Monday, January 31, 2011

Blooper #2, Home sweet home

On the drive home I finished working on my video for today. That was until the battery on my laptop died. It doesn't last very long anymore.
So here is my video. I haven't completed the video's by the end of the month, but I did start late, so that is my excuse ;)
Day 26 of 31 days of video's.

We are back home safe and sound.
When we left the hotel this was the weather. As we were leaving a guy told us to drive safe as there were two accidents on the bridge this morning.
As we drove over the bridge a car was backwards in the snowbank.
I wasn't worried though, we have driven in worse weather. Yup we are Crazy Canadians. Heading to the border crossing. I always get a tad nervous when we get here. I don't know why we never lie on our purchases. And really, are they not going to let us back in, teehee. Awww I feel so loved :)
I found these in one of the gas stations on our way home. Ohhh Myyy these are so good. I love Crunch N Munch so much, but I don't like the hulls, they get stuck on the roof of my mouth, way back there. Then I'm choking and making obscene noises trying and get it out. These don't have the hard kernels or the hulls. I soooo love it.
Good thing we don't have them here, and if we do, I'm not going to look for them ;) Onto My Day:
The best part of coming home was seeing my daughter Ashley :) I really missed her. She had to work so she stayed home. But she still ended up spending money, she gave us a list of the things she wanted. Boy she takes after her dad. Well I guess I did some damage this weekend too.

Most of my day was spent driving...OK, I didn't drive, I slept, hubby drove.
He stopped at all the quilt stores along the way, what a sweetie. He even woke me up to go into one :)
I only bought 1 pattern. I wanted so many more, but I restrained myself. I have a few other sewing projects to complete first.

I have the billing and month end to start tomorrow, so I had to catch up on my tickets tonight. Tomorrow it will be work, work, work.

Hope you had a creative Monday.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shopping and some Yummyness

We are still on our mini vacation.
So no video today. I was working on a Blooper's Take 2 video. But ran out of time. Hubby wants to leave early in the morning and I need my beauty sleep :)

Here are some of the things we did today.
Stone Cold, lol. I always call it this and it drives my family nuts. Mind you I don't think I had enough caffeine in my system today and I kept calling it Stold Cone. LOL. Ya they all have a laugh on my account. Hey... they always have a laugh on my account!
Like I told them they think I am funny, not what I say so much as to my dopiness. Oh well.
I swear working here you get a good work out. The way they mix the ice cream, I bet they all had sore arms the first week on the job.
Shopped all day today.
Went here for supper :) We don't have one in our town, so it is always a treat to come here. I get the same meal every time. Shrimp Trio, with pina colada sauce. So yummy.
I know you are all just dying to see my crafty treasures. Here they are. I went to get a news paper for the Michael's flyer. No flyer. So I went to get one in the store, and the teller was nice enough to give me one that a customer left behind.
When I went to Michael's the family stayed in the jeep. I guess they aren't as excited about my purchases as I was. While I was in there 2 women asked me for my help. The first one asked if I scrap booked. Then asked about some cutter for her daughter. So I helped her. Her phone rang and she didn't even say thank you. Nice....not.
The second lady was so sweet. She asked about inks and embossing powder. Then we got to talking about art and creating being our passion. Her phone rang and she kept talking to me. I could have talked longer, surprise, surprise. But the fam. was waiting for me :) Isn't that paper gorgeous. I got it at Walmart. It was only $5.00 a paper pack. Okay, I know I didn't need any more paper for the rest of my life, but seriously how could I have passed this up.

Here are a few goodies I got, non scrap booking :) I thought that book would be a quick summer afternoon read. I grew up reading all her books, so thought I might be able to relate to the stories in here. Remember Forever? My girlfriend, Nancy would go through that book and read the good parts out loud, lol.
Hoping your Sunday was a creative and relaxing one.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Road Trip and Teeny Tiny Post It Note Holders

The other day I was on Becky's blog, and she shared her mini post it note holders. They were so adorable. So I figured out how to make them and did a tutorial. Hope you don't mind Becky :)
I too love tiny, mini things. Maybe its because I am under 5' (you don't need to know how much under, teehee) that teeny things are just the right size for me. Humm that didn't sound right, lol.

