her outside (to get some fresh air they say). I don't know if that was such a good idea, and I was correct. Now she meows at the door. And if someone goes outside she tries to sneak out.
I just worry that she does sneak out when we are going to camp. She couldn't survive outside. If a bird flies by and startles her she runs back in the house.
Her are some pretty flowers that came up. I don't know what they are called though. I am not a gardener, but I do still appreciate looking at them.
Hubby and I went to the "Pit" to get some topsoil for my flower beds. We forgot to bring the tops for the containers that we were hauling it back in. So I only got one bucket. Oh well.
I pulled dandelions. We bought the Fiskars weed popper thingy. We tried to get one last year and they were sold out every time. So when they came out in April (with snow still on the ground) hubby scooped one up.
It is so fun to use this thing. You put the prongs in the ground in the center of the weed, then step on this solid lever, then lastly, you use it like a shot gun and put the weed in the weed basket. It is so fun.
Hubby and I ran to Home Depot for some screws for my racks to hold my punches on. I had bought 5 racks and hubby thought that 3 was enough "Wrong" LOL.
For some reason hubby didn't think that the screws that we bought would work. Funny how they worked for the other 5 he put up last year...DUH.
Well we got those suckers up. Tomorrow I (and when I say "I" I mean him) will put up the last 2 racks and two shelf units that my dad made to display my girls Beanie Babies. They will soon display my stamps :)
Watched Survivor tonight. I so wanted Russell to win. I knew he wouldn't even get a vote though. But he worked his butt off to get to the end. See hard work doesn't always pay off kids LOL.
Hope you had a good weekend.