Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Sock Hanger

You would think that this is just your normal grade "A" trampoline.
Well you would be wrong. It is a dual purpose trampoline.

It is also used for a sock dryer line. Every year once the snow melts and the weather turns warmer, my girls set up the trampoline. Now they use it more for soaking up the sun then jumping on it. But I think I get the most use out of it.
I hate when you hang your socks on the line and the part where the clothes pin clips never dries all the way. On my thrifty sock dryer they dry all the way through and I hang them, like socks beside each other for quick matchy matchy.
Now aren't I clever teehee. And I didn't even have to pay extra for this :)

Feeling better today. I had a headache and only needed one nap today.
I did 3 loads of laundry, yes you would be correct if you asked "Didn't you do 2 loads yesterday".
Lots of laundry in this house. I have to monitor the girls towel use again.
Why do they think they need a new towel everyday, or two because you know you can't use the same towel on your body as on your hair. Grrr.

Our hydro is higher then the average family, mind you it is almost 1/2 of last year. Our bills last year were over $400.00 every 3 months. Crazy.
Then I went all ape sh1t on everyone and we cut it down to a little over $200.00. I was insane. Turning lights off, drying clothes on the line, putting power bar switches on all the tv's and such so I could just flick a switch and everything was tuned off (TV, DVD, Computer,) when no one was around. Turning off the A/C and booting everyone downstairs. And monitoring the towel usage.

Tomorrow Ashley picks up her grad gown for her collage grad. Her and some of her friend are doing a photo shoot. Fun.

This morning when I went to put out the recycles I found some bedding flowers on my steps. Haven't figured out who put them there. I am guessing it was my neighbour next door.

Hope your Wednesday was creative, mine wasn't :(
I have to get address's for all the ladies that wanted to swap tags with me. So if you are one of them leave me an e-mail.



  1. I love your sock dryer!

    I hope you feel better soon- I had a headache on Monday that was crippling- I couldn't do ANYTHING!

  2. Your sock dryer just made me smile. That's freaking GENIUS!!!!

  3. How nice that someone left you flowers.

  4. What a great neighbour (if that's who it was?) love the sock dryer and so many pairs of socks for one day!

  5. LOL! That is actually a fantastic idea! And you can layout sweaters on it, too! HA!

  6. LOL, too funny, Thats awesome!!

  7. What a clever and 'green' idea!

  8. Very great use for the trampoline! You don't have to worry about injuries that way either! I had a neighbor tell me once that her husband used two fresh clean towels every day for his shower. When she fussed at him about it, he said, "That's the way I was raised!" She told him he couldn't dirty two towels a day because, "You're being raised by ME now!"

  9. I love clothes that have been dryed on the line!

  10. Tracy,
    First off, I am glad you are feeling better. I too wasn't feeling that great the past few days.
    Second, I love your double duty use for the trampoline. (I agree about the clothespins with the socks)

  11. Hope that you're feeling better. The towels must be a girl thing. My daughter who 8 goes through a TON of them. She's been gone a couple of days at G-ma's I never realized we had SOOOOO MANY towels! Who knew!

  12. I always like a multi-purpose trampoline!

  13. Not only is the sock dryer a great idea but it makes for a fantastic picture too! I love it. Hope you feel better soon!

  14. I tagged you to play along with the automobile meme if you would like :)

  15. Anony flowers are awesome. $400 bills are NOT.

    BTW, We use towels several times before we wash them. Couple times on the body, then that goes to the hair, and then it's thrown on the floor to catch water. Seriously, there are weeks I only have 3-4 towels to wash for all of us.

    Don't think it's icky, I mean, you're CLEAN when you get out of the shower if you did it right. it's just a matter of letting it hang to dry.

    My son would use several towels and then just throw t hem on the floor. God that pisses me off!! Then he'd go and start using everyone else's towels and then no one would have one clean towel in the house, and there'd be 8 of them laying in cat hair on his bedroom floor.

    Can you see this irritates me? lol


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