So here is the video. That took me 5 times before it finally uploaded.
Day 25 out of 31 days of video's

Here is a photo to my peeps that don't watch video's ;) I don't like anyone to be left out :) Guess where I am...The good ol' U.S. of A. Look they even put out the Welcome sign for us, teehee. We are in Duluth. Well actually we are actually staying in Superior, Wisconsin. Then, drive over the bridge to Duluth for our shopping.
This was the weather we had for most of the drive. It started off nice, then snowed most of the way. We were surprised that Lake Superior was all open, the ice on the shore was even slivers, not big chunks.
We were going to go to the Olive Garden for supper. So hubby told us all to have a light lunch. We went to Perkins and I had the tiny wrangler burger. Teehee, isn't it cute? Well when we got to Olive Garden it was so packed (we didn't feel like family) and we just wanted to eat and then head back to the hotel. So we ended up at Perkins again. No I didn't have the tiny burger, I had a turkey dinner. I found out the only Scrapbooking Store (which I loved) is has closed down :( I loved that store. So it was only Michael's for me. The prices here are a lot cheaper then back home. Not quite 1/2 price. So here are a few goodies I picked up. I had a coupon for 25% off your whole purchase. But I noticed not to many of the items came up with the discount. Probably some exceptions.
I bought these pretty paper packs, which I don't need, teehee. But I have been doing grungy, vintage albums, I am in the mood for Spring and flowers and birds and all around warmth. Can I get the warmth with the papers? So tomorrow is a full day of shopping, I have teen girls remember, teehee. I don't need anything, really I don't. But I exchanged the money, so it just wouldn't seem right to bring it back home. I should spend it and put it back in its home country. Don't you agree ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative Saturday:)
Tomorrow Red Lobster !!!!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Steampunk Envelope Mini...Done :)

I finally finished my Steampunk Coin Envelope Mini :)
I am really happy with how it turned out. I will post still photo's another day, like when we are at the hotel bored because the stores are closed ;0
Day 24 of 31 days of video's.

This will be a short post. Ya I don't believe it either, teehee. But I have to pack yet.

Onto my day: This morning I was up to going for a drive with hubby. We grabbed some hot chocolate, then went to check on the deer on the island. If you look close you can see the frost on this little guys face.

I had to pick some stuff up for the company, then I got a call that the book I was waiting for came in. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I hope it is good. My step mom, Doreen wants to know my opinion on it.

I did have scrapbooking tonight. I didn't do a page, but I did work on something real cute to share with you tomorrow, Becky knows what it is ;)

Off to pack. Hope you all had a creative Friday....yeah it's Friday :)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sneak Peek

Today was a very busy day.
I did have time to work on my coin envelope mini, and I am loving how it is turning out. I am actually impressing myself, teehee.
I am just finishing up the inside tags. I sprayed them with glimmer mist and they are drying as we speak. But because it is almost a new day, they will have to wait until tomorrow to get completed.
So, no video today, but for sure I will have the video up tomorrow.
Here is the front of the mini.
I just love this girl. I made all the gears with shrinky dink :) I just love the name. Its like putting a man in a cold shower, lol.
Ya, its late, I get a little silly.
Onto my day:
Hubby drove Kristy to her exam this morning, but before that, he went to McDonald's and picked us all up breakfast, I was still in bed. He got me the new breakfast sandwich on a biscuit. I didn't like it. I want me good ol' egg McMuffin or the one with the syrup in the bun, now that is some sweet heaven.
Hubby and I went to CAA and got some travel insurance.
Getting curious?
Then we went to the bank to exchange money.
Ohhh where can we be going?
Teehee, we are going to Duluth. So had to exchange some moo la. The rate is so close to par.
Kristy is off most of next week, due to the new semester, so we (well actually she suggested) that we go on a little trip.
Not all of us is going, as some of us have to work......not me though :)
Now if your wondering about coming by and stealing my new fridge and stove, just a warning, someone will be home. And my neighbours hunt....big game, So they have rifles and know how to use them, LOL.

I watched Harry Potter with Heather. I can't remember which one, but the one with the mean lady teacher that makes them write lines which get etched in their hands. Oh I don't like that teacher.

Then I went out with my friend, Debbie. We used to go out every Tuesday, but went out tonight instead, as she was busy.
I bought a purse. I kind of feel guilty as I have a few purse patterns I have been meaning to make, oh well, it was inexpensive.

