Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Licence and a Job

Today was a very good day for my girls.
Heather wrote and passed her beginners test for her driver's licence, Yeah Heather!!!
She was pretty nervous. But I knew she would pass.

It cost 125.00
10.00 for the test
40.00 for her 1st road test
75.00 for the actual licence.
Good thing she wrote it today, because tomorrow the HST comes into effect and I bet we would have got taxed on this. Grrr stupid government.
I remember in the olden days, it cost me 10.00 to right the test. You had 1 yr to take your road test, I think that cost 25.00. And you only had to take 1 road test.
Now you can't take your road test until 1 yr after you have taken the written test. Then you have to wait another year to take the 2nd road test. The price doesn't include your second road test.
It took us longer to wait in line than it did for Heather to write the test. And after you finished writing the test you had to wait in line again to get it marked. crazy.
So as Heather was writing the test I just stood in line to save a spot for her. Who ever thought that up needs their head examined. I child could figure out a better solution. LOL.

Ashley did her walk through for the job that she applied for. Well she got the job. Its not her dream job. But it will be a paycheck (11.00 per hour) and she has a list of things she wants for her photography. Plus hubby keeps teasing her that now she has to pay room and board. Mind you I'm not so sure he is teasing, LOL.

Tomorrow is Canada Day. And being the laid back Canadians that we are, we are changing the holiday to suit us LOL.
Hubby and his brother's asked the employee's if they would rather work tomorrow (Canada Day) and instead take off Friday to get in a long weekend. Of course they were all for it.
Now don't go hate'n. We are proud to be Canadians. We are Thankful that we live in a country were we can speak our minds (even if a lot of them should remain silent) and feel safe.
But living here our summers are short and we have to enjoy them as much as we can.

So I spent most of my day in my jeep.
-Picked up some photo's that Ashley got printed.
-Ran to Micheal's. Ashley needed something. Truly she did. But I did get some more crochet cotton :)
-Went to Home Depot for some things we needed to finish off some projects at our cottage
-Brought Ashley to her work walk through
-Took Ashley to her friends
-Took Heather to get her driver's licence
-In between all this, Kristy was bored and wanted to go home, so brought her home
-Picked Ashley up from Michelle's
-Cooked and ate supper
-Ran to mail the photo's Ashley sold
-Went and got camp groceries with hubby
-Went and picked up some flowers for camp/cottage
Came home and worked and watched a movie.

So sorry I didn't get my tutorial done today, hopefully tomorrow. But don't hold your breath.

Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finished another Novel-Crank-

I finished my book.
It was 537 pages and I finished it in 3 hours. Don't let the page numbers fool you. It was written in poetry form.
The book was about a teen girl who was your average good teenage girl. She then got a taste of drugs. She also created an alter ego to help justify what she was doing. I rate this book a 9. I can understand this character. No I have never had a problem with drugs or alcohol but I can understand how it could suck you in.

These are the types of books my girls enjoy reading. I love that we have the same taste in books as they can be pricey. I don't mind as much as I know at least 3 of us are going to read the same book.

I took my dad for his blood work today. I got him a few groceries, picked up his prescriptions and went to the bank for him.
He was making me laugh. Good thing I understand his humor or else I would be embarrassed of his comments to others LOL.

I took Heather for her training today. It was about 2 hours (quite a bit of that time waiting). Unfortunately Heather didn't get the job, but Ashley did.
As I was in my jeep waiting (reading and crocheting) a guy backed into me. I was just relaxing, reading my book when I felt the jeep move. The guy just stayed there, so I honked at him. Then he pulled up. I walked out to check out my jeep, it was fine, not even a scratch. The guy stayed in his car, he didn't even come out to apologise. I'm under 5 feet tall and petite. I guess I looked intimidating to him LOL.

I made a tiny mini book for my daughters friend. I plan on making a couple more and doing a tutorial on them, since quite a few of you have asked for one. I will try and do that tomorrow.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Took my dad out
2. Made banana bread
3. Read a book, I think I am good with my book a month challenge I have for myself. I may even be ahead of the game.
4. Delegated chores to my girls. I usually just do them myself.

Hope you had a crafty Tuesday.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Old Fashion Taffy :)

If you are over 40, do you remember having these treats.
Yummy Taffy. It has the three flavours to it. Hubby and I went out and he saw this and remembered that I had mentioned that I loved it as a little girl.
What a sweetie eh.

