Monday, January 17, 2011

Test Failed.

Sorry no video today.
I made a project that I was going to put on my sister's mini album and it was too big. I will show it tomorrow.
Hopefully I will be sharing my sister's album as well. So maybe two video's tomorrow :)

What do you think my family is trying to tell me?
1. They want me to make some more Toilet paper tube mini albums.
2. They are to damn lazy to throw away the empty toilet paper tubes.
3. We need more toilet paper.
4. They are to damn lazy to throw away the empty toilet paper tubes.

I will narrow it down for you it is either option #2 or #4.
I put my family through these secret tests. I don't know why I still do it, as they fail every time. Teehee.
Some of the tests would be...Lets see how long it takes them to throw away the empty TP tubes.
Or Lets see how long it takes for them to throw away the garbage. Or who will put out the full bag of recycles?
Humm the answer is always.....Mom, LOL.
I have to laugh or I may go crazy. Or maybe I am crazy and that is why I laugh. Ponder that one.

Hubby had fun plowing the driveway. It snowed all night last night and all day today.

I told hubby I don't have a project to share on my blog today.
Hubby: Share something you made before you had the blog.
Me: Like what.
Hubby: This woven wall hanging
Me: I didn't make that,I bought it.
Hubby: They don't know that, you could have a loom out back.
I laughed so hard. This man cracks me up sometimes.

So that was my day. Tomorrow is our trek to our camp/cottage, to bring up the stove. I will be happy when that's out of our living room.

Hope your Monday was a creative one:)



  1. Your hubby cracks me up!!!!

    I'm still sitting here chuckling to myself about the many wonderful uses for discarded toilet paper rolls....LOL!

  2. Ya know, I could understand the back-up (no pun intended really) of TP rolls if you had three sons. But girls...tsk tsk. Girls are so much more observant. But as you said, Mom will do it. I remember as a kid, we had two dogs and often one of them ralph alfalfa'd (regurgitated) on the carpet. If I was the first one up I'd always pretend I hadn't seen the mess. Because if I had seen it, I would have done the right thing and cleaned it up. Uh huh.

  3. LOL! Your hubby is so funny! And I can totally relate to the problem with the toilet paper tubes! I have the same situation here. lol!

  4. I have sort of the opposite problem.... My hubby insists on saving the rolls because I made the mistake of saying something a long time ago about needed them...(I have enough to do 10 5-roll mini's).......

  5. i am laughing so hard--we have the same problem in our house

  6. How funny!:-D I can relate to having appliances in the living room. Oy! Have fun at camp!

  7. Tracy,
    Thank goodness I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read your post, otherwise it would be all over my computer.
    Too funny

  8. LOL! That is hilarious! And totally something my husband would say! LOL!

  9. So cute! I have come to the same conclusion with little "tests" I conduct around here. If I don't do it, it's not going to get done. Cheers to being the mom!

  10. Lol, your husband cracks me up. Sounds like something mine would say to me. I've done some of your little tests around here over the years and always comes down to mom. Oh well, part of what we signed up for I guess. And yes, I have had bugles, not my favorite. I remember my grandma eating them a lot when I was little :0)

  11. looking forward to seeing the mini album when you can get it posted! Seems a lot of homes have several occupants that suffer from domestic retardation. Mom is the gifted one...what's up with that??

  12. Too funny about your fam and the TP rolls! Have a safe trip to your camp/cottage I hope you have good weather for it. We had freezing rain last night and this morning... Super excited about that. (not really, I'm being a smart ass here)

  13. LOL! Too funny! I choose #2! We have a family like that here...just saving it up for recycling...sure... Can't wait for the videos! You rock!

  14. Too funny! I think they are wise to your tests and are testing you as well.

  15. Too funny :) We have the same problem around here with the toilet paper!

  16. Your husband is funny! I can't seem to get at least 1 toilet paper roll around here, my husband throws it before it's even finished!

  17. I'm sitting here giggling over your post...This scene is all too familiar!! Everything on your list of chores I've found myself harping about!! I'm new to your blog, and I hope you can find some time to stop by mine, too!!

    ~Tara G.

  18. Oh you are a funny girl! So is hubby, a matched set I would say. LOL So something Michael would not say as he sometimes will look at my creations and because he didn't notice me making that( I didn't show him in between) will say you didn't make that you bought it right? LOL I never know whether to be insulted or flattered. LOL
    We can wait another day for a video. I redid my blue/beige card. I love to know what ya think?
    Talk to ya soon.

  19. I can relate to your story! My hubby is good about replacing the empty roll of toilet paper, but bad about throwing away the old tube.

    Here's an idea of what to do with them:

    Here's how I found it - what it looks like all scrap'd up:


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