Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 Cards and another failed test.

Today's video is on my 2010 Cards. I didn't add my Christmas cards on this video as I have a video for them already.
I had the same joy as I did yesterday finding all the pictures of my cards. But I did get to look at every picture I took in 2010, and it made me want summer to come all the more. -34C, or -44 with windchill, is getting old.
Well here you go. Day 18 of 31 days of video's.

So Wayne made his daily visit to Canadian Tire this morning and came home with these. He said he had to get them to co-ordinate with the new kitchen appliances. There was nothing wrong with the old ones, but they were black... not stainless steel. Boy that guy can shop.

Yup another family test Failed, teehee. I got tired of the closet not closing properly, because no on could/would take out the recycles. I see the toilet paper rolls got put in. Maybe someone read my blog from the other day.... nah probably just a coincidence.

So I took them out. Why do I stress myself out, I should just do it myself, teehee. I have the paper recycles on one container and plastics on the other side. The middle shelf is suppose to hold one basket per family member, but it seems only Ashley and I use them. That's Okay though.

So tonight I wanted to reply to my emails that are long overdue, so as I did that we watched one of my favourite movies. If you like Zombie, suspense, jumping off the couch type of movie you have to watch this. But then again if you like those types of movies, you probably have already seen this one more then once.

You maybe thinking its Friday Night Scrap booking. But no, Sharon went to the States this weekend. Hope it warmer there.

I went out with Ashley on her lunch break. She wanted to order something for hubby's birthday, and pick up a gift for Heather's. But before that I drove my nephew to his doctor's appointment. My good deed for the day...well actually 2 good deeds :)

Looking forward to the weekend. Hoping to get lots creative time in this weekend. Hope you all do to.



  1. Tracy,
    I actually get to comment first. Wow! A nice collection of cards from last year. I am going to try and be better to take photos of my cards, projects and layouts I do this year. I don't always get the camera out.
    I am thankful my daughter, Caitlin got discharged from the hospital today.
    Your husband could take me to Canadian Tire with him--love that place and haven't been there for SO long.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Hi Tracy, or should I say C.C. LOL
    I love all the cards but that first one has always been my favorite. got to watch that video again.:)
    I know I am behind. I am gonna do two posts tomorrow to make up a bit.;)
    getting ready to do one now. Had to come see your new video.
    Off to celebrate my birthday the rest of the weekend. You have a great one and will be thinking of you when I get 4 new appliances ordered next week. Just plain white. yick but it will all match at least.

  3. Love all your cards... I also know what ya mean about the tp rolls and recycle containers. I end up doing it all also... Hugs

  4. I can't believe it's day 18 already! where does the time go? Great video and inspiring cards, I think the more I moan about me doing everything the only person that get's wound up is ME, so I have stopped...... well so far this month!!! lol x

  5. Yep seen the movie Tracy, my son has it, he enjoyes it, I watched and it was OK but don't think I would sit through it again.
    Loved watching your video, loved the music too, I like the black eyed peas.
    I really think you should take up colouring images, use a good colouring medium as the images at the start of your video are good and all your shading is in the right places. And its so relaxing to do. Hope you don't mind me saying this.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  6. your cards are fantastic. great job on them!

  7. Love the cards video, great idea to have a video of all of them! I love your new knife set, been thinking I might need new knives myself. Stay warm - why aren't we all on Caribbean cruises right now?!

  8. Love the video recap and you had the perfect that mash up of songs!! Cute cards too,you did a great job with all the coloring!

    With temps like that, I'd be longing for summer too...holy freeze my butt off!!! I haven't seen that movie yet, but did watch Resident Evil Afterlife last night! ;) love it!

  9. Oh wow, so many cute cards! That's just amazing! Thank you for sharing. And it's great that the YouTube site gives a warning if the music's not playable everywhere in the world. I didn't even know how that works. :)
    Have a great Saturday!

  10. I think your husband needs a 12 step program on his shopping *LOL*

  11. Your cards are gorgeous, girl. Love them!

    As for the knives...hey - it's a gift! Accept it graciously. (Or give them to me! ha ha)

    When are you going to color again?

  12. Well depending upon where Sharon went in the states she won't be any warmer. I am in Massachusetts (East coast) and it's only 12 degrees out now and tomorrow the windchill factor is supposed to be -25 degrees.

    Love you nice clean closet by the way. LOL

  13. Well not so warm here in Colorado, really windy today too. I think the high was in the low 30's. I freeze easily anyway so that's really cold to me. I did get some creating done today. Have lots more to finish up, I had two orders for my dog paper bag mini so I need to finish them. Stay warm!

  14. Oh I remember admiring some of those as you made them! So pretty! I like the hummingbird.


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