Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I do not abuse my kids, Really I don't

Kristy came home from school yesterday with a very sore wrist. She couldn't even pick anything up it hurt so much. I was going to take her to the doctor, but she refused. It wasn't swollen, so I wrapped it up in a tensor bandage.
My girls are not strangers to wrist problems. I don't know how many times they have sprained their wrists playing volley ball.
This is how Kristy hurt it yesterday.
When Kristy was just a wee little cutie. We were putting up one of those tin like sheds. Hubby told the kids to stay inside as the pieces were all over the yard and they were sharp. Well I guess Kristy wanted to go on her swings and came outside, walked on the metal, slipped and sliced her wrist open. I took her to emergency. and the next day they got a specialist in and operated. She sliced some tendons. To this day she can't give the thumbs up as her thumb can't go straight.
Here is a layout I did on this. There is journaling where the smiley sun is.
Her is my lovely Heather. She broke her wrist skateboarding. Well actually it was on a scooter. You know the ones that look like a skateboard but have a handle to steer with. She thought that it sounded wussy to say that she did this on a scooter so she told everyone she broke it while on her skateboard, because that sounded cooler.Last but not least is my daughter Ashley. We were at my sister's place about 1 hour out of town. Ashley took her son's kiddie quad for a ride. Those quads are so small, I didn't think that they went very fast. Well as she was riding it, she went out of our view and flipped it onto herself. She was actually lucky that she just broke her arm/wrist. It wasn't till the doctors finally set it that the specialist told me that the break was so bad they didn't think that they would be able to set it. They thought that they would have had to operate and put pins in it.

See this smile. This was the same day that she broke it. We were suppose to go to my SIL's camp and I said we weren't going to go because she would be sore and want to stay home. She was so upset, she really wanted to go. So here she is at my SIL's camp. When hubby was a teenager he broke his femur. He drove his motor/dirt bike off a cliff in one of his dad's pits. He needed to get a steel rod put in his leg.
Me I haven't broke any bones in my body. I did dislocate my left shoulder in public school. I was teasing a boy and he flipped me and I landed on my arm. Had to have it wrapped for a month or so. That sucked.

Ok onto my day.
I picked up my dad groceries. He also wanted McDonald's again?!? He is NOT a fast food eater, so this surprised me.
I took Ashley driving. We went to the Ministry parking lot as they have areas to practice your parallel parking. She did really good. She wanted to stalk the driving licence office to follow anyone taking their road test. But no one was taking the test today so she was SOL. LOL.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Been walking everyday
2. Been taking my vitamins (I think everyday teehee)
3.Been so patient with teaching Ashley to drive.
4. Eating healthier than last week
5. Organizing my craft/scrap room



  1. i have yet to break a bone, i hope i never do!, i did have my elbow popped out of joint and back in high school that hurt a lot..

    i also got my leg ran over on a 3 wheeled ATV, didnt break it i was lucky, but had nerve and muscle damage.. it still hurts a bit today i cant squat for long periods or it starts cramping.

    :D ... i cant even parallel park, i have my own way of doing it, im sure she will do fine on her drivers tests :) just tell her she has to check all her mirrors constantly because they do look for that!

  2. Tracy,
    Your poor girls! My daughter broke her leg running track and still has ankle problems because of it and my son broke a finger wrestling and had to be casted up to the elbow. I've just had to have numerous surgeries!
    Logged in over 6,000 steps so far today!

  3. I broke my toe (I think) when I dropped a 12lb. battery onto it...smashed it up and it hurt like heck! But I never did see a doctor about it...don't think there is much you can do for a broken toe...except keep your eyes out for really cute flip-flops to wear! LOL!

    Good for you on the walking! I have started riding my bike to work...my butt is sore, but I feel better for the extra bit of exercise!

  4. oooh honey I have had some broken bones before . some done by others and once I feel and broke my elbow or something in that area ..

    I guess I am proud that I went to the gym today and came home and did some Jillian Michaels . I know I Must love torture.

  5. FUnny story about the scooter v. the skateboard. Congrats on the walking. It's so hard to stick to a work out regime. But I have to say that I am proud of myself as of late...eating healthier, working out and lost 18 pounds. I am also happy to say I have never broken a bone!

  6. Remind me to where pads and helmets if we ever hang out! LOL!

  7. Keep up the good work! Maybe the girls need body armour ;) Hang in there!

  8. Wow - your girls need to be thrown in a plastic bubble...individually, so they don't bump into each other! HA HA HA!!!

    I'm lucky....knock on wood. I've never broken any bones, nor do I wish to....it looks painful!


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