Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paint, paint and more paint

We went to our camp/cottage/lake house this weekend. LOL
We left early in the morning (8:00am). Which is plenty early for me. Hubby picked us up some McDonald's breakfast to help us move along.
I made a few crochet butterflies and flowers on the drive up. We saw I moose and a dead deer on the drive up. The poor deer was on the Kam. overpass, which means it was walking along the highway which they normally don't do.

When we got to camp I noticed that there were some flowers planted in my tub at our driveway entrance. I found out later that they were from our camp neighbour Sonja. Last weekend I gave her one of my reading journals I made, I guess these were a Thank you. Hubby and I made this sign 3 years ago when we bought this camp. I cut the wood, he picked out the letters, and I painted the letters and designed the flowers on it and painted them. We also cut the plaques and I painted the family's names on the plaques. It is funny as we keep changing the order of the names. Hubby likes his first, so every once in awhile we bug him and put his name last teehee.

Well the job for this weekend was to paint Heather's room and to do the trim in Kristy and Ashley's room.
Here is Heather painting her room. I love the name of her paint colour, "Happy Camper". It only took 3 coats to cover that dark panelling. How I hate panelling.
Here is Kristy painting the trim in her room. See her poor wrist. I am for sure taking her to the doctor on Monday to get it looked at. She finally agrees with me.

As you can see the excitement of painting her room wore off. She snuck away to read.
Actually it ended up being Ashley and I who did most of the work. She loves to decorate. I think she has both rooms figured out how she wants them, no matter what her sister's think LOL.
Oh ya here is something else they do to entertain themselves. Paint their toe nails with trim paint LOL. Don't you just love that carpet? Ya that is the next thing to go.
So that is what I did all Saturday. Paint, paint and more paint. Oh ya later at night I did lay down and read some of my Canadian Scrapbook Magazine.

So how is your weekend going.



  1. shag carpeting! Reminds me of my neighbors house next door when we were growing up. That was like 40 years ago, and it's STILL in their house!

  2. Oh Tracy I love your cottage sign, what a fab idea. Your cottage will be nice and bright with the colours that have been chosen.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. oooo, wood panelling! Who wouldn't love it! Love the green and blue for the girls rooms! Looking forward to the completed pictures!


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