Thankful Thursday:
1. Being able to create today.
2. Hubby being thoughtful.
3. Spending time with my girls
4. Spending time with my friend.
5. All of you guys leaving me such sweet comments ;)

Hope you got to create today.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awards, and some Finn's

No video today :(
I am still working on my coin envelope mini. I am working with the Steampunk paper. I am doing this a bit differently then I usually do, but I am really enjoying it.
One thing I realized about my creative side. It loves the night.
I have tried a few times to go down in the middle of the day and work on it, but I keep coming upstairs, more for distractions really. I need a drink, I check my e-mail, I chat to the family.
But once 7:00pm rolls around...... I am ready to rock and roll.

I received these two blogging awards.
I received the the Stylish Award from Myrna. She is so much like me. I could have wrote her list of things about her. She is awesome at making cards. And she is a fellow Canadian :)
I received both of these awards from Fairy Cardmaker. She is also a fellow Canadian, actually she is from the same province as me, Ontario, Southern Ont. Me I'm from Northern Ont. That would be about a 15 hour drive.
She is also a beautiful cardmaker.

Now the scary part. I have to post 8 things about me. Now I have done a few of these, so I will try not to repeat myself.
1. I am a picky eater. Not only the type of food I eat, but also in how I eat it. I was always the last one left at the dinner table.
2. I get obsessed about things. I can't let it go until I have perfected it or fixed it. Drives everyone around me crazy :)
3. I am the worlds worst speller. I have to look up everything, either on google or the dictionary. Or I ask my hubby and kids. I think they wonder how I ever graduated. I did get 100's in English :)
4. Creating is my passion. I think about it all through out the day and night. I even dream about it.
5. I love Zombie movies and End of the World type. I even dream about Zombies....nope they are not crafting, teehee.
6.I have many dreams in one night, and remember most of them. In a lot of them I am running away from people who are chasing me. And I can hide in the smallest places, like in between walls.
7. I have 2 dad's (had, my one dad passed away in Aug ). My dream was for them to both give me away when I got married. I came to realize that, that wasn't going happen. So we eloped.
8. I am insecure. I get anxious when I have to go somewhere new. Or meet new people.

Onto my day:
Kristy didn't have an exam today, so hubby and I took her out for lunch at Montana's.
Then we went to a few stores that she wanted to check out.

Kristy wanted to make supper tonight.
And when Kristy makes supper it is always Finn pancakes with strawberry sauce. Yummy.
I like to put the strawberry sauce inside the pancake and then roll it up and pour syrup on top. Are you drooling yet?
This is a NO NO in our home. No phones at the table. No texting. Actually this rule applies at all meal times, even when we are not at home.
I have been known to interrupt our guests even. If you come to our home for a meal be prepared to hear these words from me "No texting at the table", if you get a text.
Guess who the guilty part was....... Ashley.
Just cuz your pretty and give me that cute smile, you are not exempt, lol.
I have to say that she didn't text :)
After I took these pictures, the girls teased me that "I" was interrupting the meal by taking pictures, lol.
Leave it to them to turn the rules back on me, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2 Vid's and a Recipe

I did 2 quick video's today. I didn't get to work on my mini as hubby and I did some more running around.
Video 22 & 23 of 31 days of video's

And video #2 for the day.

Onto my day:

Heather and I had to make this again. I didn't have any lemon's left so we decided to make it with oranges instead. Let me tell you, this was even better than yesterday's.
We could have ate the whole thing by ourselves, but because there are other's in the family, we called them to come to have a piece.
It wasn't our fault they couldn't hear our whispers, teehee. Here is the recipe.
How lazy am I ;)Preheat oven to 350C. Brush some melted butter on a large bowl or pie dish. Mix butter, sugar, egg yolks and rind until creamy.
Sift flour into bowl, until just combined.
Then add juice and milk.
Beat egg whites until, firm peaks form. (in a separate bowl)
Fold egg whites into mixture until just combined.
Pour mixture into your Pie dish.
Place the dish into a water bath... a large baking dish, with water in it, about one third up the side of the dish.
Bake for 1 hour.
Sprinkle icing sugar when done, and eat it all up right away :)

Oh ya to make your own rising flour...
1 cup all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt.
mix it all together. You will have lots left over to make another one ;)

Kristy had an exam today. It is the end of their semester, so exams this week. She is doing very well so I don't see any problems. She doesn't have an exam tomorrow, so hubby and I are going to take her out for lunch. Montana's here we come :)

Proud Tuesday: Well this should be what have I done today to make me feel un proud. Like eating Kraft dinner after 9:00 pm. Drinking my fill of pop. Eating almost 1/2 of a dessert. Not getting on my treadmill this week and most of last. Yup I suck.

