Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Video's, gum box mini and my work space

Day 14 and 15 of 31 days of video's

This first video is a tiny mini I made to go with my sister Julia's mini album.

This video, is of my desk in the creative process. Actually it is like my mind at work.

Onto my day.
It started off really early, well early for me. We did go to our camp/cottage to bring the stove up. I know the picture is blurry, but I love the colour and the feel to the early morning. Even though I don't care to wake up early :)

It was such a beautiful, sunny day. The temperature was about -16C.
I got a few pictures of the chickadee's. As soon as we pull up they came singing for seeds. In the summer it is the chipmunks meeting us at the deck, looking for treats.
That is a bird in mid-flight.

I saw this bird nest up in the tree, covered with snow. With the leaves on the trees in the summer, we missed this. I finished my first book of the year. Love how the sun is shinning on the book. This was taken on the trucks dashboard.On the way home from our camp/cottage we stopped at Gary's truck stop for a burger and fries. Yummy. It was the 1st thing I ate all day.

I went to my friend, Debbie's house for tea tonight.
We used to see each other every Tuesday to go shopping, or go for a walk or just to go for a hot chocolate and chat.
Tonight we exchanged our Christmas gifts. Yup you read that right.
We haven't seen each other as often, due to life getting in the way.
We are going to start up the Tuesday night friend time again :)

Proud Tuesday:

1. I got 2 video's up today ;)
2. I shoveled my FIL's deck off at camp.
3. I have been walking on the treadmill.
4. Have succeeded in the stopping the drinking of coke at 6:00.

So what did you do today, to make you feel proud?



  1. Hi Tracy! I got my laundry done today! (Or should I say yesterday). Yay!
    Love your pictures of camp. How lovely! Although -16C...brrrrrr! A hot cup of tea with a friend sounds like a great way to wrap up a cold winter's day. Off to check out your videos!

  2. oh i love that series by nora roberts. i just finished the 4th book--it was awesome!

    love the winter pictures--so pretty!

    great videos todat#W

  3. LOL! I love your workspace!! But I can see why you cover it up for the videos.
    Those winter pics are awesome! I really wish it would snow some more here in Stockholm. I want a fairy tale white world on my wedding day! It was perfect until New Year's and then it started to melt. :(
    Oh, well there's a couple of weeks left so I'm still hoping.

  4. Very cute mini! Your workspace looks FABULOUS! ...And much like mine! HA! Only...I don't clean it after every project because I get on a roll and just keep going until my time is up! LOL!

  5. Tracy,
    I love your little mini from a gum box, I love how you recycled.
    I also really enjoyed your messy work space, it lets me know that I am not the only one who does the same thing..lol
    Can't wait to see your sisters finished mini

  6. I love your mini projects! It's something I don't do often but need to start thinking about more. Love the messy work space. It's the sign of creativity and that is lovely! But I'm like you......have to clean up when I finish a project, before I start the next one. And add me to the list of Nora Roberts lovers. I just finished the 4th book in that series too. :)

  7. Cute project! Your work space looks like mine when I am crafting. Luckily, for my husband I don't have a craft room so it all has to be put away when I am finished.

  8. beautiful pictures! I love your tutorial....

  9. love your project and your work space. lol Love the winter picture especailly the bird. I love Nora Robert books. She is one of my fav author. I used to borrow books from my sister as she read them as well but now she got the nook reader :( I won't be able to. lol

  10. mine looks that way, too. even when i am not working on a porject, LOL! i see these crazy clean ones and i am like, "yeah right!"

  11. i dont have a craft room, i do plan to make a rec room in the basement for the summer, maybe ill create a little space for art work :D

  12. Don't worry about your space! I don't know one creative person that has a perfectly clean space. That would be boring & very unescentric. ;-)

    Love the winter photos too. TFS

  13. That mini is so cute, and loving all your wintery photos, glad you had a happy tuesday!

  14. hey Tracy...thanks for your congrats on my engagement/wedding!!

    I can't view the videos on my work computer but will check them out when I get home later! The drive up to camp looks beautiful, but cold..brrrrrr!!
    I love Nora Roberts, but haven't read that series, is it more of a romance??? or does it have some mystery to it too?? I'll have to put that series on my list! too many books, so little time!

    Have a great day!! :D

  15. Oh my! It was just like watching a video of my desk mid-project! Except that I usually have at least one cat walking through everything!

  16. Oh I have a craving for a burger and fries now, dang it.

    That's a great photo of the book on the dash. I love the way the sun comes in on it, too!

  17. I am loving all your videos - I just have not had time to comment!! I see you like NR books - you should do a swap with Mum - she has the whole set of those wedding ones - there were 4 in the end!

    Could you do some walking on the treadmill for me - I have not had time - I need to make the time!!!!

  18. Messy tut tut.... we all are the same I'm sure? well I am. I love those photo's of camp but certainly looks very cold brrrr.

  19. Love the mini and especially the video of the messy work space! I think we all do that when we work on a project, don't we? Glad you got your stove taken care of. Oh, I think you should totally make your hubby a pair of acrylic pants! Hubba hubba! ;-)

  20. I have seen messier scrap spaces, don't feel so bad...yours has that "worked in constantly" look! ;)

  21. I totally love all of the nature photographs you are able to take, they are beautiful!

  22. Hey, Tracy
    Out of the loop for a couple of days. Worried to death about Cait--she is in the hospital in Austria with mono and secondary infection in her throat. Just about headed overseas, but it seems she is finally on the mend. In the meantime, I love the photos of up at your cabin. You have lots of snow and very cold temps. Hope your week is better than mine.

    Leslee in MT

  23. I made a gum box mini a few months ago, I still have to add photos, but it is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Tracy rest assured you are not the only one. at the moment my whole room looks like that. LOL
    I love that mini, too cute and perfect just the way it is. It is after all hand made not made by machine. Thanks for another wonderful idea and your sister book it To DIE FOR!!! bravo girl. Love the colors and everything. Will have to go and look how to see how you did that pull out card again.

  25. BTW,
    love your pictures from camp. very pretty and you take beautiful pictures. Don't know why you are so hard on yourself about it?

  26. I love the pictures you took!! Amazing!


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