I don't remember it sticking so much to my teeth though. I was scared that I would pull out a filling, LOL. Remember if it got cold it would crack apart. Oh the memories.
I was going to say that today was a lay low day, but now that I think of it, it wasn't. I was going to take my dad to get his blood work done but he was so sore.
So I got ready to get on with my day.
Ashley got a call to go for some testing on a job she applied for.
The funny thing about this job is that the lady phoned her when we were in the drive thru at McDonald's. It was so loud as the speaker was loud and there was a diesel truck behind us. But anyway, the lady told her to come for the testing/interview Monday to Friday between 9 and 5. I was like WHAT?!? Usually they give a more specific time, like Monday at 10:30 LOL
Well anyway it went well. Ashley goes back on Wednesday for a walk through.
Heather also applied for the job (they were hiring more than 1 person) she got a call to come in this week.
Well I waited for Ashley today (we knew it was going to be for about 1 1/2 hours) I took some crocheting and a book. Well I read 1/2 of a 537 page book. I guess I will finish it tomorrow during Heather's test/interview.
Hubby and I ran to Canadian Tire and Home Depot to pick up a few things and some baseboards for the girls bedrooms up at our camp/cottage.
Well a new Obsessed and Intervention is on soon. So I will be on my way.
Hope you all enjoyed your Monday.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bloopers anyone.

I woke up to the robin banging on my window again.
It was raining out, so we just got ready and came home.
I missed Kristy. She stayed at her friend Brianna's house as she had a birthday party sleepover. Brianna wanted her to stay the whole weekend.
Here is a bloopers video I put together. If you thought I sounded dippy in my video's you should watch the bloopers, or maybe you shouldn't LOL.

Nothing else happened today. During our drive to and from camp I did a bit of crochet.
Hubby and I ran out to do a bit of errands and I found some beautiful burgundy crochet thread, so pretty.
Hubby and I are just planning on watching some movies tonight, and I am going to catch up on some of my book work.

Hope your Sunday was a crafty one.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pulling up the old.

First off I will share a book with you that I read. I got this book from my daughter Heather. She enjoys books about teens with mental health issues.
This book was OK. I didn't really love the main character. I thought she was spoiled and thought a little to highly of herself. But things are explained at the end of the book. I don't want to give it away. I would give this book a 5 out of 10.

Here is the carpet we installed this weekend. Just kidding, scared you didn't I? LOL. Actually this is Kristy and Ashley's room at camp/cottage. We removed these tiles of carpet.
Here is Heather's room. Gross, that stain is from a case of pop that my BIL forgot under the bed and it exploded during the winter. Heather's room had 2 layers of carpeting and an underlay.
We took out the carpeting and put in the nice new one. But now that there is only one carpet (instead of 2) the baseboards don't cover all of the unpainted part of the wall. So before we can install the baseboards we have to paint the wall further down.
Here is the hallway. More nice carpet tile, NOT. This used to be in the living room, until my in laws (whom owned it before hubby and I) changed it to click lock hardwood flooring.
This carpet tile is from swatches of carpet samples glued, yes I said GLUED down to the floor. Can you believe I didn't take any after photos!!! Here is our newest baby. Out of the robin's eggs only 1 baby bird. Awwww, what an ugly little thing isn't he.We love to feed the chipmunks that come to visit. We wondered why we didn't them that much, well here is why. They don't come out when the squirrels are around. We don't have many squirrels. This guy was chatting up a storm with me. Guess he wanted some peanuts instead of the sunflower seeds teehee.We bought hubby a weather center for Father's Day. He wanted to put it up at camp/cottage. It was a little sketchy working on the ladder. So he got his dad to hoist him up in his mini loader to install it on the garage.I also cleaned out an old flower bed. It was overgrown with grass and sod. I had to use a pick axe to get all the overgrowth out. In the middle of the flower bed was an old stump. The underneath of it was rotten, but the top of the stump was hard. So my FIL brought over his mini loader and pulled out the stump. So now I just need some topsoil to fill it in and get to planting.
Between pulling up that carpeting and cutting through the sod I am going to be sore tomorrow.
It was a beautiful day today, hubby even went swimming.

