Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They got talent

Today was a pretty good day.
I was able to stay at home all (well most) of the day. Kristy wanted me to bring her a hoodie during her lunch break. Well of course I would, I'm not going to let my baby freeze at school. When I get there I see that she has a hoodie on. I ask her why she needed two. Well it turns out that she didn't want to wear the one she brought to school.
Really, I can't make this stuff up.
I just told her I DO have a life and things to do but being your personal assistant isn't one of them. Isn't it fun to be a stay at home mom. LOL.

OK so I did spend most of the day working on my nephew's mini album. Aren't you getting tired of me saying this. LOL. I would have had it completed but there are a couple of things that I needed, yes I said Needed. I didn't want to go out tonight, so I will get them tomorrow and put up a video of the finished album.

I thought that I would share some pics that my daughter's took.
This is a picture of Ashley. She has so many cool photography ideas. She has a list of photo shoots she wants to do and keeps adding to them daily. This is her passion. But right now she is looking for a job. After 3 years of collage and $15000.00 later she can't find a job in her field. Let's just say she is a bit frustrated.
This is Heather. She hates to get her face photographed. I can't imagine why, she is beautiful. Everyone says she looks like me. I disagree, She is so pretty and has way better hair. Heather is also on the job search. She doesn't want to further her education. She has worked for hubby's business, but she finished her job. Should have milked it a bit longer there Heather. LOL.

Here is my baby Kristy. I know she is 15, no longer a baby. She is in her 1st year of high school. It is so scary in high school now. There are drugs everywhere. Some of the kids are smoking pot just on the schools sidewalk. Teacher's are around but maybe to scared to do anything. I am sure lucky that my girls haven't got themselves involved with that. Mind you I told them if they did, they would get all their treasures taken away. No cell phone (even though they pay for their own), no computer, no TV, they would be lucky if they came home to a bed in their room. Harsh maybe. But there are consequences good and bad for your actions in life.

Didn't mean for this to get all deep. LOL.

Hope you had a good Tuesday. What have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. I like your stance on drugs. I had the same stance and have grown children who are all drug free. I just hope my little one will grow up the same way.

  2. Love the pictures. such cool phtography!

  3. love love love that 100's and 1000's photo - that is WAYY cool - magazine worthy!

    She needs to enter that in a contest!!!

    and I totally get the delivering the hoodie deal.. honestly kids sometimes *LOL*

  4. Fantastic photos, as usual. How did she get those sprinkle thingies to stick???

    $15,000 for three years of college? Do you know what a bargain that is? LOL. I was sticker shocked when I moved to the U.S. A year at a state college here can cost upwards of $25,000. ONE YEAR. Ridiculous. Don't even ask about the cost of private college.

  5. I had my 12 year old go to school wearing his 14 year old brother's shoes he put on accidentaly. I had to go to school and take him shoes that were not 4 sizes too big. 2nd Best part: he couldn't figure out why his shoes didn't fit. Best part: his dad walked him to school and thought his feet looked funny.

  6. I'm sure you are...but I am going to say it anyway..you should be so proud of your kids! Its tough out there theses days! And as annoying as it was, be glad the hoodie exchange was the only reason you got called to her school!

    Just out of curiosity...what did Ashley study in college? I'm guessing art...cause she really has oodles of talent!

  7. Those are seriously gorgeous shots!

  8. I LOVE the pictures! I can't wait to see what you've done with the mini and can't wait to see what you come up with for your tag swap. You could do one of those ribbon bulletin boards to show them off. Ya know the ones where the ribbon criss crosses and you just tuck notes, pictures and whatnots behind the ribbon. Did that make any sense lol?

  9. I love the pics.

    Why doesn't your daughter start a photography business until she can get a "real job" (eyeroll).

    (as spoken by a photographer)

    Best word verification of the week: flurrprr
    Wait, sounds kinda durdy.


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