Thursday, October 30, 2014

Zombie Love 3

Here are my last two Zombie layouts from the kit I had put together.
I bet all of you queazy, hide under the covers, haters of scary movies are happy about that ;)

So lets get to the layouts shall we….

I like these close ups of Heather in all of her zombified glory.

Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent?
Well, minus the zombie makeup she does ;)

I really like this gauze pattern paper, so fun.
Also the Zombie dimensional sticker is pretty cool as well.

Second page is where the victim gets her revenge on the zombie.
Doesn't Zombie Heather look like she is enjoying munching on my arm ;)
More fun pattern papers.

These are from the sticker sheet that matches these papers.
I backed the top banner sticker with some black card stock to make it stand out from the paper more.

Isn't this a fun cut apart card.

One last look at the 2 page layout….now take a good look as this is the last of them ;)

Ok, I tricked you, its not the last of this layout…I did a short video, teehee.
If you dare, you can watch this video on my YouTube channel…just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"
Onto My Day:
After I drove Kristy to work, I checked out the one place where I heard there were still pumpkins.
Guess what, they were all gone :(
Wayne even texted me looking forward to carving some pumpkins tonight.
I had to tell him that I couldn't find any.
That was until my friend Lynne phoned me to tell me that she found me some pumpkins.
So Heather and I rushed to the Warehouse to pick one up….actually I picked up 3 :)
Turnes out my girls didn't want to carve them this year.
Heather was too busy playing video games and Kristy picked her boyfriend in favour of carving pumpkins with her parents…..what is up with them, lol.
So Wayne and I had a great time carving all 3 pumpkins ourselves :)

Hope you all had a Creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Glad you were able to find a pumpkin or two. You've been cranking out those Zombie pages!

  2. You will have to share the carved pumpkin photos!

    We are being very lazy and not carving this this at all. I donated all my really scary decorations too. I only kept my Fall themed items and a couple of huge spiders and 2 rats as well as a 9 foot spider web and a couple of 3 foot ones. Also kept some skulls with googly eyeballs that Litte Mr P likes...they go too as soon as he is less enamoured with them!

    Yep...downsizing has me in its cluitches...teehee

    I donated so many boxes of items tot he thrift shop...lots of new albums, a whole box of chipboard albums, tons of about 12 inches of DP and lots of cardstock in colours i decided i hate! lol

    Plus what seemed like a box of eyelets and other doodads. I am a hoarder too and had it so organized...but...I just don not have the room at the new room now is 12 x 15 plus the closet under the stairs. The new room is about 8 x 10 plus some things just had to go!

    Your new layouts look great. I plan to start showing lqyouts in the new year. After I unpack, I will show my travel and vintage albums!

  3. Hi Tracy, super cool zombie projects. I bet the kids will so get a kick out of them. Great kits. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. Bet it feels good to have gotten all these fab photos scrapbooked! Great pages, Tracy!

  5. I thought the background was burlap at first and then I thought, you dummy why would there be burlap on a zombie layout it's probably gauze, then I finished reading. Lol! You did such an awesome job with these layouts!!! Great way to showcase those photos!!

    Glad your pumpkins didn't go to waste!!

  6. Great LO's love the papers and another set of amazing photos!!

  7. I can not lie, the photos are freaky! What an awesome layout. It will be hilarious when someone looks back at these zombie layouts! You are such a hoot!


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