Hope your Saturday was a nice one.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick post with a video

I have just not stopped today.
It all started with Kristy coming into my room asking me "Is my hair appointment at 10:00"? I look at the clock. 9:45. Oh sh1t.
Well believe it or not we made it.
Then came back home took a shower.
Went to price out some flooring.
Came back home to get the truck.
Picked up the flooring.
Figured that we should go to camp tonight.
Ran and picked up some groceries.
Picked up some soil and flowers (for camp).
Ran to mail some of my tags out (sorry Pea, just got them in the mail today).
Came back home to pack for camp.
Did a business call.
Doing this quick post.

Because this is a quick post (as I am quickly making supper and trying to pack up before hubby comes home, he doesn't know that we are going to camp tonight teehee)
I will leave you with a video I did on some crafty goodies I have been working on.

Friday pet peeves
1 Mean nasty people
2 Having a rushed day
3 Internet that keeps going down
4 Cheeky teens
5 My procrastination.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Tags.

I got to sleep in this morning, Yeah. Well I was up late last night, so I needed it.
Kristy is finished school so our summer is officially ON!!!!!

Here is a video I did on some more tags that I made.

Today the girls and I went to Centennial Park. Ashley wanted to do a photo shoot. Kristy's friend Brianna came too. The girls wandered around taking photo's and I sat under a tree and read a book. Today was a Goldilocks day. Not to hot and not to cool, just right :)

Tomorrow I have a lot of running around to do. Plus it is suppose to rain.
Hope I can dodge the rain drops.

Thankful Thursday.
1. Beautiful day
2. Time to just sit and relax under a tree and read.
3 No Drama
4. Hearing my girls laughter
5. Ice cream :)

Hope your Thursday was a crafty one.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tags, tags and more tags.

I have taped some of the projects I have been working on. I need to make an outtake video. OMG I sound like an idiot, LOL.
I was hoping to get my tags on one video, but of course that didn't work. With YouTube only taking 10 minutes video's I had to make it into 2 parts. I guess I just gab to much. teehee.
So I taped the video's edited them, then realized I cut out to many times, so re-edited them. Then uploaded them to YouTube, only for YouTube to tell me I had the wrong format or something.
So redid them. I have only uploaded one as it is late 1:59am, (I change the date on my blog. I want to journal/blog everyday, Yah I know I'm only fooling myself, but that's okay, I am easy to fool).
So here is my first video of 3 that I did today.

Well Kristy had her exam today and she thinks she did really good on it. She had over 90 in that class so nothing to worry about anyway.
Ashley, Heather and I went out to look for flooring for the camp/cottage bedrooms. We found some, not liking the price of it though. It is a camp after all, I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for flooring.

I was going to make chicken breasts for supper tonight. I buy chicken breasts in those big boxes. Well when I went to take them out of the downstairs freezer, I noticed that they were a bit thawed out. Someone left the freezer door open a tad. I am not going to mention names, but I think I know who it was. Ya my blueberries got it too. I think that is even worse.
Needless to say we will be eating a lot of chicken breast for supper for the next few days. Hey anyone have an easy, delicious recipe for chicken.

It poured here today. We needed some rain. It is pretty dry here, and the rain should cool things down a bit.
There was an earthquake in Ontario and Quebec today. We weren't affected by it at all. You can read about it here
Mother Nature is pissed and I don't blame her.

Today was a pretty boring day here.
How was your Wednesday, hope it was a crafty one.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walk in my Garden pt 3

