Sunday, June 6, 2010

Its a beautiful day for some flowers.

Today was a beautiful day.
I know I said that I wanted to craft all day today, but it was so beautiful that we decided to go out and get some bedding flowers and do some yard work today.
Here I am planting my new flowers. Hopefully now the neighbours will realize that this is a flower bed and stop their dogs from p1ssing in it. This is one of my pet peeves, oh ya its not Friday Peeves, guess this will have to wait.
Here is hubby getting ready to trim the tree, well actually cut it in half. We bought this cedar tree about 14 yrs ago (we have 3 of them actually). It was suppose to be a dwarf cedar, it was only suppose to grow 4-6ft high. As you can see it is over 12 ft. I have a sign on the fence that read "Birds Welcome" I made it so you could see it over the tree, well we haven't seen that sign for a while teehee.
We all went out as a family to pick out the flowers. I am so anal about everything and that includes the colours of our flowers. Well last year the girls teased me about it, so I told them that they could pick them out next year. Well it is next year and I let go and let them pick all the flowers. Then they had to organize them as to where they should be planted. I just bit my tongue and did the planting. They did a wonderful job.
Here is Ashley taking pictures of the flowers. That girl has a camera attached to her at all times teehee. I am so happy that my girls have passions like this in their lives.
Yep this is my Heather. She hates getting her picture taken. She didn't really participate in the outdoor activities. I think she would have rather been watching Dr. Who. She is watching all the episodes.
Mind you she did bring out a book to read, then Wayne put her to work picking up the cedar branches. Then she went back inside.
Here is my Kristy. This girl has an electronic gadget with her at all times. If it isn't her cell phone (which it usually is), its her IPod Touch, or (in this case) my laptop, or of course her music.After we finished (needed a break) we took the girls out for Dairy Queen. Now you may ask if I got something (as I am trying to have a healthy new outlook). My answer would be yes I did. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. So I got myself a chocolate dipped kiddie cone. See I restrained myself without depriving myself.

When we got back home Ashley wanted to take some pictures of her diploma outside. She needed my help. Well I think I fell asleep on the back lawn for a bit teehee. That fresh air and sunlight will do that to you. Wonder how many ants are crawling in my hair?

I got to go in my scrap/craft room and did a bit more organizing.
And to all you lovely ladies that want me to come and organize your rooms, I am there. Just send me a ticket and it would be my pleasure. I love to organize I really do, but you have to do the cooking LOL.

So how was your Sunday, hopefully as beautiful as mine was.



  1. It looked a like a warm sunny day there yesterday, here it pissed down but it was rain and not your neighbours dogs! thankfully. Bedding plants would not survive at ours the Pesky Wabbits eat them all! We have to fence off the veg patch and my sweet peas are in jail too, pesky blighters, I want to shoot them but hubby says I am calamity Jane with the shot gun and since my shoulder problem can't load the damn gun to get them....

  2. Hi Tracy...Love your colourful flowers...the girls did a great job picking them out..but not so enthusiastic about planting them! LOL
    ...You can come and organise me...I love cooking :)
    Debbie x

  3. It was a little chilly and cloudy here pretty much all day. We had a little thunderstorm so not too much outdoor type stuff. I'm jealous. I did however spend the whole day training my extremely dominant and stubborn poodle. I would never let him pee on anyones flowerbeds!

  4. Flowers are beautiful and the day looks lovely! Dreary here today. Had my little one's birthday party yesterday and it wasn't great for that, but the weather did hold off for the most part.
    Glad you had a nice day for the graduation. You and your daughter look great! Congrats!

  5. We had a lot of rain yesterday as a cold front passed through. Your yard looks so nice and your flowers are so pretty.

  6. Beautiful flowers!

    So proud that you had a kiddie cone, that would have been a hard choice for me!

  7. I'm SO glad you said it was a lifestyle change and not a diet. Diets are almost always destined to fail. Lifestyle changes are where it's at, baby! You did good! Treat yourself a little!

    Looks like you had a fantastic weekend.

  8. What wonderful shots for a wonderful day! Gosh you were good to keep your word and let the girls pick the flowers! They did a great job. :) I'll have to second the "yea Dr. Who" from the comments above- huge fan myself. :) Oh to answer your question from my post about the can- I think it was a veggie can, like beets or something.

  9. Tracy,
    I love the photos and the flowers are gorgeous. It looked like such a nice day, and looks like you had a good time too.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Your flowers are gorgeous! Your girls did a wonderful job! And good job on restraining yourself at the Dairy Queen. I don't know if I could overcome the temptation of not getting a large Banana Split Blizzard. Yum! Hey, I'll cook whatever your heart desires to have you come over and organize for me.;-) Is that a deal?


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