Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lollipop, lollipop oh lolli-lollipop

Wow I got to play today!
Well not for long, but I did do something. I made these lollipop flowers. I have wanted to make them for awhile now. I bought the fabric yesterday. So honestly how do you thing they turned out?
I am not sure if I like them. For one thing I think the beads should have been white, and I didn't have anything for the back of the flowers. I have seen feathers, sequins or beads used in place of my fiber, but that's all I had. I guess it will be a trip to the craft store for me tomorrow. I'll get my chauffeur to drive me....Ashley teehee.

Today Ashley met with the groom to be to talk about the photography for the wedding she was asked to do. She was so nervous.
As she was meeting with him, Heather and I went for breakfast. We went to the Hoito, so yummy. This place is a landmark in my city. There is even a book about it.
See that gentleman sitting in the front of the store. He is playing a accordion. So you even get entertainment when you enter, teehee. My FIL and MIL always went here. It has great prices and you get a lot of food. The college and university students love this place. Most times you have to wait for a table. We were lucky we got to just walk in and sit down.

They make the best Finn pancakes with strawberry sauce in town.
I did get to Jangles today (yup thought of you Jingle). They didn't have one charm that I liked for my tags. So then I went to this old craft store, Unique Family Crafts. The owners run it from their home. The front of the place is the store and they live in the back part. It is on at least its 3rd generation of women. I used to go there for patterns and paints.
They sell all types of odds and ends of crafts, but the last few years I noticed they have been specializing in beads. Well they had so many cute charms and I found what I was looking for.
I did 3 loads of laundry today and hung it all on the line. As I was hanging up the last load, I noticed that the air changed and I could smell rain in the air. You ever get that? Smell the rain in the air?
Luckily the rain missed us and my laundry all dried. That is the worst, taking wet clothes off the line. Its like taking off you wet bathing suit, not fun.
So that's all I wrote folks. Nothing else to see, so you can move along :)
Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one.


  1. I really like your lollipop flowers!! People pay good money for these things!! LOL!

  2. cute cute cute lollipop flowers!!!

    I LOVE your blog Tracy!!! you are so hilarious!!!

    Love, Mel

  3. Mmmmm pancakes, not a great craving to have this late. The flowers are great!

  4. I could really slap you!!! showing me those pancakes and sauce! yummy says I.... diabetes sucks.
    thanks for your comment about the one square of choc it works, I had some Galaxy counters last night and let them melt it took ages for them to and os didn't eat too many.

    Love the lolipop flowers the colour is gorgeous, why are they called lolipop flowers?

  5. I like the flowers. Could you make some with different ribbon throughout or does it have to be 1 color?


    I understand why Ash is nervous. I remember when I was asked to photograph a wedding. I was a sports photographer. Unless the bride was sprinting down the isle to tackle the groom, I had no idea what to do!

  6. I love the lollipop flowers!!!!!!!!! Love them. And now I'm hungry!

  7. Tracy,
    I love the flowers. The post title made me think of that Dell commercial where they sing this song.
    Oh, I have a blog award for you on my blog, be sure to swing by and pick it up.

  8. I like the flower...hmm pancakes :)

  9. *omm nom nom* Those pancakes look scrummy. I love the lollipops too, keep meaning to have a go at them.

  10. can you make real lollipops and give them to me?

  11. I love the smell of rain in the air! And those pancakes look very tempting...

  12. Flower look great! I love that deep, rich purple!

  13. Sorry I've been MIA last few days. I love your flowers. I want to do some but I don't have anywhere that sells fabric near me. Oh btw, I want big fluffy pancakes in the worst way now!

  14. I don't have a lot of background experience in lollypop flowers, but yours look pretty to me!

    And the restaurant looks great! I can see why people would love it!


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