Monday, June 7, 2010

Photo Op Failed

Today I finished up my book work. I didn't do any during the weekend as it was to nice.
I also took Ashley driving. She just found out that to get her full licence "G" she has to take both her driving tests by Sept 2011. She has to wait 1 full year in between tests. So she is a little stressed not only about passing but about doing it before it expires.

I love pictures on blogs. I didn't get the photo that I wanted. I want my photo's to somewhat represent my day. So today was suppose to be my one tool I use during my book work. That didn't happen.
So I thought I would share my bad photography LOL.
I see these cute pictures (my girls have done this) that people take of themselves. So I thought I would take one of me for my blog when I first started it.
So these are from the beginning of the year.
Ohhh nice flash :)
I am concentrating to much on this one LOL.
What am I suppose to look at? What the heck am I doing LOL.Well at least here I have a smile. Don't worry about your eye sight, there is nothing wrong with your eyes, everyone of these pictures are blurry.So on my blog I used a picture that someone took at my nephew's wedding.
Oh my girls will have a chuckle at these pictures. I don't think that I have shared these before. Can't imagine why LOL.

I ran to the Superstore to get something for supper. Ashley's friend Michelle was working there. She works in the garden center. So she showed me a few flowering plants that I could get that come up all year. Those would be Perennials? Right.
Thank you Michelle.

When Kristy came home from school, she brought 3 friends home with her. I know the two girls, but the boy was new to me. He said he lived in Germany. He talks perfect English (no accent) but says he doesn't like English, says its to hard. Ya, I agree. He was so polite. Told my I had a comfortable home, he liked it here. I fed them supper, he came in the room that I was in and thanked me for it and told me it was good. Such a sweetie.

Today I also got Heather and Ashley to make a goal or life plan. They have so many things that they want to do. And so many things to do in order for them to be independent.
They are such good kids (I know they aren't kids) I would love for them to live at home forever, but that isn't reality of life. And I want to see them grow and spread their wings.
They were never the type of children that wanted to grow up and be older than what they were. They always told me they didn't want to get older, even when they were really young. I am glad that they loved their childhood so much, but they know that they have to move on in order to grow. Boo hoo, I want my babies back.

Hope your Monday was the beginning to a wonderful week.



  1. I like the pics as well. I have never taked a pic of myself before, I might have to try that.

  2. so does this mean ashley will leave the nest! lol

    and yes perennials.

  3. LOL! I have so many photos of myself from doing shoots like this! I usually take a dozen or so and then get at least one half way decent one! HA! Yours are fun!

  4. You are brave to take pictures of yourself, I won't even try! Ha! A life plan? One of these days I'm going to make one up for myself.

  5. It's so hard to take those self portraits!! I try and try and usually hit delete ALOT!! I totally understand about wanting the kids to be young a little longer. I just had a conversation with both my kids about slowing down on the growing up (they are 10 and 8) and they both said they would be happy to but they can't seem to. Sigh. I love your point of view on it...they are happy with their childhood. Hopefully that means happy, well adjusted adults.

  6. those look just like my attempts at taking photos of myself! lol thanks for sharing them!

  7. self portraits...those are always so HARD to do!!!!

  8. I love your self-portraits!! I especially love that you included the "flubbed up" ones! You crack me up! :)

  9. Lookin' good, my dear! And your comment on my blog totally cracked me up!

  10. Can you make ME make a life plan?!?!?!?

    The blurry one is really very pretty!

  11. taking self portraits in a mirror is HARD. Flash = bad juju.

  12. (Fox whistle!) I wish I looked that good in my photos.:-P I wish, too, that our kids could stay little forever. My DS will be in high school next year. BooHoo! I keep telling him that he will be my baby even when he is old and gray. But we do need to prepare them to leave the nest. You are such a good mom!:-)


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