Saturday, June 5, 2010

Craftroom Clean up

Today I was suppose to create all day today. That didn't happen.
How can I be creative in a room that I can't even walk in. Ya it was that bad, hanging my head in shame.
To all you that say you will never show your rooms for all to see because it is to messy. Come on now. It certainly can't be as bad as mine.
I didn't put anything away from girls weekend, can you tell teehee.

I did a bit of organizing as well. I put up some hooks for some stamps. I got hubby to hang my shelves (my dad made those for my girls beanie baby's, remember those?).
See when I said in my last video that the table cloth was covering up my mess, I wasn't kidding. Don't you just love that I labeled them before and after. Like you really needed to know which picture was which LOL. You notice the "E" in create even fell off the wall. That sucker always falls off.

After I tidied up my room, I organized my bottom cabinet. I am hoping to totally organize my whole room this month so I can video tape it. I love looking at other crafter's rooms, so I figure I would share mine. I am taking it slow so I am planning on doing it near the end of the month.

Hubby and I went out as I needed a few things, but everything was closed. I didn't realize how late it was, most places close at 6:00 on Saturday. I guess that's what happens when you get up after 11:00 teehee.

My SIL Sharon came by to drop off some work and visited for a bit. Jacob (Ashley's friend) dropped by for a bit and that is about all that happened today.

Tomorrow it is suppose to be nice out, it rained on and off all day today. So we plan on doing some yard work. I haven't even planted any flowers yet this year.

So how was your Saturday?



  1. Your room looks great. The before is not as bad as mine at the moment. But back to work in a messy room. LOL
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. when your room was messy... I bet you knew where everything was though and now it's tidy will you be able to find stuff, I know from my experience of a tidy up.. I spend ages looking for something that I knew exactly where it was before the tidy up!

    Your room looks great though and a video would be great to see too x

  3. Great job cleaning up. I hate to say it but I clean up after almost everytime I create. I cannot work in a messy area. Even when I was in college I had to clean my desk before I could work or study. I am constantly reorganizing and making things more efficient but I guess that's partly to do with OCD. My Saturday constisted of constantly hungry children, some time in the pool, and a trip to Walmart.

  4. LOL - yes we all have those clean-ups I think. Its just that our creative juices just can't be interrupted - right??? When you're on a roll who care about the mess (but the room looks great!

  5. i moved all day yesterday.. now im moved in, and loving it. :D

    and i like the colour of the walls in the craft room:D

  6. Great job, Tracey!:-) I need to hire you to come over and clean and organize my craproom. I mean craftroom.:-P I'm hoping to start organizing it sometime in the next few weeks. Then I plan on posting about the transformation as well.

    You go, girl!

  7. Good JOB :) You're so lucky to have a craft ROOM!!

  8. You've got something against creat-ing?!? Kidding! I bet it feels great to have that all organized. My Saturday was good. We got pre-wedding pics taken and then a friend came in from out of town, so we had to stay up until 3:00 am to talk.

  9. Your room looks great! (Did you want to come clean mine up next? lol)

  10. Wow! Your craft room looks amazing! Love the red color of the walls!!! :D

    After you finish Jenne's craft room you can come to Kentucky and do mine! :D :D

    Have a lovely evening!

  11. Nope. Newp. Nuh-uh. Not showing you my messy desk. Never gonna happen.


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