Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 Projects

Today I thought I would do a YouTube slide show on the projects I did last year.
Day 17 of 31 days of video's.

I thought this would have been a quick video to put together. Hey, I didn't have to make anything and I had everything on the computer. I didn't realize how wrong I was.

1st- I didn't have my pictures in a folder all together. I take a photo a day so everyday has a new folder. Soooo, I had to open a folder for every day of the year.

2nd- The music was to short to fit. So I was going to change the song to a "Guns and Roses" or an "Ozzy" song. But they just didn't go with the whole creative crafty theme, teehee.

3rd- It took me forever to figure out how to get rid of the first song. Add the second song, then it tripled the video to over 25 minutes long.

4th- Finally figured it out and went with my original music.

Onto my day:

Today I spent most of my day on my laptop replying to emails from all the sweet people who left comments on my YouTube channel. I am still not finished yet.
If someone leaves me a comment, I always reply back. Plus I check to see if they put up a new video, and if they did then I like to watch it and comment on their video.

Hubby made his famous Chili for supper. I don't like chili, because it has beans in it. I hate all beans, unless they are fresh from the garden...uncooked.
So what I like to do is dip my bread in it. Yup that's all.
When I was a little girl my dad would cook a lot. When he made chili, the first day he would put aside a bit for me before he added the beans. So I got to have bean less chili. But the rest of the days I had to eat the bean chili. But what I did was eat everything but the beans and then gave those to my big brother Darrell :)

Thankful Thursday:
1. Happy that I don't have to eat beans.
2. That I am still going strong on the video's
3. For all the sweet and kind comments I receive from all of my Blog and YouTube friends.
4. Modern actually works when you use it
5. My family...but that's a given isn't it ;)

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Very cute. I liked the blue 'baby' card with the bear. It looked like a care bear. And the reading journals were a cute idea! Do you list the books you've read in them? Or ones you want to read?

  2. Oh, shoot! I can't watch the video. I only get a text plate saying that this video has content from Sony Music Entertainment (the music, I guess) and they haven't payed for the rights to play that song in my country. Sometimes the greed in the music industry can be really annoying. ;'(
    Well, I'm sure that your 2010 projects are wonderful! :)

  3. You should do a giveaway of the toe nails. Or maybe bake them inside a chocolate cake (with cherry filling). Beans, beans...the musical fruit. Lima beans! Now there is a nightmare.

  4. Tracy,
    Love the song! One of my favorites and I knew you did way more then I did last year. Okay I have to get busy. I feel guilty now. LOL
    Have a great weekend. I will post tomorrow night.

  5. Wow! some fantastic projects and some I haven't seen before, I love the twist box, gotta find that one. well to be honest want to find them all again and see if I can have a go at them.... thanks and have a great weekend

  6. Holy crap you did a lot of stuff last year! You are one busy lady, that's for sure! I loved the video, what a great way share all your projects.

  7. love the video!

    i have to agree with you--i hate chili with beans. here is ohio we have several places that serve chili without beans-- now i like that!

  8. love the video! you are inspiring me to do a video--now i just need to figure out what. lol lol

  9. Tracy,
    Wow you had a busy year.
    I love all the projects.

  10. Beans are good for you!!! Beans, beans! Good for the heart! The more you eat, the more you fart!

  11. Wow, that is a whole lot of projects! It must be really cool to know that you made all those beautiful things. Here's to a crafty 2011!

  12. Tracey....awesome project....I love it!!!
    I am thankful for my daughter.
    Hugs from Brazil

  13. Wow - that's a whole lot of crafting! I loved the slide show - sorry you had trouble making it. I will have to remember that if I get the bright idea to throw one together quickly....LOL. :)

  14. Wow! I bow to your awesomeness! I really love your crocheted butterflies,Trash to treasure and BOO candy holder--just to name a few!

  15. This is amazing. I am thankful that I found your blog and video and that you left me a sweet comment on my blog.

  16. WOW! What an amazing year 2010 was for you!! I loved seeing all of your crafty goodness! I had several favorites in there! Here's to an even brighter 2011!!


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