Thursday, June 17, 2010

End of School Ice Cream and some more lollipops

It is raining, thundering and lightening here right now. I just LOVE a storm. I love the smell of the rain, and the excitement of the thunder and lightening.
Just hope I get this post out before the Internet goes out.

Today is officially Kristy's last day of high school, grade 9. So let the summer begin :)
Well she does have 3 exams to take, one tomorrow, then one on Tuesday then the last one on Wednesday.
Every year on the last day of school I take the girls out for ice-cream. Because Kristy is the last one in high school, I just took her and her friend Alyson.
These girls wouldn't let me take their pictures, Brats LOL.
The top picture is of Kristy, and the next one is of Alyson. They thought it was funny as one of Kristy's teacher's were at Merla Mae as well getting a cold treat.
Today I got to make some more lollipop flowers. I ran to the fabric store to get some more Bridal Satin. I also picked up some bridal lace for the lace circle around some of the flowers.
I bought chocolate brown and light cream satin. I thought that I would try to Glimmer Mist the cream colour.
This blue one I Glimmer Misted it. It took the Glimmer wonderfully. I heated the edges before I Misted them. I wasn't sure how the Glimmer would react to the flame. Plus not sure how toxic it would be.
I Glimmer Mist the rose coloured one as well. I even glimmer misted the bridal lace on a brown one.Here they all are. The top ones are a deep purple and the bottom 2 are chocolate brown. In the photo they look the same colour. If you look closely, the bottom left I glimmered the bridal lace behind the flower.Now if you plan on doing these, (I will do a tutorial) Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area. My craft room is in the corner of the basement with no window. So guess who has a headache right now. I am not sure if it is from heating the satin, or the glue gun. I have a mini low temp glue gun. Well it died during this. So I had to use the Big Daddy Industrial Strength Glue Gun.
Needless to say I am going to get me a new mini one tomorrow. I may need to get some feathers and other goodies to decorate these cuties. I have no idea what I am going to do with all of these, but they are fun to make.
I tend to do this though. I find a craft that I like and make a whole lot of them. Teehee. I think it may be part of my obsessive personality, what do you think?

Thankful Thursday.
1. Good Friends
2. My blogging friends
3. Getting comment on my blog. I LOVE this, who am I kidding.
4. Playing in my scrap/craft room
5. Afternoon naps.

What are you happy about today?



  1. Ooooh...your lollipop flowers are FANTASTIC!!!! I wish I was that craftastic. You rock, girl!

    Your mention of Merla Mae ice cream brought back memories. I LOVED Merla Mae. I don't think they have them around here. :(

  2. Oh! I like the white one. That looks really pretty.

  3. Looking forward to your tutorial on these, you got rain yesterday and we had sun so I sat out it was gorious. The men in the pub DH goes to have organised a round robin of BBQ'S when England play it;s our turn tonight so hope the weather holds out for that we have about 16 coming but you never know with the English weather! we could all be inside instead of out tonight, bytheway... I hate football....thankfully their wives will be coming and we can put the world to rights..

  4. The lollipop flowers are beautiful - can't wait for the tutorial!

  5. Those are beautiful!! They would look great on a layout or mini album. I have seen some people put flowers like this on headbands! That would be cute too :)

  6. Love those flowers, they are so beautiful. Can't wait for the tutorial :)

  7. The flowers are great! I think they would look awesome hanging off the handle of a nice tweed handbag!

  8. Wow! Those flowers of beautiful!!! I agree with Christine they would look so cool on a tweed handbag! Yet, I also think they look like something Elizabeth Kartchner would wear in her hair! Can't wait for thhe tutorial!

    Have a super night!


  9. Hello Tracy,
    I bet Ashley is glad to be done with school for the year. She is only finishing 9th grade? Wow I thought she was a jr for sure.

    Love your flowers. those are neat. Might have to make a few.

  10. Hi Pea.
    Just thought that I would clear this up.
    Kristy just finished 9th grade.
    Heather is 19 and finished school last year.
    Ashley is 20 and just finished her last year of college.


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