Monday, May 31, 2010


Tonight my show starts a new season. "Obsessed". My daughter Heather and I love this show.
We are teased by the family that we have OCD. I know we don't, we have quirks. I could understand how someone can have this disorder though.
I go through obsessions myself. I remember we had a large area rug in the dining room. I wouldn't stop vacuuming it until all the fringes were perfectly straight. One night I worked on it with my fingers until it was perfect. That's when I thought "Oh my what is wrong with this picture". The whole family was asleep and here I was fixing the fringe on the carpet.
I have a few other quirks I will share later.

Here is my list from last year. I love to make lists. This is of my walking record. I had a pedometer and kept track of my daily steps. I did this for about a year or so and then lost my pedometer. I had one of those free ones in the Special K cereals. I loved that one as the reset button was recessed, so not easily reset.

So like I said yesterday, Today is my day to start off my healthy lifestyle.
I went for a short walk this morning. I was going to go after Kristy caught the bus, so at 9:00 I was going to go. She asked for a ride to school, any other day I would have thought well I missed my 9:00 walk guess I will go tomorrow. But nope I went when I got back. Yeah.
I took my vitamins this morning, Yeah.
I had cherries instead of chips for my snack, another Yeah for me. (Picture courtesy of Ashley:)

I didn't think I walked that much today. I took a short walk and then went out with the girls and then did some paper work. Tomorrow is month end, time to bill our customers.
So I didn't think I walked that much but my pedometer says that I walked over 8400 steps.
Mind you all pedometers are not equal. Some show you walked less steps then you did and some show you walked more. I miss my Special K pedometer.

So this month has been busy, so I won't be knocking out the month end this month. It is going to take me a while so no crafty fun for me.
1 more follower and I have and even 100 yeah me.
I think I will have a give away. Yeah you.
I love having followers but I love comments too :)
I don't want to have a give away just to get more followers. I want to do a giveaway to show my appreciation to those of you that really enjoy my posts.
I never thought that you could be friends with someone you have never met before, but you have shown me how wrong I am. I love when you comment on my post and I enjoy reading and commenting on your.

Hope your Monday was a creative and healthy one.



  1. That's awesome Tracy! I thought of you when I got on my treadmill this morning. I agree, I had a handful of almonds instead of chips!

    Hmmm... I am friends with someone high up in Kellogs. I'll ask if there's any of those walking count thingy's kicking around;)

  2. I am your 100th follower. Do i get a prize? i like prizes! :D

  3. Congrats on 100 followers!!!

    I admire your quest to get healthy. I REALLY need to start walking again...and I REALLY need to stop moaning 'bout it!

  4. Congratulations 100 followers! yippee, hoot hoot. I have only recently found you on blogging and love reading your posts and getting crafty inspirations from you, hope you get the billing done quick so you can craft soon x

  5. I think I need to follow your lead Tracy! Almonds instead of chips and walking.

  6. Hi Tracy,

    Such great news you are getting healthy! Good for, I should take a lesson or two. LOL

    Gotta love the month end billing. Has to be done, but it is no fun.

    Yeah for you on your followers. I have never understood why people want you to "follow", just for a giveaway, to gain more followers? But why, if they never come back again. I would want to have a giveaway where the giveaway is hidden within a post and only those that read it, know about it. Make sense? The ones that always stop by, not just because you put a title on, that says blog giveaway.

    Have a great day.

  7. I think I might just use you as my inspiration to get healthy. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. I too have some OCD in me. I can't stand when peole (ie-DH) move furniture. I put it there for a reason! lol :)

  9. Mmmm i love cherries, I make lists for everything and Hate people moving things that I put in a set position, such as ornaments, books out of order on the book shelf etc think you get the picture.
    Congrats on getting healthy!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. Good for you for eating well and excersizing today. I will go run up and down my stairs ten times now so that I can be on board with you. I had raisins for my snack - that fact that they were chocolate covered shouldn't count against me - right?

    (I am such a slacker)

  11. Well you know I really do have OCD. Only moderately though. I never got a chance to see obsessed but I watched this other show "The OCD Project" on VH1 channel. It gave me anxiety to watch those people. Maybe I'll give Obsessed a chance. Those cherries look yummy! I love cherries so much I have TWO cherry pitters in my home LOL. BTW I'm doing really well with the eating. I've lost 7.5 lbs already!

  12. Good for you! I wonder if maybe I was part of your inspiration to get your pedometer back out? I've done 6112 steps so far today and I am really going to make an effort to walk more at night. My daughter bought me a pair of the Reebok walkers so I'm going to try them out!

  13. I am impressed with your walking log from last year!! Good for you making healthier choices - I just started doing that today also. Lots of luck!!

  14. YAY, 100 Followers! If you do a giveawy I'll smear it all over my blog, K:) Awe... you know I would!

    Yep, I was on my treadmil again! Fast walk, elevated incline and a little jogging! Oh and I am having the Special K walking thingy being looked at for you:D I am making a trade so fingers crossed one can be found!

    You could become a vegetarian and you'll be half way there;p Says the vegetarian living in ALBERTA!

  15. did a new obsessed episode ever even come on?

  16. Good luck on your new healthy venture. I cant wait for cherries to come into season here, I love them!

  17. Looks like you made your 100! Congrats!!!! How do you do that anyway?!?! My blog is four years old (this month) and I'm at like, 20 followers I think. :-0

  18. Congrats! You made 100!

    I ate three cherries from my very own cherry trees on Monday! I love cherries, and can't wait for the rest of them to ripen!

    I'm with you (as are a lot of others it seems) on making this a healthier summer...I just had my bike tuned-up so I can ride to and from work this summer! (don't get too impressed though, I live less than a 1/2 mile from my office...but its a start!)


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