I am proud that I am keeping up with my video's. Plus I mailed out a parcel ;)

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

Hope you had a creative Tuesday :)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Basics to making a mini album, and a Lemon Delight

I have had a few requests on if I could show how I make my mini albums. Every mini is different, but the basic steps are the same. So here is the video. Day 21 of 31 days of video's.

Onto my day:
Hubby and I did some running around this morning. Then went to a tiny place to have some Coney burgers and some fries. To tell you how tiny this place is, there is only one stand up table with condiments on it. So we always (not that we go there ofter ;) take our food in the jeep. For you locals you all know this place as Nippers ;)

Kristy starts her high school exams this week. Good luck honey, even though you don't need it :)
Heather was looking through a cook book last night and found a recipe that she wanted to try. So we made it today.
Its called "Lemon Delicious" It was delicious :)
Besides that I worked on some of my embellishments for my Coin Envelope mini. Now I am off to catch up on some book work and watching my shows.

Hope you all had a creative Monday


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cover of my Coin Envelope Mini

I slept in, Yeah. Its the little things that make me happy.
I didn't get my coin envelope mini completed today :(
But I did get my cover done :) I think I may add to it though.
So here is the video.
Day 20 of 31 days of video's.

Here are the photos.
This is the front of the cover or enclosure. This is what it looks like when you open the right hand side of it.
This is the full inside. I didn't work on the mini so that is why it isn't attached to the cover yet. It will be easier to work on, not attached.
This is the full outside cover of the enclosure.
Onto my day:
I lazed around most of the morning. Tidied up the house a bit.
Then I got to work on my mini's cover. Hubby took the girls out, as they wanted to go shopping. I got to stay home :)
Hubby made supper. But when he was almost finished, he found out that we didn't have any rice in the house. Texas meatballs and rice, just isn't the same without the rice, teehee.
But I didn't have to cook, so all is right with the world :)

Hope you all had a relaxing and creative weekend.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Making of a Coin Envelope Mini Album

I was asked by a fellow YouTuber if I could do a tutorial on how to make a coin envelope mini album. I was a bit surprised, as I have never made one before. But I was also secretly happy that she felt I could do one :)
Well here it is.
Day 19 out of 31 days of video's.

Onto my day:
I did sleep in, not as long as I was planning, but I couldn't sleep anymore, teehee.
So hubby and I ran to Michael's. I wanted some large eyelets for this coin envelope mini. But they don't carry them :(
We then went to the book store so I could pick up the novel "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". They didn't have it in stock ;(
We then went to my local Scrapbooking Store. I wanted to see if they had the large eyelets. Nope, they did have star ones. But not what I was looking for :( So I had to change my idea on the coin envelope mini album.
Then we stopped off at the Real Canadian Wholesale to pick up some toilet paper. Yup, we sure use a lot of that stuff, teehee.
Lastly we stopped off at A&W for a Mama Burger :)

So for all my :( it did get a smile on my face with the burger and I was able to create most of the day. I treaked all my supples upstairs so we could watch a few movies while I created.

Hope you had a nice creative Saturday.


Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 Cards and another failed test.

Today's video is on my 2010 Cards. I didn't add my Christmas cards on this video as I have a video for them already.
I had the same joy as I did yesterday finding all the pictures of my cards. But I did get to look at every picture I took in 2010, and it made me want summer to come all the more. -34C, or -44 with windchill, is getting old.
Well here you go. Day 18 of 31 days of video's.

So Wayne made his daily visit to Canadian Tire this morning and came home with these. He said he had to get them to co-ordinate with the new kitchen appliances. There was nothing wrong with the old ones, but they were black... not stainless steel. Boy that guy can shop.

Yup another family test Failed, teehee. I got tired of the closet not closing properly, because no on could/would take out the recycles. I see the toilet paper rolls got put in. Maybe someone read my blog from the other day.... nah probably just a coincidence.

So I took them out. Why do I stress myself out, I should just do it myself, teehee. I have the paper recycles on one container and plastics on the other side. The middle shelf is suppose to hold one basket per family member, but it seems only Ashley and I use them. That's Okay though.

So tonight I wanted to reply to my emails that are long overdue, so as I did that we watched one of my favourite movies. If you like Zombie, suspense, jumping off the couch type of movie you have to watch this. But then again if you like those types of movies, you probably have already seen this one more then once.

