Saturday, February 6, 2021

Week #3..Defunkifying my Journal/Pocket cards

I had a bit of a busy week, so thought I would tackle organizing my journal and pocket cards.
They weren't as organized as I had thought, lol. 
I had done these years they weren't as bad as they could have been either.

I cut the collections backs off, so I have easy reference to any cards that I own.
I put the names of the collections on the backs with my lable maker....I Love my lable maker

I picked up a few of these containers from Ikea (a few years ago) and they fit the pocket cards perfectly!!

I have my off brand cards organized in colours.
I had these files and just printed up the colour names on with my lable maker.

These files I made myself and again, added the collection names one with my lable maker.
These are the 4x6 cards.

Here are the 3x4 sized cards.

Now they are all nicely organized agaim.

Then I got to thinking...they nicely fit into my desk.....I love the look of them in my drawer.
Only thing is that these would take up 2 of my drawers and I'm not sure I use them enough to warrant using up valuable drawer space....but then I may use them more if I do?!?
My room is always a work in progress.

Another area down...and many more to go!

I hope you all have a very safe and creative day 💕
Tracy ❤️❤️❤️