Friday, June 11, 2010

Crochet today!!!!

I listened to you Marlene. I got some crafting in. Actually she kind of scared me into it LOL.
I did work on some tags that I had in the making. I wanted Ashley to make me some labels for the backs of my projects, like a Handmade by Tracy, or something like that. So when I give things away they will know who made them.
Not only that, but I did some crochet today.
I made this cute butterfly and flower. The flower would go nicely on a tag as it is pretty tiny.
I only had pink and coral crochet thread, so I ran to Zellers to pick up some white. Zellers closed at 9:00 pm, it was 9:10 when I got there. I thought it was open till 9:30. So I had to go across town to Walmart, I never go to Walmart. But they had my stuff.
The reason I "needed" it tonight is because I plan on making more at camp, during our painting breaks.
Remember I said that those flowers and butterfly's were tiny. Well I should have worn my cheaters. Hubby bought these for me last year. I have only used them about 3 times. I refuse to wear them, I guess I am vain. LOL.
My girlfriend worked as an optician, a person who makes eyeglasses. And she told my once you hit 40 your reading vision starts to go.
I refuse to buy into this bull sh1t about age and how it affects you.
But just in case I think I will be bringing these babies with me up to camp LOL.

Nothing much happened today, besides the usual. Getting groceries for camp, taking Ashley driving, running errands for my dad, and coming home to make supper. I did laundry as I wanted to hang it up to dry outside. But as luck would have it, it rained. I don't have a line downstairs, so I had sheets and such hanging on everything drying LOL.
Oh ya and Ashley and I tried our hand at origami. I would have shown you some of our work but I think Ashley threw them all in the garbage. Yup just shows you how good it was LOL.

Hope Your Weekend Is a Good One.

Oh that's right Friday's Pet Peeves.
1. Cooking
2. Getting to the store just minutes after they close
3. Teens attitude
4. Cooking, oh did I say that one already :)
5. Waking up early in the morning.

What are your pet peeves. I know you have at least one.



  1. What pattern did you use for the butterfly? I'd like to try to crochet one.

    My pet peeve: when someone you think is a friend just suddenly starts giving you the cold shoulder and you have idea why.

  2. Holy you are super crafty. Yarn and I get tangled! Not to mention the potential of poking my eye out ith the needle thing!

    Pet Peeve, People who love drama and create it!!! Grrrr...

  3. I would love to crochet the butterfly too so if you have a pattern to share please?

    A few peeves but the main one I hate people who lie for no reason at all and make it obvious it's a big fat one at that...
    also the same as Amanda but you know what I think I might ask her next time we actually are in contact.... or can I be arsed?

  4. pet peeves -
    -when people try to get deals at super store
    -when the bus isnt on time
    -when people take up two spots on the bus
    -people who chew with their mouths open

    thats all i can think of at the moment. :)

    my grandma knits, i love knitted stuff, you should try that :)

  5. Hi Tracy,
    I love your crochet flower and butterfly, what wonderful embellishments they will make. Crocheting is the one thing I could never master.
    Have a great weekend
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  6. Tracy,
    Pet peeves well I know there is more than five but will start there.
    When someone rushes me
    doing dishes- hate them
    dogs shedding- OMG the hair everywhere and I just ran the vac, they should be bald by now!!
    not being able to create~ I know you don't like that either... hee hee
    my families clutter taking over my house

    Have fun at camp. Haven't crocheted in years. Hurts the hands.
    glasses are good especially if you are going to be working at night. I know the "I don't like them thing all too well" I had strained my eyes so bad that I needed glasses. Still don't wear them except at night creating.

  7. Very cute on the butterfly & flower!!!

  8. These are super cute!

    My pet peeves are...
    --Iconsiderate people
    --Saying "no offense." Because it's always followed by something offensive.
    --burned cookies:(


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