Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick post with a video

I have just not stopped today.
It all started with Kristy coming into my room asking me "Is my hair appointment at 10:00"? I look at the clock. 9:45. Oh sh1t.
Well believe it or not we made it.
Then came back home took a shower.
Went to price out some flooring.
Came back home to get the truck.
Picked up the flooring.
Figured that we should go to camp tonight.
Ran and picked up some groceries.
Picked up some soil and flowers (for camp).
Ran to mail some of my tags out (sorry Pea, just got them in the mail today).
Came back home to pack for camp.
Did a business call.
Doing this quick post.

Because this is a quick post (as I am quickly making supper and trying to pack up before hubby comes home, he doesn't know that we are going to camp tonight teehee)
I will leave you with a video I did on some crafty goodies I have been working on.

Friday pet peeves
1 Mean nasty people
2 Having a rushed day
3 Internet that keeps going down
4 Cheeky teens
5 My procrastination.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.



  1. I feel worn out just reading that.

  2. Great video where was the chicken though? lol have a great weekend you are probably at camp now doing the new flooring what ever you decided to get, let us know.

  3. Wow, you did have a busy day! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my..ok now I need a nap after reading your post. LOL. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Loved the video, the butterflys and flowers are awesome!

  5. Ah don't worry about me Tracy. It is all in fun any how right? I totally understand. Thanks for letting me know.
    WOW you have been a busy girl. Loved all the tags. they are awesome and can't wait to see more.
    Have a wonderful weekend at camp.
    back to the sewing machine for me.

  6. I love the lollipop flowers but there is no where around here or even within 50 miles to get fabric. Isn't that crazy! I may have a Joanns (we think it was the first one ever built) so I try to avoid it.

  7. I want to buy some of your crocheted flowers and butterflies!!! Please email me a price and I will paypal you! xoxox


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