Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog candy, Yummy

I received some blog candy from Diana. Thank you Diana.
Yeah for me....I am sure happy I started a blog ;)

I was so excited about getting this package in the mail. I have been so lucky lately. I should have bought a lottery ticket LOL.

Today I went and got the "correct" screws for my cabinet for my stamps. We didn't get to put it up tonight.
We went to visit Wayne's dad and his wife. Well our short visit turned out to be long. My show, House was on at 8:00 we left at 7:55. Lucky for us they only live a few blocks from us. So we didn't miss it.

I did get to craft for a bit today. First I got the girls to help me clean the house. When that was done I went in my scrap/craft room. I finished up some of the tags I had started at the crop. I will post them tomorrow. I have to save something for tomorrow.

I have a question. I know what's new right.
Someone has requested for me to make them two of my reading journals.

The question is what would you charge for something like this? The front and back covers are made of the heavy book board. The pages were created by Ashley to my specifications. Every page is inked around the edges and stamped on the back pages. It is bound with my Bind it all. She told me that she would pay me but I don't know how much to charge.

Ashley and I have been discussing pricing a fair bit the last couple of days. A few people have asked for prints of some her photography. She was at a blank on how to charge for her photos. Her prices were a quarter of what others were asking. I told her not to short change herself. She has the ideas, then has to figure out how to work them, she has to find the location, then take the pictures and edit them. It is hard to put a price on your art.

Hope your Monday was a productive one. And if it wasn't, even better LOL.



  1. These sre truly gorgeous, my daughter would love these, she reads constantly and writes reviews for the school library, she is 12 in a couple of weeks and reads on average 2/3 books a week. But she is quite mature and reads teenage books such as Vampire Diaries, twilight saga etc......I usually price my materials and double it for a price, people always seem happy with my prices.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  2. Tracy,
    First off, congrats on your candy. We have a lot in common as far as TV shows. I absolutely LOVE House, Survivor, Apprentice, Big Brother, and probably every one in between.
    As far as pricing your items, that is a hard one. I have an online site, where I sell things I make and it is hard to be fair and still make money.
    First, I would figure out the cost of materials you used and the time it took you to make them. I usually try to double that and then charge that figure. Other times, I look at it, and think "what would I pay for that item", and then my price usually goes down.
    I try to be lower than competitors pricing, but I also don't want to be losing money at the same time.
    I wish you luck, let us know how you make out.

  3. Tracy,
    Those books are beautiful! Pricing is sooo difficult and I don't know where to begin. Usually my daughter tells me I price things too low, but when I price things higher they don't tend to sell. But everything about those books are custom, I'd add up the cost of your materials then triple it to allow for time, creativity and talent. If she balks at the price or it seems too high to you adjust it lower.
    Didn't you just love House last night?!

  4. Those notebeooks are great! I would say around $10 would be reasonable (US...I don't know what that is in Canadian anymore...I lost track somewhere along the line.) LOL! I got some fun scrappy mail yesterday, too!!!! I love happy mail!

  5. These are pretty! And how fun to get that in the mail!

  6. Hmmm...Free health care! mmmmm...I forgot about that! Health care is such a mess here in the USA. I am plum our of ways to get you out of the kitchen! ha! ha!

    Thanks for making the video to show off your goodies!!! You will love the felt fushion stuff!

    Have a lovely day!

  7. Have you got horseshoes up your butt, lady? You are ALWAYS winning SOMETHING! LOL!!!! I don't have a clue what you'd charge for those books - but I like the idea of taking your materials cost into consideration and doubling it.

  8. My friend makes similar notebooks and charges between $12-$15 US. She always sells them at that price too, there are never any left over. What a great package of goodies too- lucky girl!!

  9. You are too cute with that video opening your blog candy! I am so glad you like and can use everything that was in there. Can't wait to see the finished book of me, and I love those notebooks. Maybe run a search on Etsy to see price ranges? :)

  10. I think I'd add the cost of my materials and what I'd like to be paid for my time. So, if all the supplies cost $5 and you wanted to charge $10 for your time, it would be $15.


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