You maybe thinking its Friday Night Scrap booking. But no, Sharon went to the States this weekend. Hope it warmer there.

I went out with Ashley on her lunch break. She wanted to order something for hubby's birthday, and pick up a gift for Heather's. But before that I drove my nephew to his doctor's appointment. My good deed for the day...well actually 2 good deeds :)

Looking forward to the weekend. Hoping to get lots creative time in this weekend. Hope you all do to.


2010 Projects

Today I thought I would do a YouTube slide show on the projects I did last year.
Day 17 of 31 days of video's.

I thought this would have been a quick video to put together. Hey, I didn't have to make anything and I had everything on the computer. I didn't realize how wrong I was.

1st- I didn't have my pictures in a folder all together. I take a photo a day so everyday has a new folder. Soooo, I had to open a folder for every day of the year.

2nd- The music was to short to fit. So I was going to change the song to a "Guns and Roses" or an "Ozzy" song. But they just didn't go with the whole creative crafty theme, teehee.

3rd- It took me forever to figure out how to get rid of the first song. Add the second song, then it tripled the video to over 25 minutes long.

4th- Finally figured it out and went with my original music.

Onto my day:

Today I spent most of my day on my laptop replying to emails from all the sweet people who left comments on my YouTube channel. I am still not finished yet.
If someone leaves me a comment, I always reply back. Plus I check to see if they put up a new video, and if they did then I like to watch it and comment on their video.

Hubby made his famous Chili for supper. I don't like chili, because it has beans in it. I hate all beans, unless they are fresh from the garden...uncooked.
So what I like to do is dip my bread in it. Yup that's all.
When I was a little girl my dad would cook a lot. When he made chili, the first day he would put aside a bit for me before he added the beans. So I got to have bean less chili. But the rest of the days I had to eat the bean chili. But what I did was eat everything but the beans and then gave those to my big brother Darrell :)

Thankful Thursday:
1. Happy that I don't have to eat beans.
2. That I am still going strong on the video's
3. For all the sweet and kind comments I receive from all of my Blog and YouTube friends.
4. Modern actually works when you use it
5. My family...but that's a given isn't it ;)

What are you thankful for today?


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Julia's mini is complete :)

Well this looks different to me. I usually don't get to see the video until I post for the day. Plus I can't move the video around.
This is my mini album for my sister Julia.
Day 16 of 31 days of video's. A tad over 1/2 way there :)
I should be doing some video's on organizing my home, teehee. Its kind of been neglected.

Here are some photo's of the album. Here is the front of the album, with the gum box mini attached to the side.
I think this is my favourite page. I really like the contrast of the colours. I love the tiny metal flowers that Kim gave me. Plus I got to finally use my Tim Holtz dies that I bought in September.
I made a slider card and a side pocket. I thought my sister would get a kick out of the slider card ;)

My pocket pages. And a tiny paper medallion. Played with another die. I made the pocket out of the top flap of a package. Here is a flower that I got from Deborah. Pretty isn't it.Here is the back of the book. I put a pocket on the back and closed it with a magnet closure. I am going to write a letter to my sister, about our relationship. I wanted it private, so thought this worked.So that's all she wrote folks.

Nothing really happened today. Stayed home and finished this up. Oh I did have to run out and get some medication. Denial isn't working to good, lol.

Hope your Wednesday was a creative one.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Video's, gum box mini and my work space

Day 14 and 15 of 31 days of video's

This first video is a tiny mini I made to go with my sister Julia's mini album.

This video, is of my desk in the creative process. Actually it is like my mind at work.

Onto my day.
It started off really early, well early for me. We did go to our camp/cottage to bring the stove up. I know the picture is blurry, but I love the colour and the feel to the early morning. Even though I don't care to wake up early :)

It was such a beautiful, sunny day. The temperature was about -16C.
I got a few pictures of the chickadee's. As soon as we pull up they came singing for seeds. In the summer it is the chipmunks meeting us at the deck, looking for treats.
That is a bird in mid-flight.

I saw this bird nest up in the tree, covered with snow. With the leaves on the trees in the summer, we missed this. I finished my first book of the year. Love how the sun is shinning on the book. This was taken on the trucks dashboard.On the way home from our camp/cottage we stopped at Gary's truck stop for a burger and fries. Yummy. It was the 1st thing I ate all day.

