Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tags, tags and more tags.

I have taped some of the projects I have been working on. I need to make an outtake video. OMG I sound like an idiot, LOL.
I was hoping to get my tags on one video, but of course that didn't work. With YouTube only taking 10 minutes video's I had to make it into 2 parts. I guess I just gab to much. teehee.
So I taped the video's edited them, then realized I cut out to many times, so re-edited them. Then uploaded them to YouTube, only for YouTube to tell me I had the wrong format or something.
So redid them. I have only uploaded one as it is late 1:59am, (I change the date on my blog. I want to journal/blog everyday, Yah I know I'm only fooling myself, but that's okay, I am easy to fool).
So here is my first video of 3 that I did today.

Well Kristy had her exam today and she thinks she did really good on it. She had over 90 in that class so nothing to worry about anyway.
Ashley, Heather and I went out to look for flooring for the camp/cottage bedrooms. We found some, not liking the price of it though. It is a camp after all, I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for flooring.

I was going to make chicken breasts for supper tonight. I buy chicken breasts in those big boxes. Well when I went to take them out of the downstairs freezer, I noticed that they were a bit thawed out. Someone left the freezer door open a tad. I am not going to mention names, but I think I know who it was. Ya my blueberries got it too. I think that is even worse.
Needless to say we will be eating a lot of chicken breast for supper for the next few days. Hey anyone have an easy, delicious recipe for chicken.

It poured here today. We needed some rain. It is pretty dry here, and the rain should cool things down a bit.
There was an earthquake in Ontario and Quebec today. We weren't affected by it at all. You can read about it here
Mother Nature is pissed and I don't blame her.

Today was a pretty boring day here.
How was your Wednesday, hope it was a crafty one.



  1. I love those tags! And the branch sticker you talked about, I bought and used on a page for the San Fran Japanese Tea Gardens. lol

  2. Great video of the tags, what will you do with the tags? just a thought....

  3. impressed!

  4. Your tags look fantastic! I couldn't hear the video because I don't have speakers at work, but it looks good! LOL!

  5. Your tags are wonderful....I was up past 1 a.m. waiting for your bloggy post, so I scratched my head and said "huh?" when I came here and saw that it was dated for yesterday....and I missed it...LOL!!!

    On the freezer incident...that has happened here, too!! Grrrrr.

  6. Your tags are always, I love your videos!

    Try soaking your chicken in some Mexican-type spices and a beer for a few hours...then pop it onto the grill to cook...then chop it up and serve on small corn tortillas with some pico de gallo and onions...simple tacos...the beer soak was Jon's idea, I really wish he would take over all the cooking!

  7. Very pretty Tracy. I hope you get some good mail soon! LOL

  8. Great tags Tracy!!! I love your videos!!!

    Love, Mel

  9. The tags are so pretty!! How will you use them?


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