Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walk in my Garden pt 3

This is going to conclude the Walk in My Garden posts.
Here is our full side yard. I showed pictures yesterday, but wanted to give the full view of this part of the yard. As we use our side door as opposed to the front door, I see this part of the yard many times a day.
I love these hanging baskets and my angel display. That little girl on the left used to sit on that bench. Well when I took her out of storage her legs were broken off. I didn't want to get rid of her so I made her look like she was sitting in the grass instead teehee.
My sister surprised me with the angel for my birthday one year. She even brought the log for her to sit on.
This here is a bench that has seen better days. The structure of it was fine, but the wood slats were looking pretty worn. At first I painted it white. It was so bright it hurt your eyes, LOL. Seriously you couldn't look at it. So I gave it a coat of green, I think it turned out just fine. There is another angel sitting on a stump. All of these tree stumps I had got from various places. None of them are from actual trees that were in our yard. When we bought this house it was brand new. The yard wasn't landscaped, it didn't even have grass. We brought in many, many, many truck loads of topsoil to raise the yard (we raised the backyard about 7 feet). Good thing Hubby owns a gravel business, I wouldn't have wanted to pay that bill.
Hubby brought this rock home from work. He was loading a truck and this rock just rolled down the pile. So he thought I would like it (as it is shaped like a heart) and brought it home to me. What a sweetie. I wonder what his brothers thought. Now that is literally bringing you work home with you teehee. I painted the Welcome on it.My brother in law, Jim is a welder. I asked him if he could make me a shepard's hook to hold my flower basket. And he did. My sister in law, Sharon (Jim's wife) is still waiting for hers, teehee. I love to sit on my swing and reading a book, or take a little nap during the day. I haven't had a chance to do this yet this year, but am looking forward to it. My girls will bring the laptop out here and swing and converse when the weather is nice.
I am reworking the back corner flower bed. Hubby and I put the rock border up around it, years ago. Some of the rocks need to be cemented in again. See that bird bath poking out from between the bushes. Hubby and I made it. He welded the base and we made the bird bath bowl out of cement. I remember this day well, because we also poured cement in shallow trays and the girls put there hand prints in the cement and decorated them with marbles. We then put their plaque on the ground under their swing set. The swing set has long been removed and the cement plaques are still in the ground covered with grass. I should look for them and dig them up.This is my back flower bed. I just planted this weekend, so it looks pretty sparse. I haven't planted my tomato plants here yet. I wonder if it is to late?
Her are some more of my little fairies or angels hiding amongst the flowers. More interesting rocks hubby and I found at the gravel pit.
There is another fairy hiding.
This here is my work shop. I do wood working. It used to be in my basement. Talk about dust, what a mess that was. So a couple years ago I hired this company to come and build me my workshop. I told the owner what I wanted. Which was a big door and two windows on either side. They had this built in a day and a half. I plan on building little flower boxes under each of the windows and maybe some shutters.
Ya that is the clothesline running in the center if the picture. It is retractable but I forgot to put it away until I saw these pictures, Oh well.
Our Gazebo. Oh I love this. I sit under here and enjoy my lunch almost every day. I need to weed in between the patio tiles. Hubby and I put down those tiles about the 3rd year we lived here, we have lived here for 16 yrs. Good thing Hubby is strong, as I couldn't pick one of these up if my life depended on it.
Lastly the "Dreaded Shed". This is the name I gave this shed after Kristy sliced her wrist on it as hubby was putting it together.
That huge bush is a bleeding heart. It has finished blooming for the year. On either side of the door I have tiny flower beds. In them I had climbing clematis'. But they haven't come up again this year. I mentioned this to Hubby and he said he may have accidentally sprayed week killer on them. Guess that would do it.

So that is my whole yard. I am so glad I did this. It has made me appreciate my yard and to realize all the work Hubby and I have done through the years. It has also made me think of all our friends and family who have contributed to making our yard a place where my family and I love to spend our time together.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

1. Walked everyday this week. I know its only Tuesday teehee.

2. I didn't yell at the B1tch lady when she phoned to give me a fake apology. (which she only did because my other boss (BIL) phoned her to tell her she can't talk to our office staff like that) (I was so surprised and appreciative that he did that). Oh ya she was got mad again when I told her that I still wouldn't change my way of billing. Ya she freaked again.

3. Did 2 video's on my projects that I have been working on. Haven't edited them yet though.

Hope your Tuesday was a creative one.



  1. Tracy,
    WOW.. Can I come live with you. LOL
    I love everything about your yard. It is beautiful.
    I really like the bench, I love the aged look of it and how it is up against the shrub.
    The heart rock it just too cool.
    I hope you enjoy your yard for years to come!
    Thanks so much for sharing all of the photos.

  2. i like your yard its very nice, and its not to late to plant tomatos, we have customers coming in every day buying some so you can plants some :)

  3. Oh, I LOVE your yard! And good for you for staying calm in such an annoying situation. And I agree with you on tiny baby shoes--they get me every time:)

  4. Tracy I love your garden. It's a space of your own. I love your gazebo and your gliding swing as well as all the little nickknacks that give your garden character. Thanks for sharing!

  5. oh could you send some of that walking every day mantra my way please.... best laid plans all week - and it never happens!!

    Love your bleeding heart bush - I adore that plant but it gets too hot here - even in the shade and it just burns :-(

  6. Your garden photos are so pretty.

    YAY to you BIL!!!! He rocks!!!

  7. I love your hidden fairies. I used to delight in them in my garden too.
    I know well the dust from wood working in the basement. Your workshop must be a fantastic place for it. I love the huge door.

  8. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I love this tour of your yard! It's inspiring me to suggest some outside projects to my husband! We'll see how well that goes over... :)

  9. Love all the photos of your yard. Love your fairy collection!

  10. Love the pics of the yard (garden to me) and what a grat bil you have good on ;im for telling her what for "fat bitch" hope your days get better and am looking forward to seeing some video's of yours soon on the projects x

  11. all that hard work is paying off gorgoeus

  12. A bleeding wrist wasn't enough?!?! You had to get a bleeding heart too?!?! :-) :-) :-)

    Very pretty garden and so sweet that he brought you the rock!


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