Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

Today is National Scrapbooking Day. A whole day dedicated to us, who love to preserve our memories and share our love and art with each other.
My plan was to stay in my scrap/craft room and play all day. Well as "My" life has it, that didn't totally play out that way, lol. I didn't get to my room until well after supper. But my day was still busy.
I worked on my nephew's baby album. I didn't want it to be "Baby" themed. But I wanted more of a "Boy" theme.
So far it is turning out really good. I am real happy with it. Which is rare for me. LOL. I haven't done any of the inside papers or embellishments, hopefully tomorrow.
I have been off of Coca-Cola for 19 days and I know the caffeine is out of my system. As I had mentioned Myra was over last night to scrapbook. Well I don't drink coffee. So I offered her tea, I also had two cups (with lots of sugar and milk LOL). Well I was wide awake last night. I stayed up until about 4:30 am and when I finally went to bed I was still awake. That never happens to me. Even when I drank Coke before bed it didn't hinder my sleep.
Note to self, never drink tea before bed.

I went to Michael's today. I wanted to find the perfect paper for this mini album. I only have about a million and one pieces of pattern paper but not the right ones LOL.
I had 2, 40%off coupons so gave one to hubby and we each picked up some Distress Ink. I also went to my LSS "Dat's". When she sees me she always asks "You need some adhesive?" LOL. I have an ATG but I still go through it like crazy. I think it is because it is so cheap $6.00 a roll compared to those tiny adhesive runners.

Ashley had bought these cool boots for the perfect photo. I don't know why the photo is so tiny. If you click on it, it might enlarge. Notice the male and female work boots. You couldn't get to much work done in the women's boots LOL. She calls this photo "Love at First Construction Site" Isn't that a cute title for this picture.

Hubby and I were the models. She just wanted the pictures of our legs. Then she said, "Mom do you want one for your blog?" So sweet to think of me. Here she took a full body shot of hubby and I. That is hubby's loader in the background.The girls didn't like the kissy one. LOL. We love to gross them out. LOLWe were going to go to out cottage this morning but it was suppose to rain. Well it didn't rain and actually it turned out quite beautiful. Oh well, maybe next weekend. One good thing I did get to work on my mini.

I plan on spending all day tomorrow to finish it. But then again we know how my plans turn out.

Hope you had a Scrappy Day today.



  1. cute pics. Your husband's hands are HUGE against your tiny frame!

  2. Super cute album. And, us scrapper can never have enough pieces of patterned paper!

    Thanks for visiting my blog =)


  3. Such precious pictures, especially because they are taken by your daughter!

  4. (Fox whistle!) What great pics! Your daughter is so talented. We love to embarrass our teenager, too. What fun!;-)

  5. Really neat photos Tracy, I love the boots shot and the coloration of them. Also love how the book is coming along!

  6. LOVE the photos of you and your hubby!! So cute/sweet/nice!! :)

    Kudos to you on dropping Coke - I quit Diet Coke several months ago. I hope I never go back - feel much better for having ditched it!

    That album for your nephew looks great so far!! Hope to see more of it!


  7. Hi Tracy, I see the mini is coming along beautifully...I love the pics that Ashlet sweet.
    I have not had a scrappy day but I have had a crfaty day...Do us cardmakers get a special day to...I wonder? :)
    Being a Brit I drink gallons of tea a day...which probably accounts for me being so hyper all the time...I need it to keep me awake
    as Jack only slees a fewhoursa nigh.
    Debbie x

  8. Love those photos, LOL about freaking the kiddos out, ya gotta do it :)

  9. sweet pics of you and hubbers. You look so content in his arms. LOL Your face there is priceless.
    Oh that mini is darling. I am working on a mini too my first ever book. We shall see if I share any of it. I am not the scrapbooker you are. Completely new to me.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  10. I LOVE that you love to gross them out!!! My hubby and I do the same to our girls! HEEHEE!!!

    That's one big loader thing in the background...and those boots are the cutest!

  11. Love the album, Tracy. I also like the pic of you and sweet. Something to post and something to scrap ;)



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