Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's Peeves.

Early post for me today, as I have to get to bed early as we are heading to camp Early in the morning.
Michelle came over today. She came and got her clipboard. Unless this is a fake smile I think she really liked it :)

As a thank you for her altered clipboard Michelle made me these flower pens.
Aren't they pretty? Can you believe that she made them out of coloured duct tape. Thank you Michelle I love them.
I took my dad to get his blood work done today. We were lucky I think we only had to wait 5 minutes. Then I got his groceries and his meds. He wanted to stop at McDonald's and pick up a couple of quarter pounders for lunch. My dad does not do fast food, so this surprised me.

I was having a conversation with my dad today about how men don't seem to open doors for women anymore. What happened to men being gentlemen.
Then when I brought my dad back to his apartment I was carrying his walker up the step before opening the door. To open his outside door you have to turn the key at the same time as you turn the handle. Well I had just opened the door with dad close behind (as he is hooked up to oxygen) and this young lady (if you want to call her that, she was about 20-25 yrs old) comes from the inside, sneaks between my dad and I as I am holding the door open for him.
I just loudly say "Thank you, thanks for your help".
There was another lady inside (I think the girls mom) that held the door open, while blocking the doorway. As least she seemed to want to help, or it could have been my comment.

I am like what is wrong with this world. No one wants to help one another?!?!
I also saw a young women who was pregnant smoking outside my dad's apartment building. Just thinking of all the women that so desperately want to have children who can't. And this girl is smoking. I know our mothers probably did, but that is before anyone knew the high risks.

That was my vents for today.
I think Friday's will be pet peeves day on my blog....oh I like it.

1. Inconsiderate people
2. High hydro bills
3. Not enough time in the day
4. Getting up early in the morning

Hope everyone has a good weekend.



  1. I agree, the door thing is bad. I have taught both my boys to hold the door open for ladies. So whenever we go out we can get held up.

    When we were n Vegas eating out, people were so rude to the wait staff. I couldn't believe how rude. I told my kids these people work hard and they should not be treated so poorly. Now my kids always say "Thank You, No Thank you" but I stressed to them how important it is to be kind. You should have seen the smiles on the staff's faces being treated kindly...and from my little people no less:)

  2. I hate when people don't hold the door for you. I took my nephew to get some donuts the other morning and I waited until he opened the door for me. lol. Kids today get away with murder. Literally. They need more punishment and less prizes.

  3. i was tired.. and it was a fake smile i even showed my friend john the awesome clip board.. and then i stuck it on my metal computer desk for the time being :)

  4. Tracy,
    I so agree with all your pet peeves.
    BTY, I love your friends pens. ((Hey that rhymed..LOL))

  5. I'm so glad your friend liked your clipboard- hey you should make one of those for blog candy. :D I adore the pens as well! I TOTALLY agree with your peeves. I go out of my way to hold doors for my elders and gals with strollers. Every once in a while I have to take public transit in Boston and it's so disheartening to see how few people get up to give seats for older folks. I would have added people who talk on there cell phones in restaurant rather than going to the lobby or shutting the bleeping thing off. (There's my rant for the day I guess. (*blush*)

  6. Oh dear! I forgot to teach my boy to hold the door for women! Well, he's 12, it's not too late.

  7. I agree with your peeves. I try to always hold a door if someone is coming in or out the same door as me. I love it when a man will grab it from me and tell me to go through- it's just nice.
    Love those Duct Tape flowers- what a fabulous gift!

  8. Tracy- I think I notice those kinds of small inconsiderate actions more and more as I get older. I am trying to make an effort in my own life to "do nice things" for people- like holding open doors or offering to get something from a top shelf at the grocery store for an elderly person. Those small kindnesses might just make the difference in someones day and encourage them to pay it forward. I know it definitely makes me feel good! I hope all is well with your Dad.

  9. Sorry tracy you haven't heard from me. My Mom has been in the hospital and I haven't been home. No p.c. there.
    I will get back to you in a few days when I can.
    email me at
    phillanes (at)

  10. The clipboard is adorable! Sorry you encountered those door dweebs, I think everyone, male or female, should hold the door open for those who are going in or out of the same door, it's just common courtesy!

  11. Cute clipboard! You are so creative!

    I'm with you on the door thing! Sometimes I will rush ahead to hold the door for someone! In Ohio where I work less people hold open the door than in Kentucky where I live. It's amazing that only with only a 40 miles between the two that there is such a difference in manners!

    I'm also with you on the pregnant women thing. It breaks my heart! I want to go up to them and tell them to cut it out!

    :D Hope you have a good Monday!! :D

  12. Rude people are everywhere...but they always surprise me...why is that? Sigh!


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