Friday, June 4, 2010

Proud mommy day, my baby Graduated college

Hello fellow bloggers.
Today was such a proud day for me and my daughter Ashley. She graduated from her Multi-Media college course, with honors, she made the Dean's list.
Can you tell I am proud. She is such a smart, beautiful, caring young women.
Young women, can I have a daughter old enough to be considered a women? Where do the years go?
Her is a picture of Ashley, Heather (my middle daughter) and I.

I am such a lucky person to have daughters this loving.
Hubby worked so he didn't make it. Kristy was having a pre-math test that she couldn't miss, yes I would have let her skip to see her sister's graduate.

My baby. I should have cropped this photo a bit :)
Here are some of Ashley's class mates.Tada, she did it. They told the girls to NOT wear heels. Well Ashley wore like 4" heels. She was so worried that she might fall on her face, but not enough to wear flats LOL.
She was fine though.
Her Graduation was taped on Ustream. I couldn't imaging anyone wanting to watch 3 hours of ceremony though. Ashley had to be there 1 hour before. Which means I was there one hour before. I brought a book and Heather brought her game boy, so we did that for the first hour of waiting for the ceremony to begin. So we were there for 4 hours. We didn't get out of there till after 5:00.
So much for my healthy eating as I picked up McDonald's for supper :0
Ashley went to her friend Michelle's for their after grad. party. She had a good time. I picked her up after 10:00. They are pretty amateur in the party area LOL. She had fun though. Michelle's yard is make to have a good time. She has a huge canopy that they play all kinds of lawn games.
Oh Ya and there was cake left over, guess who got it :)
I went to a Stamp'n Up get together tonight. We made a card. When I was there we heard a smash, like glass breaking, outside.
Lynn the host ran outside. Well a group of teens (no more then 15, 16 yrs old) were drinking and threw the bottle on the sidewalk. Actually the only girl in the group was the one that threw the bottle. She looked right at the neighbour lady as she did it.
Well Lynn and the neighbour made them clean it up.
A bit later we see the same kids walking across the street. The neighbour lady called the cops. We didn't see them again, we did see a couple cop cars driving down the street.
I love what Lynn yelled. "You are not going to be doing this in my neighbour hood". You go sister.
We live in a nice neighbourhood. But lately not so nice things are starting to happen. Time for the neighbours to get together and really start paying attention to what is going on around us.
Friday I can not believe it is here already. We are staying home this weekend as it is suppose to rain. So I plan on locking myself in my scrap/craft room and organizing (cleaning LOL) it and creating all weekend. Got lots to do.
Oh ya Fridays Peeves
1. Disrespectful kids, that you just want to slap and then find the parents and slap them too.
2. Cat fur balls
3. Not enough time in the day
4. Empty toilet paper rolls on the counter (why can't anyone put them in the recycles?)
5. Driver's who cut you off, then signal.
Hope you all have a wonderful, creative weekend.


  1. Congrats, Ashley!!!!! Such a proud day in deed.

    # 1. I deal with that kind of people at work. Kids and adults. Slap slap slap

  2. Love your piccies Tracy, looks like everyone was very happy, Congrats Ashley!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Tracy,
    Your pictures are so nice. Congrats to your daughter Ashley, and congrats to you.
    ((Loved your toilet paper pet peeve))
    Mine is when my husband empties the toll, leaves it on the spool and doesn't bother getting a new one out.

  4. i blame my classmates for being amatuers at parties.. then again im used to quiet gatherings with friends lol. but everyone seemed to have fun none the less.. unless they were lying! lol..

    :) my area of town used to be fine about 7-8yrs ago when i moved here, i used to walk home from the bus terminal at 1am with no problems.. and now i cant even walk down the street at 5pm without being harassed by a drunk. ohh and drunks yell down the street or people get mugged now. last summer i heard some one get mugged on my street at 2am.. scarey.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter Ashley. a couple of tips for the empty loo roll, hubby uses them to plant his carrots to get them to grow straight!! but I have been saving some to make a mini book out of them... just not had the time to make it yet though..

  6. Congrats to Ashley! I hope my children grow up to do wonderful things like your daughters. I can't believe there was any cake left.

  7. Congrats to Ashley!

    Now when I look at the top photo, I have to say, which one is the mother?!! No offense, girls - but your mama looks YOUNG!!!! :)

    How rude of those underaged kids to be drinking and smashing a bottle outside. I'd have likely bitch-slapped them. I can't stand unruly kids. (And no, to anyone thinking, "weren't you ever a kid?" I was NEVER that disrespectful).

  8. Congrats to your daughter!! How exciting for both you and her :-) Enjoy your weekend!! It's pretty warm here and I am missing the rainy weather!! I feel guilty for being in my scrap room on such a beautiful day!

  9. woot! congrats!

    And tracy, it's cool if your daughter wants to contact me about pics!

  10. Congratulations to Ashley on her accomplishment- you must be so proud. She is a beautiful girl and it sounds like you raised her to be a responsible young woman.

  11. A BIG Congratulations to Ashley! I am sure you are very PROUD of her!! Love the picture of you together. My girls are only 8 and 12 and then I have a son that is 14, so I have a little bit of time yet...

    My pet peeve...

    People that cut you off on purpose and then laugh about it!

    Also, empty TP rolls or a tiny bit left on and them saying, there is still some left. Not funny.

    I have others, but will leave you with those.

    Have a great day Tracy.


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