Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Licence and a Job

Today was a very good day for my girls.
Heather wrote and passed her beginners test for her driver's licence, Yeah Heather!!!
She was pretty nervous. But I knew she would pass.

It cost 125.00
10.00 for the test
40.00 for her 1st road test
75.00 for the actual licence.
Good thing she wrote it today, because tomorrow the HST comes into effect and I bet we would have got taxed on this. Grrr stupid government.
I remember in the olden days, it cost me 10.00 to right the test. You had 1 yr to take your road test, I think that cost 25.00. And you only had to take 1 road test.
Now you can't take your road test until 1 yr after you have taken the written test. Then you have to wait another year to take the 2nd road test. The price doesn't include your second road test.
It took us longer to wait in line than it did for Heather to write the test. And after you finished writing the test you had to wait in line again to get it marked. crazy.
So as Heather was writing the test I just stood in line to save a spot for her. Who ever thought that up needs their head examined. I child could figure out a better solution. LOL.

Ashley did her walk through for the job that she applied for. Well she got the job. Its not her dream job. But it will be a paycheck (11.00 per hour) and she has a list of things she wants for her photography. Plus hubby keeps teasing her that now she has to pay room and board. Mind you I'm not so sure he is teasing, LOL.

Tomorrow is Canada Day. And being the laid back Canadians that we are, we are changing the holiday to suit us LOL.
Hubby and his brother's asked the employee's if they would rather work tomorrow (Canada Day) and instead take off Friday to get in a long weekend. Of course they were all for it.
Now don't go hate'n. We are proud to be Canadians. We are Thankful that we live in a country were we can speak our minds (even if a lot of them should remain silent) and feel safe.
But living here our summers are short and we have to enjoy them as much as we can.

So I spent most of my day in my jeep.
-Picked up some photo's that Ashley got printed.
-Ran to Micheal's. Ashley needed something. Truly she did. But I did get some more crochet cotton :)
-Went to Home Depot for some things we needed to finish off some projects at our cottage
-Brought Ashley to her work walk through
-Took Ashley to her friends
-Took Heather to get her driver's licence
-In between all this, Kristy was bored and wanted to go home, so brought her home
-Picked Ashley up from Michelle's
-Cooked and ate supper
-Ran to mail the photo's Ashley sold
-Went and got camp groceries with hubby
-Went and picked up some flowers for camp/cottage
Came home and worked and watched a movie.

So sorry I didn't get my tutorial done today, hopefully tomorrow. But don't hold your breath.

Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one.



  1. The driving test here is different from when I took mine. I just had some lessons and took the test now you have to do a written test and then the drive test and it's so expensive! I guess it's to keep the road users down!

    Sounds like you make a bomb at being a taxi driver! tee hee

  2. Hmm, I don't even remember how much it was to do the driving test down here. I do remember I knocked over 2 cones and the guy still let me pass...I still can't parallel park! Learning to drive was kinda funny for Mom would tell me to turn left after the stop and I'd go right...oh the life of a dyslexic :)
    I made $11 dollars at my first job after being out from working so long I doubt I could find a job making that much!

  3. Wow! Your licensure process is a pain the neck! It's different now from when I was a kid here in Mass, but it's still not THAT bad! Yikes! Congrats to your daughters for their accomplishments this week!

  4. It sounds a whole lot more complicated and expensive to get a license there than here in the US. Though here they do require drivers ed too and that cost $$ too! Yeah for her though!
    Sounds like you had a busy day. Your girls keep you hopping, but I bet you wouldn't have it any other way. Looking forward to see what you have up your crafty sleeve.

  5. It is SO hard here and SO expensive! It's almost as if they don't want kids to get any practice with a learner's permit before getting an actual license. Ick. I'm going to have to get all that in order for my gal here in a little bit. :-(

    Anyway, congrats Heather!

  6. WOW, it took that much to get a license? It wasn't that much to get one over seas in Germany.
    Written test of 190 questions and you could miss three. I missed (1) and then you are done. No road test. Oh the cost was 40.00 and back then that was a lot.
    here 25 bucks, one written test, one road test and you are done. about 50.00 and that is it.
    congrats to Heather!
    have a relaxing weekend!


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