I went to my friend, Debbie's house for tea tonight.
We used to see each other every Tuesday to go shopping, or go for a walk or just to go for a hot chocolate and chat.
Tonight we exchanged our Christmas gifts. Yup you read that right.
We haven't seen each other as often, due to life getting in the way.
We are going to start up the Tuesday night friend time again :)

Proud Tuesday:

1. I got 2 video's up today ;)
2. I shoveled my FIL's deck off at camp.
3. I have been walking on the treadmill.
4. Have succeeded in the stopping the drinking of coke at 6:00.

So what did you do today, to make you feel proud?


Monday, January 17, 2011

Test Failed.

Sorry no video today.
I made a project that I was going to put on my sister's mini album and it was too big. I will show it tomorrow.
Hopefully I will be sharing my sister's album as well. So maybe two video's tomorrow :)

What do you think my family is trying to tell me?
1. They want me to make some more Toilet paper tube mini albums.
2. They are to damn lazy to throw away the empty toilet paper tubes.
3. We need more toilet paper.
4. They are to damn lazy to throw away the empty toilet paper tubes.

I will narrow it down for you it is either option #2 or #4.
I put my family through these secret tests. I don't know why I still do it, as they fail every time. Teehee.
Some of the tests would be...Lets see how long it takes them to throw away the empty TP tubes.
Or Lets see how long it takes for them to throw away the garbage. Or who will put out the full bag of recycles?
Humm the answer is always.....Mom, LOL.
I have to laugh or I may go crazy. Or maybe I am crazy and that is why I laugh. Ponder that one.

Hubby had fun plowing the driveway. It snowed all night last night and all day today.

I told hubby I don't have a project to share on my blog today.
Hubby: Share something you made before you had the blog.
Me: Like what.
Hubby: This woven wall hanging
Me: I didn't make that,I bought it.
Hubby: They don't know that, you could have a loom out back.
I laughed so hard. This man cracks me up sometimes.

So that was my day. Tomorrow is our trek to our camp/cottage, to bring up the stove. I will be happy when that's out of our living room.

Hope your Monday was a creative one:)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Too cold to camp.

Day 13 of 31 days of video's.

I needed an envelope for my nieces card I made. Because I didn't have one that fit perfectly so I altered one.

On to my day:

We didn't end up going to our camp/cottage this morning. Hubby woke up, checked the weather and then said I think we're staying home today. It was -33C and with the windchill -44C. Yup good day to stay home. It did warm up to -16C. According to my weather man, Wayne, it was still cold at camp. So planning on dropping off the stove later in the week.

Hubby and I went to Super Store for groceries.

I worked on Julia's mini album. It went slow today. I think I need to get back into my scrap/craft room. I know hubby likes when I am close to him, but I have to keep running downstairs to get more supplies.

Hubby is taking til the end of February off work. Love the man, I really do. But man that's a lot of together time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And I hope you got some creative time in.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Mail and working on a mini

Day 12 of 31 video's.

Today is a video of some Happy Mail I received from Kim (MrsMorris). Thank you Kim :)

I knew I wouldn't finish my sister, Julia's mini album. Here are the pages in progress. Pages 1 and 2. Love the sticky notes. I don't know how I could work without these things. I would forget what I was planning on doing without them.
Pages 3 and 4. I made a slider for this page. I think my sister would get a kick out of it. She doesn't craft. She used to x stitch. But not any more.

Pages 5 and 6. I made a multi tag envelope thingy. Nothing is adhered down except of course for the background paper.Pages 7 and 8. I have no idea yet. I am thinking some more interactive pages. I slept in this morning. I needed it. My back has been killing me, I don't know why. Maybe the way I have been sitting. It hurt all night. I am not one to take anything, so when I finally couldn't take it anymore I got the hot water bottle, that helped a bit.

Funny thing, hubby didn't know I had the hot water bottle and heard it sloshing when I would move. He said to me.. Are you OK, your tummy sounds upset. I was like no my back hurts. Then later he said are you sure your OK, it sounds like your going to sh1t yourself. LOL.
I am laughing so hard right now, I'm tearing up. lol.

We are planning on going to camp to bring our old stove up, to replace the one we have up there. So unfortunately I don't think I will be able to work on Julia's mini album. I am doing so good with my video a day...maybe not tomorrow :(

Hope you all had a creative and relaxing Saturday.