Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Craft'n going on

Sunday was my day to work on my tags. I had so much fun making these. These lighthouse tags were inspired by Michelle (Ashley's friend). She was the one that asked for the grocery list note board

These next set of tags are another set of Seasonal tags. Here is Spring
Summer TagAutumn TagWinter Tag. I think I will change the sentiment though.None of these tags have ribbon or fibers as I didn't have them with me this weekend. I will put them on later this week. I will make a video to show the details better.

My girls enjoyed the weekend as well. If they weren't outside taking photo's. Then they were inside playing video games.....

Or crafting for their photo shoots. This table looks real clean. I must have just cleaned it before this picture LOL.

Hope your Sunday was as creative as mine. :)



  1. Holy CUTE! These are absolutely FANTASTIC!

  2. Wonderful tags!!!!!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. These are great tags - and sounds like a great weekend. I'm going on a scrap retreat the 1st weekend in June - can't wait.

  4. Wow those tags are great. Really love them.


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