Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bloopers anyone.

I woke up to the robin banging on my window again.
It was raining out, so we just got ready and came home.
I missed Kristy. She stayed at her friend Brianna's house as she had a birthday party sleepover. Brianna wanted her to stay the whole weekend.
Here is a bloopers video I put together. If you thought I sounded dippy in my video's you should watch the bloopers, or maybe you shouldn't LOL.

Nothing else happened today. During our drive to and from camp I did a bit of crochet.
Hubby and I ran out to do a bit of errands and I found some beautiful burgundy crochet thread, so pretty.
Hubby and I are just planning on watching some movies tonight, and I am going to catch up on some of my book work.

Hope your Sunday was a crafty one.



  1. Ggggreat bbbblooopers.... I want to know what you were doing with the envelopss so I am off to find that post and video, I think this was before I found you in blog land, hope I can find it....

  2. Tracy, you totally made my night!!! Thanks for the laughs!!! you are great! and thanks for the sweet comments on my blog... that makes my night too!

    Love, Mel

  3. I had a nice Sunday too.. got too much sun though... so hoping it doesn't get too bad! LOL silly me. by the way, thks for your comment on my blog.. I replied to your recent comment. those images aren't mine, they were taken fr the stamp company's etsy site, fyi. I can't take the credit!

  4. That's great! Thanks for posting :) I had to share with our readers over at PaperCrafter's Corner so they could enjoy a giggle!

  5. That was cute :) Tnaks for sharing!! Im sure thats what I would be like with the pressure of a camera too!

  6. Tracy, you can still hop. Just go to my Blog hop Post and hop along. The posts are still up and you can still hop along through the links.

  7. Haha! Bloopers are why I don't make videos. They would all be bloopers !

  8. LOL Oh that was the best laugh I have had all week. Sooo needed that Tracy... You are so gutsy for posting it. I would never do that.
    Have a great week and hope the post man brings your goodies soon.

  9. Afraid I don't have much time right now - getting ready to meet up with a bunch of friends for a late dinner and the Eclipse opening at midnight! Just wanted to stop in and say hi!! Missed your blog while I was away!


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