Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm stoked about these Halloween Banners I am doing.
I worked on them all day. They will be ready to be mailed tomorrow. I plan on staying up till they are all finished and packaged. As fun as they are to make, they are a lot of work. Its like making a mini album, except every page is the same. I don't think that I explained the tag swap that I am in. Everyone gets a letter of the word "Halloween". We each make 9 tags of the same letter. Then mail out 8 of them, and get the rest of the letters mailed back to me. So I will have a banner made by myself and 8 other crafters. How cool is this.
For those who are wondering, Ashley found her socks. LOL. The 1st pair, which were in her sleeves. She found when she was going out with her boyfriend. I just happen to be there to explain to them why they were in there.The second pair, which were in her pocket. She found when she was at work. She texts me and asked about them. I replied "Well I didn't what you to lose them." Teehee.

We are going to camp this weekend. We ARE going to close up camp. I am always a bit sad when it is time to do this.
I just wish that we could wait till next weekend. My friend Lynn invited me to a all day/evening crop. I asked her if they could have it next weekend for me instead.
She didn't think that they would do that, LOL.

Thankful Thursday.

1. Creating all day. Loved it.
2. Laughing with my daughters.
3. Watching Bones with hubby and Heather.
4. Staying home all day.

What are you thankful for today.



  1. I did NOT get to stay home all day, and probably won't have a day at home until next week. Bummer. The banner tag swap sounds like fun!

  2. Hmm this is going to be SO GOOD when you have it completed.. cannot wait to see pics

  3. Been awol again, off to see your older posts, sorry.....

  4. Can't wait to see your completed banner, what a fab idea.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. Love the idea of this. Can't wait to see when it is all completed

  6. All the stuff you are working on is just so fun!!!

  7. The banner letter on your last post came out awesome. I'm a little confused though because I didn't see the skeleton and bats and ghosts you have pictured on it. Are you adding those on or did my great eyesight completely miss that? I can't wait to see what the whole banner looks like when you receive your tags!

  8. Really cool halloween items to play with. I got some sculls like that last year and glittered them, turned out really pretty.

  9. lol at your daughter finding socks, that's priceless!!! Can't wait to see your finished tags!


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