Monday, June 21, 2010

Walk in my Garden pt 2- Crochet flowers

Here is some more of my yard to share with you.
When you walk into the front gate, we have a little side yard that goes to the side door of the house. For Mother's Day one year hubby and my girls bought me this strawberry planter. I have never planted strawberries in it. I am a rebel teehee.
That pretty stepping stone you see there, my girlfriend Debbie painted it for me. I love it.

Here is a Welcome sign that I made and painted years ago. I have one for each season
This birdhouse, my dad built it. I painted it, used crackle medium on the main part. I also built the patio on it. I figured I may get some high maintenance birds living in our neighbourhood LOL.

This is one of my favorite spots. I love miniatures. My dad made me this fairy door, there is a tiny fairy standing beside it. I have tiny animals and fairy's through out this area. This scary Garden angel looked so much cuter when I made her. She is a rustic or primitive angel. Her moss hair fell off over the years ago. She holds a sign that reads "May all your weeds be wildflowers".I need to take some better pictures of this side yard. It is quite pretty. I didn't know I was going to post pictures of my yard, so I never took to many pictures of this part. Maybe if it is sunny tomorrow I will get some better ones.
Now for some crafty goodies.
As hubby and I were watching TV tonight. I made some crochet flowers. That shiny thing in the center is a quarter to show you the size of them.
I love this double and triple layer flower. I have so many other crafts to do, but for some reason I want to crochet right now.
On to my day. My day went well. I got to sleep in a bit, as Kristy didn't have any exams today. The girls all helped tidy up the house. Took Ashley driving for a bit. Did some book work.
Then I get a business call from a new small company. The lady was a b1tch. Believe me I don't use that word lightly. But she was telling me that I needed to change the way I did my billing. She didn't understand it, how was she to bill her customers, she just went on and on. I couldn't get a word in. I was trying to ask her what she needed and she just wouldn't stop. Seriously I felt like I was getting verbally abused here. Finally she said something about how she had to go and she would call back later.
I told her that once she calmed down she could call me back.
Well I guess she didn't calm down as she didn't phone back. I just faxed her, her 3 tickets and left a note on the bottom saying that "We have billed this way for over 30 yrs, and she was the only one who has a problem with it. I thought that I would share this in this fax as you wouldn't let me get a word in during the phone conversation."
I was so upset that I actually cried after I got off the phone with her. Then I was so mad that I let a complete stranger make me feel this way.
I told hubby about this when he got home (he is my boss after all). He just told me she was a big fat meanie and obviously stupid if she couldn't figure it out herself. And gave me a big hug.
Humm could that be considered sexual harassment. LOL.
Hope you had a good Monday, and got some crafting in.


  1. Your yard looks very cute and I love the fairy door. How sweet is that?
    OMG,that is terrible. People forget how to be nice these days.
    Good hubby for giving the hugs and you made me laugh so hard. Maybe I will try that line on hubby and see where it gets me. LOL
    Have a good one girl.

  2. So cute! You have reminded me by posted the rock, I have a collection of rocks packed away that my Dad painted for me throughout my childhood. Why don't I have those out anyway? Thanks for the reminder.


  3. There seems to be some people in this world who are intent on ruining your day and the bitch was it for your day. I believe everyone gets their come uppance and lets hope the bitch gets a shit one real soon!!!

    Love all the fairies and bird houses in your garden...

  4. The garden looks great and I absolutely LOVE your crochet flowers!

  5. Awww! Sorry about the mean lady. :-( :-( :-( Very pretty on the flowers! And I was a little bit scared of the angel, until I figured out that she was in profile. :-) Now she does look pretty, even if she lost her moss hair.

  6. Tracy,
    I love everything about your garden. It is absolutely beautiful. So nice and peaceful looking.
    Makes ya wanna just sit in the garden and listen to the birds all day..
    Thanks so much for sharing

  7. I want to crochet flowers so bad but I haven't crocheted in years and I do mean YEARS. I even went and bought some thread and hooks to hopefully teach myself. Your garden is beautiful! I have absolutely no landscaping what so ever so I envy you. The ground is solid rock where I live so it's hard to do things ourselves (no pun intended).

  8. Your garden is gorgeous - you're fantastic with a crochet hook - love your butterflies and your flowers!!!!!!!!!

    That old bitty needs to pull the stick out of her ass and quit being so nasty to people. Methinks she's miserable, and tries to share the misery with others. Don't let her get you down. She isn't worth it.

  9. Love all the neat things you have placed in strategic places in your garden -- looks great!

  10. I love your is so cottage-y! Just how I want mine to be! I have a long way to get there, but I'm working on it! And I have never grown strawberries in my strawberry pot either...this year I planted lavender in it.

  11. lovely pics of your garden - I have little areas too that I just love

    sorry about mean lady - some people just need to get a grip!!

  12. Love your garden! That scary garden angel made me laugh:) Your crochet flowers are fabulous too! Where did you get the pattern for the triple layer?
    3 words for you too: mean people suck.

    Now go indulge in something that makes you insanely happy(whatever that might be-for me tonight it's a beer followed closely by chocolate of any kind) and enjoy your night!

  13. I adore your bird house Tracy, love the fairy door. And your crochet flowers are beautiful.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  14. Sending hugs your way...I'm so amazed by your,love everything about it. As for the flowers...I just made some of those a couple weeks ago. It's such a relaxing thing to do while watching TV.


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