Monday, June 28, 2010

Old Fashion Taffy :)

If you are over 40, do you remember having these treats.
Yummy Taffy. It has the three flavours to it. Hubby and I went out and he saw this and remembered that I had mentioned that I loved it as a little girl.
What a sweetie eh.

I don't remember it sticking so much to my teeth though. I was scared that I would pull out a filling, LOL. Remember if it got cold it would crack apart. Oh the memories.
I was going to say that today was a lay low day, but now that I think of it, it wasn't. I was going to take my dad to get his blood work done but he was so sore.
So I got ready to get on with my day.
Ashley got a call to go for some testing on a job she applied for.
The funny thing about this job is that the lady phoned her when we were in the drive thru at McDonald's. It was so loud as the speaker was loud and there was a diesel truck behind us. But anyway, the lady told her to come for the testing/interview Monday to Friday between 9 and 5. I was like WHAT?!? Usually they give a more specific time, like Monday at 10:30 LOL
Well anyway it went well. Ashley goes back on Wednesday for a walk through.
Heather also applied for the job (they were hiring more than 1 person) she got a call to come in this week.
Well I waited for Ashley today (we knew it was going to be for about 1 1/2 hours) I took some crocheting and a book. Well I read 1/2 of a 537 page book. I guess I will finish it tomorrow during Heather's test/interview.
Hubby and I ran to Canadian Tire and Home Depot to pick up a few things and some baseboards for the girls bedrooms up at our camp/cottage.
Well a new Obsessed and Intervention is on soon. So I will be on my way.
Hope you all enjoyed your Monday.


  1. you aren't playing nice! you have to PICK ONE and tell me why it is your favorite. Come on you can do it. Look hard and see what emotions come up. You can do it. LOL
    silly girl.

  2. yes, i remember these one of my favs and the only place that sold them was circle k.
    yummy, now i need sugar. all your fault. lol

  3. Mmmmm TAFFY! I remember these. And I'm under 40;p

  4. Sorry never heard of them here in the UK but have lots of memories of sweeties we don't have anymore, TFS this made me think right back to my childhood and mainly with my elder brother Rob (I am one of 6 kids, mom and dad didn't have a TV lol) x

  5. My grandparents use to always bring us salt water taffy everytime they took a trip to Florida! Now that I live in coastal GA I can buy it at the beach :)
    Hope the jobs work out!

  6. I am not over 40, but I LOVE that kind of taffy!!! It makes me happy! I love chewy candy of just about any kind!

  7. I don't remember it packaged like that, but I do remember my grandfather buying me saltwater taffy and watching it get pulled on the machine.

  8. i like that taffy, where did he find it because i needs to eat it!

  9. Oh - I definitely remember taffy! Sticks like CRAZY!!! I'm too scared to try now! LOL!

    Good luck to your girls on their job possibilities!


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