This is going to conclude the Walk in My Garden posts.
Here is our full side yard. I showed pictures yesterday, but wanted to give the full view of this part of the yard. As we use our side door as opposed to the front door, I see this part of the yard many times a day.
I love these hanging baskets and my angel display. That little girl on the left used to sit on that bench. Well when I took her out of storage her legs were broken off. I didn't want to get rid of her so I made her look like she was sitting in the grass instead teehee.
My sister surprised me with the angel for my birthday one year. She even brought the log for her to sit on.
This here is a bench that has seen better days. The structure of it was fine, but the wood slats were looking pretty worn. At first I painted it white. It was so bright it hurt your eyes, LOL. Seriously you couldn't look at it. So I gave it a coat of green, I think it turned out just fine. There is another angel sitting on a stump. All of these tree stumps I had got from various places. None of them are from actual trees that were in our yard. When we bought this house it was brand new. The yard wasn't landscaped, it didn't even have grass. We brought in many, many, many truck loads of topsoil to raise the yard (we raised the backyard about 7 feet). Good thing Hubby owns a gravel business, I wouldn't have wanted to pay that bill.
Hubby brought this rock home from work. He was loading a truck and this rock just rolled down the pile. So he thought I would like it (as it is shaped like a heart) and brought it home to me. What a sweetie. I wonder what his brothers thought. Now that is literally bringing you work home with you teehee. I painted the Welcome on it.My brother in law, Jim is a welder. I asked him if he could make me a shepard's hook to hold my flower basket. And he did. My sister in law, Sharon (Jim's wife) is still waiting for hers, teehee. I love to sit on my swing and reading a book, or take a little nap during the day. I haven't had a chance to do this yet this year, but am looking forward to it. My girls will bring the laptop out here and swing and converse when the weather is nice.
I am reworking the back corner flower bed. Hubby and I put the rock border up around it, years ago. Some of the rocks need to be cemented in again. See that bird bath poking out from between the bushes. Hubby and I made it. He welded the base and we made the bird bath bowl out of cement. I remember this day well, because we also poured cement in shallow trays and the girls put there hand prints in the cement and decorated them with marbles. We then put their plaque on the ground under their swing set. The swing set has long been removed and the cement plaques are still in the ground covered with grass. I should look for them and dig them up.This is my back flower bed. I just planted this weekend, so it looks pretty sparse. I haven't planted my tomato plants here yet. I wonder if it is to late?
Her are some more of my little fairies or angels hiding amongst the flowers. More interesting rocks hubby and I found at the gravel pit.
There is another fairy hiding.
This here is my work shop. I do wood working. It used to be in my basement. Talk about dust, what a mess that was. So a couple years ago I hired this company to come and build me my workshop. I told the owner what I wanted. Which was a big door and two windows on either side. They had this built in a day and a half. I plan on building little flower boxes under each of the windows and maybe some shutters.
Ya that is the clothesline running in the center if the picture. It is retractable but I forgot to put it away until I saw these pictures, Oh well.
Our Gazebo. Oh I love this. I sit under here and enjoy my lunch almost every day. I need to weed in between the patio tiles. Hubby and I put down those tiles about the 3rd year we lived here, we have lived here for 16 yrs. Good thing Hubby is strong, as I couldn't pick one of these up if my life depended on it.
Lastly the "Dreaded Shed". This is the name I gave this shed after Kristy sliced her wrist on it as hubby was putting it together.
That huge bush is a bleeding heart. It has finished blooming for the year. On either side of the door I have tiny flower beds. In them I had climbing clematis'. But they haven't come up again this year. I mentioned this to Hubby and he said he may have accidentally sprayed week killer on them. Guess that would do it.

So that is my whole yard. I am so glad I did this. It has made me appreciate my yard and to realize all the work Hubby and I have done through the years. It has also made me think of all our friends and family who have contributed to making our yard a place where my family and I love to spend our time together.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

1. Walked everyday this week. I know its only Tuesday teehee.

2. I didn't yell at the B1tch lady when she phoned to give me a fake apology. (which she only did because my other boss (BIL) phoned her to tell her she can't talk to our office staff like that) (I was so surprised and appreciative that he did that). Oh ya she was got mad again when I told her that I still wouldn't change my way of billing. Ya she freaked again.

3. Did 2 video's on my projects that I have been working on. Haven't edited them yet though.

Hope your Tuesday was a creative one.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Walk in my Garden pt 2- Crochet flowers

Here is some more of my yard to share with you.
When you walk into the front gate, we have a little side yard that goes to the side door of the house. For Mother's Day one year hubby and my girls bought me this strawberry planter. I have never planted strawberries in it. I am a rebel teehee.
That pretty stepping stone you see there, my girlfriend Debbie painted it for me. I love it.

Here is a Welcome sign that I made and painted years ago. I have one for each season
This birdhouse, my dad built it. I painted it, used crackle medium on the main part. I also built the patio on it. I figured I may get some high maintenance birds living in our neighbourhood LOL.

