Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gifts from Carole

Good evening everyone.
I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments on my post yesterday. I think I have the nicest, sweetest people on here.

Now onto my day. I worked most of the day. I got a nice surprise in the mail. It is so nice to get "Happy Mail" instead of bills.

I have a question about YouTube. I have over 21 video's but when I go to my page it only shows 21. I know you can put more than that on YouTube as many other people have over 100 on their channel. If you can help me let me know.

Ok so I worked most of the day. I did get my walk in this morning, then Kristy and I took a short walk tonight. It has been so nice here that we have been keeping our windows open, even at night. I don't want to turn on the A/C. Mind you Hubby did have it on last week.

I went to Michael's today. Can you believe I didn't buy anything. Ashley went for some paper. She should have checked out my stash before we went. I probably had what she wanted. Teehee.

Since I missed "What did you do to make you feel proud" yesterday I will post it today.
1. Went for my daily walk
2. Got a lot of my work done today.
3. Didn't yell at the people who let their dog pee in my front flower bed, Grrrrr.

What did you do to make you feel proud today.



  1. you may not have bought anything but i bought you a single sheet of paper missy ;)

    i attempted a photo concept that ive been thinking about for well over a year annnnd bought you some ice-cream (not really proud of that but it was nice so lets say it works!)

  2. on your youtube page (your profile page), in the right hand column where it says "Uploads (22)" there are 3 thumbnail previews, underneath the third one there is a "See All" link. click that and you'll be able to see all 22 vids. i'll show you tomorrow

  3. MORE GIFTS?!!! Gosh, you are loved!!!!

    Sorry, can't help you with the youtube stuff. I IS A YOUTUBE-TARD. (Sorry if that wasn't "politically correct", but I don't do "politically correct".)

    Good for you with the walking!!! I wish I knew someone near by who could motivate (kick me in the butt) me!!!

    Ok, is that supposed to read a "DOG" pee'd in your front flower bed? I swear I did not send witchy poo over!! (Besides, if I had, it would be poo she'd be leaving behind! Ok, not really anymore...she's still carrying a bag!!! Bwaaahaahaa!!! I haven't seen any of her dog turds in a week now!! The victory is mine! ALL MINE!)

  4. Ok I guess the YouTube thingy needed time to be uploaded to show all the videos. Thanks Ashley.
    Marlene you are too funny. It wasn't your witchy poo as it was a man walking the dog.

  5. Marlene you are too funny, yesterday crying with sadness and today with happiness.... I just love reading this blog and ALL it's comments, Marlene, if you feel like a visit to my blog to leave a funny comment you are most welcome, anytime....

  6. On what to be proud of - I wore a skirt so I wouldn't get shunned at my kids' very religious school! Except if my gal thinks I'll get shunned anyway, I'm going to change back into my jeans. :-) :-) :-)

    On the followers - I answered you on my blog. But seriously, I think it's because you have beautiful projects!!!! That said, does anyone need two good for nothin' cats? Because there's a give away on my blog... (KIDDING!)

  7. Hi Tracy,
    So glad you had a good day, and got some happy mail.
    I agree with Ahsley, I just checked your channel and it shows 22 videos.

  8. HAPPY MAIL!!!! That's always a good thing.

  9. I don't know if you can say you are proud 'cuz you got your hair cut, but, I did. Got it cut 5 inches so now it just hits my shoulders. I told her it had to be long enough to put in a ponytail and fit thru a ball cap. Yes, I'll be wearing my Celtics cap tonight when we go to Buffalo Wild Wings for an adult beverage or two and some wings.

    Also, went for a mile walk after my haircut.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts regarding my sister and my mom. Mom has been gone 8 years and it seems like yesterday. It sux getting old, don't it?

  10. Happy mail makes for a really great day. That tag and the lace is just magnificent.

  11. You are getting lots of happy mail lately! I'm jealous!


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