Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Sawyer's 4th Birthday and his Spiderman card

My oldest grandson turned 4 in Sept.
He is so cute, such a sweetie and so so smart.
He loves his cars and heavy machinery (like his grandpa). 

He also loves Superheroes.
So I wanted to make him a card similar to his little brother's Hulk card.
I found an image of Spiderman off of the internet and printed 2 up on my photo printer.
I also grabbed this halloween paper as it was perfect with this spider web on it!

I fussy cut the image out, and then cut out the head and the hand from the second image.
I then popped up Spider mans head and double popped up the the hand.

I enjoyed doing some virtual scrapbooking with my friend tonight...so not the same, but its the next best thing!!

I hope you all had a creative day.


Monday, November 16, 2020

Dawson's 2nd Birthday

It was my youngest grandson Dawson's 2nd Birthday this fall.
Isn't he just the cutest 2 yr old!!!
He is such a smart active little guy, who loves to copy everything his big brother does ❤️

We celebrated his birthday at the cottage this year. So I had to make a card with what I had there.
I had some paper and my photo printer.
I found this image on the internet (I think it was a car decal) I saved it and then printed 2 images up on my photo printer.
I then fussy cut out the face and hand of the HULK (who happens to be Dawson's favourite super hero).
I stamped these letters and then fussy cut them out as well.

I popped Hulk's face up on top of the back image.
Double popped up the Hulk's fist, so it looks more like he is coming out of the card.

One thing I really enjoy about crafting up at the cottage is having to use what I have.....it becomes a fun challenge!

I hope you all have a very creative day