This is one of my favorite spots. I love miniatures. My dad made me this fairy door, there is a tiny fairy standing beside it. I have tiny animals and fairy's through out this area. This scary Garden angel looked so much cuter when I made her. She is a rustic or primitive angel. Her moss hair fell off over the years ago. She holds a sign that reads "May all your weeds be wildflowers".I need to take some better pictures of this side yard. It is quite pretty. I didn't know I was going to post pictures of my yard, so I never took to many pictures of this part. Maybe if it is sunny tomorrow I will get some better ones.
Now for some crafty goodies.
As hubby and I were watching TV tonight. I made some crochet flowers. That shiny thing in the center is a quarter to show you the size of them.
I love this double and triple layer flower. I have so many other crafts to do, but for some reason I want to crochet right now.
On to my day. My day went well. I got to sleep in a bit, as Kristy didn't have any exams today. The girls all helped tidy up the house. Took Ashley driving for a bit. Did some book work.
Then I get a business call from a new small company. The lady was a b1tch. Believe me I don't use that word lightly. But she was telling me that I needed to change the way I did my billing. She didn't understand it, how was she to bill her customers, she just went on and on. I couldn't get a word in. I was trying to ask her what she needed and she just wouldn't stop. Seriously I felt like I was getting verbally abused here. Finally she said something about how she had to go and she would call back later.
I told her that once she calmed down she could call me back.
Well I guess she didn't calm down as she didn't phone back. I just faxed her, her 3 tickets and left a note on the bottom saying that "We have billed this way for over 30 yrs, and she was the only one who has a problem with it. I thought that I would share this in this fax as you wouldn't let me get a word in during the phone conversation."
I was so upset that I actually cried after I got off the phone with her. Then I was so mad that I let a complete stranger make me feel this way.
I told hubby about this when he got home (he is my boss after all). He just told me she was a big fat meanie and obviously stupid if she couldn't figure it out herself. And gave me a big hug.
Humm could that be considered sexual harassment. LOL.
Hope you had a good Monday, and got some crafting in.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Walk in My Garden pt1.- Crochet butterflies

Today is Father's Day, Hubby wanted to be outside most of the day. So we went to the Garden Nursery and bought some flowers. The girls, hubby and I spent most of the day outside, planting flowers and just enjoying the beautiful day.
So I thought I would share my yard. Today I will focus on the front yard.This here is a flower bed that my younger brother Darren and I built. He lives in Manitoba, he came down here for a visit (years ago) and helped me build the wooden flower hanger. The flower bed is in the shape of a heart. I think of him everyday when I look at this.
This is a bird bath that I converted to a planter. The sun isn't at the right angle, sorry for that. This is in the center of the front yard. I love this.Here is a bird house that I painted years ago. My SIL Sharon knows I love birdhouses, when she would go away on a trip she would buy me a plain wooden birdhouse for me to paint. I love Debbie Mumm and Susan Branch's style and colours. I made a wall hanging from Debbie Mumm's fabric (which I can't find in town anymore) and got this idea for this birdhouse from the fabric. The birdhouse has weathered through the years but I still love it.Here is a bird feeder right beside the front door. I love to hear the little birds tweeting around during the day. What I don't like is weeding under this. The birds are so messy that I sometimes have wheat and corn stalks growing in my front flower bed, teehee.This photo here is just before you enter the side yard. I built this flower box many, many years ago. Yes I did, all by myself. I even put a decorative edge at the top of it.
The shrub and Iris's that are underneath it grew there all by themselves, I didn't' plant them :) I love when that happens. That big rock is from my hubby's gravel property. He loved it and brought it home with him. It has a red tinge to it and has sparkles in it.
Yes that is a heart cut out of my gate, cute eh? I made that little garden angel hanging underneath it. She has a birdhouse, watering can and "Welcome" sign hanging between her arms. Above my flower box is another angel, my Aunty Carol got it for me, it says "Bless My Garden" she has little bells dangling from her dress. When I water the flowers beneath her I love to ring the bells. I know its silly, but its the little things that put a smile on my face.
So that is the front yard. I will share the rest of my yard during the next few days.
Onto some crafty pleasures now.
I have been asked by a few of you on how I made my crochet butterflies.
For the first butterfly I used crochet cotton. For the smaller one I used crochet thread. They are both with the same sized hook. I put the quarter beside them to show the actual sizes.
For this one I did a single crochet in pink around the butterfly.
Here are the instructions. ch=chain, slpst=slipstitch, dc=double crochet,
Hook size=2.5
-Chain 10, slipstitch in 1st chain to make a ring.
*1st Round
- ch 3 (makes 1st dc), 2 dc in ring, ch 2, 3 dc, ch2. Continue until you have 8 sets (ending with ch 2)
-slpst in top of chain to join, slpst in dc, slpst in ch 2 space.
*2nd Round
-ch 3 (makes 1st dc), 2 dc, ch 2, 3dc, ch 2
-go into next loop 3 dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2. Continue until you have 16 sets (ending with ch 2)
-slpst in top of chain to join, slpst in dc, slpst in ch 2 space.
*3rd Round
-ch 3 (makes 1st dc), 7 dc in space
-slpst in next space,
-8 dc in next space,
-slpst in next space
- Go all around until you get to the beginning. slpst in top of ch. End.
Easy Peasy.
Then you fold the circle in half matching the edges evenly. Using flower stems, fold them in half and put through the middle of the circle.
Wrap your crochet thread, cotton, or wool around the middle of the butterfly about 15 times. Knot it twice in the back. Thread your ends through your work.
Now just admire these little cuties. I am sure you are going to be making many of these little beauties, they are addicting.
You can even use embroidery thread to make these as well.
If you can't understand my instructions, even though they are awesomely written. Check out this video.
Hope your weekend was a crafty one.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Wallet

I did a tad of crafting today.
I got this idea from Nicole of This is so cute.
I did mine a bit differently then hers. I saw a link that a lady made the paper look like leather.
What you do is dry emboss the paper. I only had a Fiskars embossing plate with this type of texture, I wish I would have had the cuttlebug one as I think they make a deeper embossing. Then you lighty rub your ink pad over the raised area to change the colour. Then do the same with Versa Mark, lastly emboss with clear embossing powder.
Pretty neat eh? I put a thin magnet on the closure and on the body of the wallet.
I did crochet a couple more butterflies tonight while watching "Zombieland". Love that movie. It has comedy and zombies, whats not to love teehee.

Went and looked for flooring for our camp/cottage. We found some low pile carpet, grabbed a few samples to see which colour looks best in the rooms. The sales guy was hilarious. The girls came with us and he focused on them and what he thought their personalities were like. He said Ashley knew what she wanted (she wanted wood tile) and didn't want to hear what he had to say. Kristy was the boss. Heather didn't care she just went with the flow.
He was trying to convince them that the carpet was the best and most affordable way to go in the camp. Wayne and I laughed, that was the high light of my day, that is kind of sad isn't it LOL.

I am so tired, guess I shouldn't have stayed up till 4:30am.
Hope your Saturday was a creative one.


Friday, June 18, 2010

It was a hot one today

It was pretty hot today.
How hot?
It was so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Teehee.

I didn't want to turn on the central air as it takes up so much Hydro. But hubby broke down and did it after supper. It is quite nice in the house now. I can handle the heat. Actually I quite like it, Hubby on the other hand can't stand it. Mind you he does wear his shorts in the winter. Ya he is a nut bar LOL.

Kristy thinks that she did very good on her English exam. I think she has high 80's or 90's in that class, so no worries on that subject.
After her exam she walked home from school and brought a boy home with her. She has a lot of guy friends. Well actually so does Ashley. They all have more guy friends then girl friends. They say girls just have to much drama. I guess they get enough of that amongst themselves LOL.

The day seemed to go by slow. Which is a first.
I cleaned up the house. Did some book work. Mailed some decorative tags, that should have been in the mail weeks ago. And BBQ'd steaks for supper.
Oh ya and I made a gift card Father's day card. I got the idea from Nicole from CanadianNickelScrapn. I will post it tomorrow. I need a Father's Day sentiment or something on the front. With all the stamps I own I don't have one Father's Day stamp. But I know who will. My scrap'n friend Lynn. She sells Stampn Up products, Guess who's getting a call tomorrow teehee.

I watched a bit of YouTube today. Wow, there are so many things I want to make. Inspiration is just flying around my brain, its dangerous in there.

Fridays Peeves. Humm today was a good day, but I know there are some I can come up with teehee.
1. Crabby accounting ladies. Don't get upset with me because your billing system doesn't work the same as mine. I don't care how it goes in your computer, not my problem, just pay your bill. And no I didn't tell her that. I was very calm and helpful. I think she was calmer after talking to me though.I think I heard a smile on the other end teehee.
2. Parents that don't know where their teenagers are, and don't seem to care, so sad.
3. Open cupboard doors.

Hope you all have a good weekend and get lots of creative time in.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

End of School Ice Cream and some more lollipops

It is raining, thundering and lightening here right now. I just LOVE a storm. I love the smell of the rain, and the excitement of the thunder and lightening.
Just hope I get this post out before the Internet goes out.

Today is officially Kristy's last day of high school, grade 9. So let the summer begin :)
Well she does have 3 exams to take, one tomorrow, then one on Tuesday then the last one on Wednesday.
Every year on the last day of school I take the girls out for ice-cream. Because Kristy is the last one in high school, I just took her and her friend Alyson.
These girls wouldn't let me take their pictures, Brats LOL.
The top picture is of Kristy, and the next one is of Alyson. They thought it was funny as one of Kristy's teacher's were at Merla Mae as well getting a cold treat.
Today I got to make some more lollipop flowers. I ran to the fabric store to get some more Bridal Satin. I also picked up some bridal lace for the lace circle around some of the flowers.
I bought chocolate brown and light cream satin. I thought that I would try to Glimmer Mist the cream colour.
This blue one I Glimmer Misted it. It took the Glimmer wonderfully. I heated the edges before I Misted them. I wasn't sure how the Glimmer would react to the flame. Plus not sure how toxic it would be.
I Glimmer Mist the rose coloured one as well. I even glimmer misted the bridal lace on a brown one.Here they all are. The top ones are a deep purple and the bottom 2 are chocolate brown. In the photo they look the same colour. If you look closely, the bottom left I glimmered the bridal lace behind the flower.Now if you plan on doing these, (I will do a tutorial) Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area. My craft room is in the corner of the basement with no window. So guess who has a headache right now. I am not sure if it is from heating the satin, or the glue gun. I have a mini low temp glue gun. Well it died during this. So I had to use the Big Daddy Industrial Strength Glue Gun.
Needless to say I am going to get me a new mini one tomorrow. I may need to get some feathers and other goodies to decorate these cuties. I have no idea what I am going to do with all of these, but they are fun to make.
I tend to do this though. I find a craft that I like and make a whole lot of them. Teehee. I think it may be part of my obsessive personality, what do you think?

Thankful Thursday.
1. Good Friends
2. My blogging friends
3. Getting comment on my blog. I LOVE this, who am I kidding.
4. Playing in my scrap/craft room
5. Afternoon naps.

What are you happy about today?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lollipop, lollipop oh lolli-lollipop

Wow I got to play today!
Well not for long, but I did do something. I made these lollipop flowers. I have wanted to make them for awhile now. I bought the fabric yesterday. So honestly how do you thing they turned out?
I am not sure if I like them. For one thing I think the beads should have been white, and I didn't have anything for the back of the flowers. I have seen feathers, sequins or beads used in place of my fiber, but that's all I had. I guess it will be a trip to the craft store for me tomorrow. I'll get my chauffeur to drive me....Ashley teehee.

Today Ashley met with the groom to be to talk about the photography for the wedding she was asked to do. She was so nervous.
As she was meeting with him, Heather and I went for breakfast. We went to the Hoito, so yummy. This place is a landmark in my city. There is even a book about it.
See that gentleman sitting in the front of the store. He is playing a accordion. So you even get entertainment when you enter, teehee. My FIL and MIL always went here. It has great prices and you get a lot of food. The college and university students love this place. Most times you have to wait for a table. We were lucky we got to just walk in and sit down.

They make the best Finn pancakes with strawberry sauce in town.
I did get to Jangles today (yup thought of you Jingle). They didn't have one charm that I liked for my tags. So then I went to this old craft store, Unique Family Crafts. The owners run it from their home. The front of the place is the store and they live in the back part. It is on at least its 3rd generation of women. I used to go there for patterns and paints.
They sell all types of odds and ends of crafts, but the last few years I noticed they have been specializing in beads. Well they had so many cute charms and I found what I was looking for.
I did 3 loads of laundry today and hung it all on the line. As I was hanging up the last load, I noticed that the air changed and I could smell rain in the air. You ever get that? Smell the rain in the air?
Luckily the rain missed us and my laundry all dried. That is the worst, taking wet clothes off the line. Its like taking off you wet bathing suit, not fun.
So that's all I wrote folks. Nothing else to see, so you can move along :)
Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one.